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The Raiders and the Dave Furner coaching conundrum

4 Jun 2012

I added my two bobs worth about Michael Foley and the Waratahs to David Lord’s wrap-up of the most recent Waratahs ‘game’ and it got me thinking about the concept of whether the coach is to blame for a side’s performance.

Press fighting the press greatest game of all

5 Aug 2011

I follow pretty much every code in Australia and beyond. I just love competition and excellence. Whether it’s watching an AFL blockbuster with 90,000 in the crowd on free to air TV, or a biathlon race on Eurosport with seemingly no crowd at all, I’m in.

It's time for Australian football to just grow up

8 Dec 2010

Let me start this post by saying (stating) that it is no way designed to inflame some kind of code war. I love football – following both Seria A and the English game since I was a young boy.

Raiders losing, but still deserve loyal support

6 Apr 2010

Yesterday, I lined up with 18,000 other people at Canberra Stadium to get in to see a fantastic Easter Sunday game of rugby league between the Raiders and the Tigers.