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Whether undercard or main event, rugby league fights on

Whether undercard or main event, rugby league fights on

30 Nov 2013

Even in England’s north-west, where the face of soon to be dual Warriors fullback Sam Tomkins roars from a council billboard saying “Believe In Wigan”, rugby league is accustomed to playing second fiddle. The legendary Warriors may be the team that Australians automatically associate with Wigan, but association football’s Wigan Athletic are minnows no more […]

Wembley – England’s field of nightmares

Wembley – England's field of nightmares

25 Nov 2013

With cricket’s Ashes series and the Liverpool derby to distract the London media’s attention, you could be forgiven for not knowing the Rugby League World Cup semi-finals are on at Wembley at all. It doesn’t help that Lillywhites, the multi-storey sporting goods department store on iconic Piccadilly Circus, has a single rack of England jerseys […]

Should sports writers be cheerleaders or critics?

20 Nov 2013

The Wikipedia entry for controversial 1986 film Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer describes it as being “about the random crime spree of a serial killer who seemingly operates with impunity”. With a bit of contextual editing, and replacement of the word ‘killer’ with ‘troll’, it’s a description which could just as easily fit rugby […]

NRL, Rabbitohs and Redfern Now

NRL, Rabbitohs and Redfern Now

7 Nov 2013

In the episode of Redfern Now that screens on ABC TV tonight, a prominent recurring character uses the triumph of a rugby league superstar against insurmountable odds as a parable for his own predicament. It’s not giving too much away to say that the player in question is indigenous, touted as a future Immortal, and […]

A little day out at the Ryobi Cup

A little day out at the Ryobi Cup

18 Oct 2013

No bells. No whistles. No lights. No fans. Welcome to Australian domestic one day cricket, 2014 style. Not that North Sydney Oval is entirely bereft of spectators as the New South Wales Blues take on the Queensland Bulls on this perfect Sydney spring morning. A couple of hundred people – elderly gentlemen, young ladies, families, […]

My vision for the NRL Grand Final day entertainment

My vision for the NRL Grand Final day entertainment

2 Oct 2013

With two of the most actively disliked teams in rugby league facing off in this year’s NRL decider, many fans of other (admittedly vastly inferior) clubs are wondering what enjoyment they can get from the first Sunday in October. Sure, there’ll be some entertainment value in the Panthers vs Warriors Under-20s decider, which is likely […]

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