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Roar Expert Robert Burgin helped administer the first Latin American Championship of rugby league on November 17-18. Here he tells of how this bizarre adventure became reality – and how it gives hopes to other average fans who want to play a part in growing their sport.

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The Ashes is the story of antagonism. The itching, grating, sandpaper-underwear tension between colony and coloniser, between a perceived dominion and those who thought they could rule it.

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A decade or so ago, I was sitting in front of my television set watching St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, playing St Ignatius’ College, Riverview. After about 15 minutes, the telephone rang. “How good is he!” my son Zolton yelled out down the line.

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Richmond. 6am Sunday morning. The first day of October. The streets are bare, the light is grey, the sun about to rise. An empty Punt Road Oval is to the right, Melbourne’s largest church behind it.

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Ask anyone to put together a list of the greatest captains to have led the Wallabies, and the odds are Nick Farr-Jones will feature in most of them. The same goes or any list of halfbacks.

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As the Wallabies and All Blacks prepare for their first encounter of 2017, let us look back at some of the great matches between these two rugby nations.

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I’m heading south on a date with sports history.

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Roar Exclusive: The Roar approached the Wallabies’ most successful coach, Rod Macqueen AM, for his thoughts on how rugby can run with the ball in Australia again. His answer is the ‘Einstein Project’.

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The night before India plays Pakistan, people are dying in London on a Saturday night out. Up the railway line in Birmingham it’s getting late, past 11pm, and the news creeps in by the soporific glow of phone screens.

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The 12th edition of the British and Irish Lions touring New Zealand in 2017 has most of the elements of an almost mission impossible attached.

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Although I live and breathe Aussie Rules, I am an American citizen, and have lived my entire life in the western United States. It’s also relevant to this article to point out that I am beige in colour, and my ancestry is mostly from the British Isles, many centuries ago.

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And so rugby league man Tim Simona has been de-registered for gambling in a game sponsored by gambling.

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As a sports broadcaster, very few things can surpass commentating cricket in India.

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I’d just arrived in Australia when I first met Dan Vickerman at a coffee shop in Canberra. It is no stretch to say that our meeting changed the course of my life.

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Three years is a long time in sport. If you don’t believe me, think back to a time when Mitchell Johnson was cracking skulls and taking names on his way to 37 wickets in a five-match Test series to reclaim the Ashes in emphatic fashion for Australia.

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On New Year’s Day, 1918, a detachment of the 23rd Battalion of the British Army stared out across the frozen River Piave in northern Italy. Their mission was to carry out a raid behind enemy lines on the other side.

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Australia seem to be considering a radical change of approach, playing three specialist spinners in their Test XI in India, dropping Josh Hazlewood and handing the new ball to Mitch Marsh.

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The Sydney derby was nothing to write home about, but that won’t stop the keyboard warriors from bashing away furiously about how their sport is supposedly better.

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With a series sweep against a third-ranked Pakistani side secured, the future looks bright for the Australian cricket team as they look to develop a number of up-and-coming superstars.

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A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder. Roughly characterised, that means I have excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry.

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