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The Roar Podcast: What's the best way to judge a sport's success?

The AFL has impressive metrics for crowd attendance, memberships and TV ratings (Cianflone/Getty Images).
6th December, 2017
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The gang is back this week with the second episode of The Roar Podcast.

Each episode we pick apart the recurring debates and topics in the world of sports – figuring out how things work and how they could be done better.

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In this episode, Ryman White, Ben Conkey and Riordan Lee explore the prickly topic of judging a sport’s success. To unpack this landmine of a question, we broke it down into three parts:

1. What metrics do we currently use for judging a code’s success, and how do we measure things like crowd attendance, TV ratings and participation? (As we found out, it’s not quite as straightforward as you might think!)

2. We have a yarn with Cricket Australia’s former Head of Community Engagement, Sam Almaliki, about how important grassroots are to a sport’s health, and if sporting bodies are doing enough at this level. Also, we ask Sam, what’s the most important metric we should be focussing on – crowds, ratings or participation?

3. Finally, we crunch the numbers and try to come to a consensus about which sport is Australia’s most successful.

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EDIT: The original headline was ‘What’s Australia’s most successful sport?’

Be sure to keep an eye out next Thursday for Episode 3 of The Roar Podcast when we’ll be diving into the world of short-form sports.