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Ben Pobjie is a writer and comedian whose promising rugby career was tragically cut short the day he stopped playing rugby and had a pizza instead. The most he has ever cried was the day Balmain lost the 1989 grand final. Today he enjoys the frolics of Wallabies, Swans, baggy greens, and Storm.

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Commonwealth Games: The thrill is gone

Commonwealth Games: The thrill is gone

18 hours ago

What has happened to me? I used to be as committed to the Commonwealth Games as Brian Taylor is to his moustache, as Robbie Farah is to his own self-esteem. I used to be the most passionate Commonwealther you could ever find. When Hayley Lewis swept all before her in Auckland, I roared with approval. […]

Where the f*ck is... Guernsey

25 Jul 2014

The tiny channel island of Guernsey is one of the most important locations in sporting history, being the birthplace of the eponymous item of clothing so central to so many sporting endeavours. Imagine if in the 15th century, Guernsey had not won a royal grant to import English wool and export knitted goods to Normandy […]

Where the f*ck is… Montserrat

Where the f*ck is... Montserrat

24 Jul 2014

The name Montserrat means ‘serrated mountain’. As the name suggests, the island is sharp-edged yet lofty; volcanic yet peaceful; picturesque yet inhabited by gigantic frogs. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the hood ornament on the Commonwealth’s Mercedes, Montserrat is a land of sun, sand, and most of all, music. Around the world, everyone knows Montserrat […]

Ian Thorpe’s coming out is not about us

Ian Thorpe's coming out is not about us

14 Jul 2014

I remember when Ian Thorpe announced his retirement – the first time. I was listening to talkback radio, and I was struck by how many people were treating his decision to call it a day at a relatively young age as some sort of personal betrayal. The sense of entitlement was palpable: it was clear […]

For the greater good, it’s time to merge all codes

For the greater good, it's time to merge all codes

4 Jul 2014

It seems that the Australian footballing world is in turmoil whichever way you turn. In Brazil, our so-called Socceroos failed yet again to do anything more than convince the rest of the world that they were the bravest and most virtuous of all men; actual World Cups remain thin on the ground. Back home, soccer’s […]

The Socceroos: Big-time moral victors

The Socceroos: Big-time moral victors

27 Jun 2014

You might have read some nonsense in the so-called media lately suggesting the Socceroos, who are one of the top five national men’s soccer teams in the country, had ‘lost’ a number of games, thereby being ‘eliminated’ from the World Cup and proving themselves to be not very ‘good’. Myth-making is common in the sporting […]

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