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Swans v Carlton: a view from the inside by an outsider

17 Jul 2014

There are many many fantastic things about modern day Canberra (cue first 37 comments now), but one of them is not that all leading music artists visit.

The Raiders and the Dave Furner coaching conundrum

4 Jun 2012

I added my two bobs worth about Michael Foley and the Waratahs to David Lord’s wrap-up of the most recent Waratahs ‘game’ and it got me thinking about the concept of whether the coach is to blame for a side’s performance.

Press fighting the press greatest game of all

5 Aug 2011

I follow pretty much every code in Australia and beyond. I just love competition and excellence. Whether it’s watching an AFL blockbuster with 90,000 in the crowd on free to air TV, or a biathlon race on Eurosport with seemingly no crowd at all, I’m in.

It's time for Australian football to just grow up

8 Dec 2010

Let me start this post by saying (stating) that it is no way designed to inflame some kind of code war. I love football – following both Seria A and the English game since I was a young boy.

Raiders losing, but still deserve loyal support

6 Apr 2010

Yesterday, I lined up with 18,000 other people at Canberra Stadium to get in to see a fantastic Easter Sunday game of rugby league between the Raiders and the Tigers.