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The Roar is a sports site where your opinion counts. By writing articles, posting comments and getting involved with the site you can become a
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I not a Pro / Guru yet?
A: We have an algorithm that works out what level our writers should be at based on the frequency they contribute through to the response (comments, views) they receive. If you’re waiting to get to the next level, give it a week or so, as ranks change all the time, automatically.

Q: How often are the levels updated?
A: Nightly.

Q: How do I become an Expert?
A: Experts are typically invited by our editors. That said, if you are an experienced journalist or have shown on the site that you can write world-class sports opinion, then please get in touch with our editors.

Q: Can I get more involved in The Roar?
A: Yes! We are growing rapidly and this is unlocking great opportunities for quality editors, live bloggers and sports writers. If you feel you have something to contribute, please check our jobs board or drop us a line directly.

Any other questions? Fire away.