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I've never heard a conversation about footy or cricket that I haven't wanted to join in immediately. If you disagree with me, you'll be made to work very hard to change my mind!

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Our hearts break for Phil Hughes

Our hearts break for Phil Hughes

2 days ago

Why has the death of Phil Hughes affected all of us so? The grief is so raw, so palpable, so real. 99.9 per cent of the people who have been emotionally overcome never got the chance to meet him. Fewer still will have truly known him. From everything we hear, the ones who did count […]

The booing of Goodes: Poor taste or theatre?

The booing of Goodes: Poor taste or theatre?

30 Sep 2014

In the middle of last season, after the treatment of Jobe Watson at the hands of West Coast fans, I suggested that booing was for morons. Booing has become slightly topical once again after Adam Goodes was treated to a chorus of the same treatment whenever he had the ball in Saturday’s grand final. It […]

No O’Keefe gives Swans the edge

No O'Keefe gives Swans the edge

23 Sep 2014

Sydney goes into the AFL grand final coming off a preliminary final belting of North Melbourne, and a fit and firing line-up that can’t find room for the likes of young gun Tom Mitchell and 2012 Norm Smith Medalist Ryan O’Keefe. Hawthorn hobbles into the premiership decider having just staved off a hungry Port, and […]

North or Port best placed for future success

North or Port best placed for future success

17 Sep 2014

Nothing brings on the obituaries for a football team like a straight sets exit from a finals series. Already this week my esteemed colleagues on The Roar, Michael Cowley and Dan Lonergan, have sounded the death knell for Fremantle and Geelong respectively. And to be fair to both, they make compelling cases. The Fremantle top […]

Mitch Clark must return to Melbourne

Mitch Clark must return to Melbourne

10 Sep 2014

If Mitch Clark returns to the AFL at anywhere other than the Melbourne Football Club, he will lose all of the respect he gained from the football world in his two seasons there. All the goodwill that was sent his way in his battle with depression will also dry up. Depression is real, and it […]

Tigers Roaring run not done yet

Tigers Roaring run not done yet

7 Sep 2014

Richmond Football Club, for better or worse, is always the focal point of any story they’re involved in. This is largely thanks to a supporter base that rates off the charts when combining the axes of long-suffering and passionate. The rest of the football world thrills to build the Tigers up in order to delight […]

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