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Apology to Bill Pulver and Rob Clarke

26th June, 2017
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On Monday, June 26 I published an article on The Roar based around an email that purported to establish that Bill Pulver, the chief executive of the ARU, had a hit list of “enemies” of the ARU.

The article further suggested, based on the email, that before leaving the ARU Rob Clarke had drawn up this hit list.

I would like to make a sincere apology to Bill Pulver and to Rob Clarke for publishing the article.

Bill Pulver did not write the email that was published in the article. Rob Clarke did not draw up a hit list of “enemies” of the ARU as the email suggested.

The real emails written on June 19 are as follows:

From (name redacted)

“Bill, Best of fortune. You’ve done a good job at trying to speak to the selectively deaf about the perilous state of the game, financially and the rest.

You’re a good man, a kind person and whatever you want I hope you achieve. I am proud to know you.

Sincerely (name redacted).”

Bill Pulver replied to this email at 10.30 on the same day:

“Thanks (initials redacted). Stay well, Bill.”

The article and the email the article was based around were published on The Roar in good faith. The person claiming to have received the email from Bill Pulver gave me permission to publish it.


For the record. I apologise to Bill Pulver and Rob Clarke for publishing the email in question and I retract any implications arising from that publication.

Spiro Zavos