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I've never heard a conversation about footy or cricket that I haven't wanted to join in immediately. If you disagree with me, you'll be made to work very hard to change my mind!

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Richmond rising is great for football

Richmond rising is great for football

3 days ago

The rise of Richmond is just the shot in the arm this AFL season needed. In a year that has once again been hijacked by the Essendon saga, through the inability of anyone at the club to accept they may have done something wrong, the AFL’s questionable methods and ASADA’s bumbling incompetence and weak leadership, […]

The erratic Adelaide Crows continue to frustrate

The erratic Adelaide Crows continue to frustrate

12 Aug 2014

Disregarding their passionate fan-base, who we expect to be rabid in their enthusiasm, the Adelaide Crows have many objective believers in their talent. The doubters, like myself, point to their inconsistency and inability to win the games they should, or those when crunch time is really on. Losing to West Coast at home one week, […]

Good football comes in all packages

Good football comes in all packages

5 Aug 2014

When did we become such a whinging society of football watchers? After a lot of pissing and moaning about the poor standard of the Fremantle versus Carlton and Sydney versus Essendon matches, social media was overflowing in praise about the free-scoring shoot-out between Adelaide and West Coast. Fans that can’t appreciate all three styles of […]

Gold Coast minus Gary Ablett equals GWS

Gold Coast minus Gary Ablett equals GWS

29 Jul 2014

The Gold Coast Suns without Gary Ablett are basically just GWS. The only surprise is that this wasn’t as obvious as the false outrage that was always going to occur after Tyrone Vickery gave Dean Cox his comeuppance. Cox started something, and Vickery ended it. That’s all she wrote. But I digress… Football is a […]

Forget the crap, let’s talk footy

Forget the crap, let's talk footy

22 Jul 2014

The greatest moments in sport are the ones that you don’t expect. What looked a run-of-the-mill round delivered high drama and intensity, quality football, and the biggest upset of the season, surpassing even GWS defeating Sydney in Round 1. Finally, a round of football that might just get people talking about football. So let’s have […]

Bulldogs on the right track

Bulldogs on the right track

15 Jul 2014

There was a good, genuine football story missed during Round 17. Plenty salivated over Sydney’s ten goal to none quarter against Carlton, and rightly so. There was rejoicing over Richmond finally finding their best form, and the continued loss of power at Port. Then Collingwood put up a calamitous performance, and the Dons delivered the […]

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