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Ben Pobjie is a writer and comedian whose promising rugby career was tragically cut short the day he stopped playing rugby and had a pizza instead. The most he has ever cried was the day Balmain lost the 1989 grand final. Today he enjoys the frolics of Wallabies, Swans, baggy greens, and Storm.

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Why it’s important to love to hate

Why it's important to love to hate

11 Apr 2014

It is incredibly difficult to get people on board with a new sporting competition. The Big Bash League is just one example of this. Not that the BBL is unpopular – it brings in big crowds, provides lots of fun for many Aussie families each summer, and is a crucial source of employment for trained […]

My foolproof plan to boost AFL’s shocking crowds

My foolproof plan to boost AFL's shocking crowds

29 Mar 2014

There is trouble at the mill. A storm is coming. Fear stalks the land like a daddy long-legs. We should, if we are sensible, be quivering like the glass of water in Jurassic Park. Why? Because Andrew Demetriou is unhappy. When Andrew Demetriou is unhappy, heads roll. People suffer. Children cry. Adults cry, in fact. […]

The pros and cons of ‘the age of Buddy’

The pros and cons of 'the age of Buddy'

22 Mar 2014

As a Sydney Swans fan, I’m actually struggling to come to terms with this new paradigm. I’d always quite liked being affiliated with everyone’s second-favourite team, and I enjoyed the fact that so many opposition supporters quite liked my team. It made me feel loved, because I am extremely irrational. But now, we’ve entered a […]

Cape Town: the closest of blowouts

Cape Town: the closest of blowouts

8 Mar 2014

After a Test like Cape Town, there will be a hell of a lot written about the uniqueness of Test cricket. Some of this will be a bit banal. I mean, saying “Test cricket isn’t like any other game” doesn’t mean much: netball isn’t like any other game, either. Or curling, or pelota, or caber-tossing. […]

Some Pobjie tips to give the pre-season some bite

Some Pobjie tips to give the pre-season some bite

28 Feb 2014

OK. I give up. I need some help. I’ve just been watching a thing called the “NAB Challenge”, and I still have no idea what it’s about. I believe that NAB is some kind of financial institution, but I have yet to locate the challenge. That’s the difficulty with football pre-seasons, isn’t it? They polarise […]

The Winter Olympics: Give us blood!

The Winter Olympics: Give us blood!

14 Feb 2014

I have the utmost respect for Lydia Lassila. Any woman who makes her living, essentially, by throwing herself off cliffs and doing somersaults on the way down has earned the esteem of all humanity. But I think she just might be pulling the wrong rein when she scolds Channel Ten for focusing on her crashes. […]

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