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Geoff Lemon is a writer, editor and broadcaster covering sport for The Roar and The Guardian, as well as writing on politics, literature and history for a range of outlets. He's a regular guest on ABC Radio and a video presenter for The Roar, including trips to the 2013 Ashes and 2011 Rugby World Cup. He runs the political satire website Heathen Scripture.

Geoff is also editor of Australian literary publisher Going Down Swinging. His own creative work includes the poetry collection Sunblind (2008), collaborative novel Willow Pattern (2012) and essay collection The Sturgeon General Recommends (2013).

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It might sting, but Australia’s loss makes great radio

It might sting, but Australia's loss makes great radio

2 days ago

It would be fair to say that the first Test against Pakistan was not much fun for Australian fans to watch, but I have to admit it was a brilliant game to call. The fact that Pakistan swarmed all over our national side for 12 of the 15 sessions was part of it. The fact […]

Lemon’s winners and losers, AFL Round 23

Lemon's winners and losers, AFL Round 23

1 Sep 2014

For weeks I have insisted that Richmond would not make the finals. On Saturday Richmond made the finals. In the last Winners and Losers wrap for the year one victor stands above all others, resplendent in yellow and black. When talk of the Tigers and September began a few weeks back it had the taste […]

Lemon’s winners and losers, AFL Round 22

Lemon's winners and losers, AFL Round 22

25 Aug 2014

AFL finals will start early after results set up some knockout games for the last round of the season. Twelve teams can still make the finals, five can make the top four, and the rest can make the best of one last crack at 2014. So who won big this week? Port Adelaide get my […]

What do you do with the Demons?

What do you do with the Demons?

21 Aug 2014

Last Sunday, Melbourne Football Club played one of the worst AFL games I’ve ever seen. Think World War II Italy crossed with the dying days of Fitzroy. Three goals, sixteen behinds, in a carnival of sporting poverty. A few friends and I watched the game, one of them a lifelong Melbourne supporter. By the end […]

Lemon’s winners and losers, AFL Round 21

Lemon's winners and losers, AFL Round 21

18 Aug 2014

It’s a fine time to be an AFL fan, with two rounds to go in one of the closest and most exciting seasons in recent memory. Seven of nine wins this round were significant, and several losses as well. The rationale in picking Winners and Losers is to look at which results shaped the league […]

Lemon’s winners and losers, AFL Round 20

Lemon's winners and losers, AFL Round 20

11 Aug 2014

The final phase has begun. The time in an AFL season when hopes are vindicated or demolished, wishes bestowed or ignored, and fortune can make the difference. Some are up, some are up all night, some are getting lucky. Geelong’s final-siren survival was the biggest win of the round by a long way, a classic […]

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