St Kilda Saints vs Essendon Bombers: AFL live scores, blog

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    Live Scores

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    St Kilda vs. Essendon

    Etihad Stadium
    AFL Home and Away July 14, 2017
    St Kilda 57, Essendon 118
    St Kilda Essendon
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q1022   2517
    Q22618   61046
    Q341135   131290
    Q471557   1716118

    Round 17 begins with a bang, as two in form, and speedy, teams – the St Kilda Saints and the Essendon Bombers – do battle on a Friday night at Etihad Stadium! Join us on The Roar for live scores and a blog from 7:50pm AEST.

    It’s hard to imagine that either of these teams would have many complaints after their brilliant Round 16 victories.

    The Saints, coming off three straight victories, played Richmond in the second annual ‘Maddie’s Match’, and came away massive winners.

    They smashed a deplorable Tigers outfit in the first half, before taking their foot off the accelerator in the second to eventually win by 67 points.

    Essendon, too, had a comfortable victory of their own, dispatching archrivals Collingwood to the tune of 37 points. A good weekend for both teams, evidently.

    Friday night’s match, though, will be a much tougher assignment for both sides. St Kilda is sitting 9-6, in seventh spot, whilst the Dons are 7-8 and in tenth position.

    While St Kilda’s win against the Tigers was probably as good a win as any in recent years, the team from Tullamarine have shown themselves to be a formidable opponent in most rounds this season, and will be desperate to get a win to keep their finals chances alive.

    Essendon’s forward line is going to be a big threat, with Orazio Fantasia and Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti two players in particular who have been in form this season.

    The Saints, though, have their own group of talented small forwards, with Jade Gresham and the rapidly improving Jack Billings a duo whom have been omnipresent as of late.

    St Kilda’s defence, led by Jake Carlisle, will be tested against the Bomber’s aforementioned small forwards and their aerial threats – namely Joe Daniher.

    The midfield battle will be led by the usual suspects: Jack Steven (who was magnificent in this fixture last year) and Zach Merrett, to name but a few.

    St Kilda’s biggest frustration heading into this weekend’s footy is the absence of forward Tim Membrey, who has been banned for two rounds after an incident in Round 16.

    The team from Sandringham will also have a debutant, with last year’s draftee Josh Battle (who is actually still completing Year 12) set to run out with the seniors for the first time.

    Billy Longer is out with an injury, whilst Tom Hickey is back in the side.

    There’s just the one change for the Saints’ opponents, with Essendon resting Jobe Watson for tonight’s clash; meaning Craig Bird set to play his first senior game of the season.

    This is going to be a cracker of a game. While both sides tend to thrive on the grounds of Docklands, I’m going to say it’ll be St Kilda who’ll take home the four points. Narrowly (probably literally, given their accuracy issues), and quite possibly by under a goal. It’s going to be a beauty.

    St Kilda by 5 points.

    Live Score Updates

    Scores updated each minute. REFRESH NOW

    Quarter 1
    1' BEHIND - Rushed (St Kilda)
    2' BEHIND - Orazio Fantasia (Essendon)
    3' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
    4' BEHIND - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
    6' BEHIND - Orazio Fantasia (Essendon)
    7' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    14' GOAL - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
    18' BEHIND - James Stewart (Essendon)
    23' BEHIND - Jade Gresham (St Kilda)
    Quarter 2
    2' BEHIND - James Stewart (Essendon)
    4' GOAL - Jack Lonie (St Kilda)
    6' BEHIND - Jack Steele (St Kilda)
    7' BEHIND - James Stewart (Essendon)
    8' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    9' BEHIND - Jack Billings (St Kilda)
    10' BEHIND - James Stewart (Essendon)
    11' GOAL - Josh Bruce (St Kilda)
    18' BEHIND - Dyson Heppell (Essendon)
    20' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    22' BEHIND - Jack Newnes (St Kilda)
    23' BEHIND - Jack Sinclair (St Kilda)
    24' BEHIND - Orazio Fantasia (Essendon)
    25' GOAL - David Zaharakis (Essendon)
    30' GOAL - Josh Green (Essendon)
    Quarter 3
    1' BEHIND - Jack Steven (St Kilda)
    3' BEHIND - Tom Hickey (St Kilda)
    5' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
    6' GOAL - Conor McKenna (Essendon)
    8' GOAL - Josh Green (Essendon)
    10' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    12' BEHIND - Jack Steven (St Kilda)
    12' GOAL - David Zaharakis (Essendon)
    16' BEHIND - Jack Lonie (St Kilda)
    18' BEHIND - Jack Billings (St Kilda)
    20' GOAL - Josh Battle (St Kilda)
    25' GOAL - Tom Bellchambers (Essendon)
    26' BEHIND - Darcy Parish (Essendon)
    27' GOAL - Michael Hurley (Essendon)
    29' GOAL - Jack Sinclair (St Kilda)
    33' GOAL - Tom Bellchambers (Essendon)
    Quarter 4
    1' BEHIND - Travis Colyer (Essendon)
    3' GOAL - Jake Carlisle (St Kilda)
    6' GOAL - Jade Gresham (St Kilda)
    9' GOAL - Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda)
    10' BEHIND - Jack Billings (St Kilda)
    13' BEHIND - Jack Lonie (St Kilda)
    14' BEHIND - Travis Colyer (Essendon)
    16' BEHIND - David Myers (Essendon)
    17' GOAL - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
    20' BEHIND - Jack Steven (St Kilda)
    21' GOAL - Travis Colyer (Essendon)
    24' BEHIND - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
    25' GOAL - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
    29' GOAL - David Myers (Essendon)
    30' BEHIND - Jade Gresham (St Kilda)

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