Ban Trent Cotchin! Or the rules mean nothing

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    I don’t care what week of the year it is. I don’t care that it will cost him a grand final. Trent Cotchin must be banned for his collision with Dylan Shiel.

    Cotchin’s decision to brace for impact with his shoulder makes it clear that his intention was to bump Dylan Shiel away from the contest rather than go directly for the ball.

    That kind of action isn’t illegal in the AFL necessarily, but you do have a duty of care when you do so to not strike your opponent in the head.

    Cotchin failed that duty of care. And while some would say that it is a minor incident and one that’s bound to happen in a contact sport, the AFL’s laws don’t see it this way.

    The head has been sacred for a while now. We know what concussions can do to the human brain and it isn’t pretty, and it isn’t acceptable for them to be brushed off as no big deal.

    Make no mistake, if this incident had occurred inside a home-and-away match it would certainly be cause for a one-week suspension, or at the very least a fine.

    And a fine would do just fine for suspending Cotchin in this case, as he has already been given two this year and a third strike triggers an automatic one-week ban.

    Is that fair? It’s a pretty rough call, but if Cotchin doesn’t want to miss games then he has to not put himself in this position to begin with, simple as that.

    The AFL has to juggle many priorities as it attempts to manage the game and looks to achieve the best outcomes across the board.

    But No.1 on that list of priorities has to be the same as it ought to be in any other business – the health and safety of its employees.

    To let Cotchin play next week would be a violation of that principle, saying that other aspects of the game are more important than whether or not Dylan Shiel is able to think straight in twenty years time.

    Do the right thing, AFL.

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    • September 26th 2017 @ 11:53am
      Leonard said | September 26th 2017 @ 11:53am | ! Report

      Isn’t this the bigger issue? That 50,000 members of the 120,000 combined memberships of the two competing clubs are locked out of their One Day of the Year?

      That 50,000 tickets go to corporates, freeloaders and flunkies?

      That – FFS!!!!! – today’s Herald Sun had bottom-of-the-page banner ads for “WIN GF TICKETS NOW!!!” (This in the paper which calls itself ‘Your footy paper’.)

      Instead of ‘Look-at-me’ moral grandstanding to us bogans, ‘burbanites and nonPC bunnies, what say CEO McLachlan lets genuine committed barrackers and members into ‘their’ MCG for ‘their’ Grand Final? Hey, Mr CEO, it’s ‘POPULO LUDUS POPULI’ – can’t you be bothered googling that?

      And at least and AT LAST, one journo, the Herald Sun’s Peter Rolfe, had the guts to write – in his opening sentence – “Richmond fans . . . faced the prospect of being locked out of Saturday’s MCG blockbuster” (Insult to the True, 26/09). How about other footy journos find some spine and campaign to end this injustice?

      No number of laws and regulations passed by publicity-seeking pollies will make any difference while the only true market for GF tickets is treated with contempt.

      How about all of us tell the AFL’s advertisers that we will boycott their goods and services until McLachlan and his gang fix this up? (No wonder people like him and Demetriou did not dare to show their faces on GF Day!!!)

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