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Is UFC sport?

Holly Holm has performed poorly since beating Ronda Rousey. (AAP Image/Joe Castro)
Roar Guru
17th November, 2015

60,000 people in Melbourne turned up to watch two women beat each other up at UFC 193. But the question is, is this really a sport?

Let’s compare it to boxing, where there is indisputably strategy in looking for openings, seizing on it and then trying to land a combination or just a simple scoring punch. No doubt, this is sport.

Now lets look at the UFC. A woman kicking another woman, then whilst she is down, laying into her with more punches. Sport or thuggery?

You don’t see a fallen boxer leapt upon by their opponent, increasing the likelihood of brain damage.

Over the past week greater problems than people’s favourite teams losing has against sprung its ugly head around the world. Is UFC part of the problem?

To many this is a great form of entertainment. To many others it is nothing more than pure violence, disguised as sport.

A question to those who enjoy this contest could be: How is it exciting seeing anyone go through what Ronda Rousey went through?

It appears to be humanity going backwards. Aren’t we meant to get smarter? Aren’t we meant to learn from past mistakes and generations?


Maybe this is something for the next generation to ponder while they watch this one getting excited by two women brawling with each other.