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I've never heard a conversation about footy or cricket that I haven't wanted to join in immediately. If you disagree with me, you'll be made to work very hard to change my mind!

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Gold Coast minus Gary Ablett equals GWS

Gold Coast minus Gary Ablett equals GWS

16 hours ago

The Gold Coast Suns without Gary Ablett are basically just GWS. The only surprise is that this wasn’t as obvious as the false outrage that was always going to occur after Tyrone Vickery gave Dean Cox his comeuppance. Cox started something, and Vickery ended it. That’s all she wrote. But I digress… Football is a […]

Forget the crap, let’s talk footy

Forget the crap, let's talk footy

22 Jul 2014

The greatest moments in sport are the ones that you don’t expect. What looked a run-of-the-mill round delivered high drama and intensity, quality football, and the biggest upset of the season, surpassing even GWS defeating Sydney in Round 1. Finally, a round of football that might just get people talking about football. So let’s have […]

Bulldogs on the right track

Bulldogs on the right track

15 Jul 2014

There was a good, genuine football story missed during Round 17. Plenty salivated over Sydney’s ten goal to none quarter against Carlton, and rightly so. There was rejoicing over Richmond finally finding their best form, and the continued loss of power at Port. Then Collingwood put up a calamitous performance, and the Dons delivered the […]

Swans almost a lock for AFL flag

Swans almost a lock for AFL flag

8 Jul 2014

Six weeks ago, I said the top eight to be locked away. Now it’s time to declare the premiership race all but over. The weekend’s matches made the final eight call a little shaky, but they also showed how far ahead of the competition the Sydney Swans are. While the rest of the contenders are […]

False outrage rules Sunday night footy debate

False outrage rules Sunday night footy debate

1 Jul 2014

It’s easy to line up and whack the AFL. It’s almost a national pastime for those who follow Australian rules football at the highest level, as well as those from the northern states who don’t, and very often those at head office make it easy for us to have a crack. A hundred rule changes […]

Why Brown is a modern day champion

Why Brown is a modern day champion

24 Jun 2014

Yesterday, we said goodbye to one of the most universally loved AFL players in recent memory, the retiring Jonathan Brown. His legacy will be one of a respect matched only by his courage, a gruff likeability and three premiership medallions, the last man standing from one of the great sides of the modern era. Brown […]

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