Reds won’t block Quade Cooper from leaving

By Vince Rugari, Vince Rugari is a Roar Guru

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    The door isn’t entirely shut on Quade Cooper, but Brad Thorn says it will take an unprecedented injury crisis for him to play Super Rugby this season for Queensland.

    Speaking publicly for the first time about his “tough” decision to move on fan favourite Cooper, Thorn said the Reds would not stand in his way if he found a new club.

    The former Wallabies’ five-eighth still has two more years to run on his Reds’ contract but was told late last year by Thorn his services wouldn’t be required in 2018.

    The 29-year-old has not trained with the Reds since and, unless another team from overseas comes calling, he’s likely to play out the season in Brisbane club rugby.

    “It’s just a change of direction,” Thorn told reporters on Thursday.

    “I thought Quade last year … the team struggled, his game management, his attack, his defence (struggled).

    “I’m in this role – sometimes you’ve got to make tough decisions.”

    Thorn said letting Cooper take up another contract was “the least we could do” for such a loyal clubman.

    “I played against him as a Crusader, as an All Black. He’s played over 100 games for this club – he’s had success here,” he said.

    “He’s a guy who’s served this club really well.

    “Respect to the guy, but we’re just going in a different way.”

    Asked if there was any way Cooper could change his mind, or if he would turn back to him if injuries struck down his other playmaking options, Thorn said: “We’re doing what we’re doing now. But he’s part of the squad.

    “He’ll be trying his best with his club rugby and it’s a tough old season, isn’t it?

    “At the moment, we’ve got some depth around that position – Hamish Stewart coming through, Jono Lance, Ben Lucas can play there.

    “There’s a bit of stuff there.

    “It’s competitive, which is what I’m getting a little bit excited about – I’m liking the competition in most positions and I feel like maybe that hasn’t been here.”

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    The Crowd Says (194)

    • February 1st 2018 @ 3:59pm
      Train Without A Station said | February 1st 2018 @ 3:59pm | ! Report

      “We’ve got 3 guys. None of which have played more than 15 games of Super Rugby at 10…”

      • February 1st 2018 @ 6:31pm
        Jacko said | February 1st 2018 @ 6:31pm | ! Report

        Better to have 3 possibles than a definately not, but Cooper is still a Reds player is he not? Plus DP has played 10 for Aus but not at Super level so thats another option

        • February 1st 2018 @ 8:39pm
          Train Without A Station said | February 1st 2018 @ 8:39pm | ! Report

          3 possibles?

          2 have been around for just as long and haven’t surpassed him.

          How are they “possibles”?

          • February 2nd 2018 @ 6:27pm
            Jacko said | February 2nd 2018 @ 6:27pm | ! Report

            They are in the squad TWAS therefore they can be selected at 10…same as Quade

            • February 2nd 2018 @ 8:58pm
              Train Without A Station said | February 2nd 2018 @ 8:58pm | ! Report

              But your implying possible means possibly about to deliver what’s needed.

              Which they have shown that to be less possible, compared to Cooper.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 9:29am
                Jacko said | February 3rd 2018 @ 9:29am | ! Report

                No I am implying that Thorn has 3 people in his squad apart from QC that he lists as available to play 10. And then I am suggesting that QC is no longer a better option than any of those. After that Im implying that QC has done stuff all since 2011 and has been moved on by every coach he has had since and Thorn is only the 4th or 5th coach to get him out of the way because these coaches dont like something about the way he does things

      • February 1st 2018 @ 6:39pm
        Fionn said | February 1st 2018 @ 6:39pm | ! Report

        If they do well as a team and are directed well at 10 then hats off to Thorn, but if they struggle on direction from 10 then on Thorn’s head be it.

        • February 1st 2018 @ 7:22pm
          Taylorman said | February 1st 2018 @ 7:22pm | ! Report

          Cheika did the same…his heads intact isn’t it?

          • February 1st 2018 @ 8:23pm
            Ruckin Oaf said | February 1st 2018 @ 8:23pm | ! Report

            Did Cheika take over from McKenzie or from Stiles ?

            Is it easier to find a new international coach or provincial coach ?

            Would the Wallabies appoint another Kiwi as coach ?

          • February 1st 2018 @ 8:39pm
            Train Without A Station said | February 1st 2018 @ 8:39pm | ! Report

            Thorn has a Super Rugby winning 10 to choose instead?

            • February 2nd 2018 @ 6:28pm
              Jacko said | February 2nd 2018 @ 6:28pm | ! Report

              From 6 years ago…Did Carter play in that same match?

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 8:59pm
                Train Without A Station said | February 2nd 2018 @ 8:59pm | ! Report

                The reference is to Foley being chosen over Cooper.

                Though 6 years ago is more recent than Lucas or Lance won a title at 10.

            • February 3rd 2018 @ 7:58am
              Vic rugby said | February 3rd 2018 @ 7:58am | ! Report

              Take thst naysayers!!
              Qaude had a great season 6 years ago so should be selected over any talent until he decides to stop playing.
              Cant imagine how aus rugby has fallen so low with all the looking to the past and remembering way back when

          • February 1st 2018 @ 8:41pm
            Fionn said | February 1st 2018 @ 8:41pm | ! Report

            You’ve spent the last 2 years arguing with me about Foley’s quality TMan, you can’t have it both ways.

            Quade has a proven track record guiding the Reds. In 2017 they were so much worse without him, he proved his worth. Thorn has fired one of the key players, and if he suffers from it he has to take the consequences.

            And Cheika should have faced the consequences. The fact he has gotten off Scott free doesn’t make it right, and that the same luxury should be afforded to Thorn.

            • February 1st 2018 @ 11:15pm
              Rebellion said | February 1st 2018 @ 11:15pm | ! Report

              Wow Taylorman
              If that wasn’t an inflammatory comment (Chieka) then Trevor Chapple must have brushed his bowling arm against his ear when delivering that dot ball against McKechnie

              • Roar Rookie

                February 2nd 2018 @ 8:04am
                rebel said | February 2nd 2018 @ 8:04am | ! Report

                Gee those kiwis cant stop bringing up the underarm.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 9:35am
                Jumbo said | February 3rd 2018 @ 9:35am | ! Report

                It’s a bit like foxsports replaying the bledisloe games from the early 2000’s, living on 15 year old victories.

            • February 1st 2018 @ 11:32pm
              Rhys Bosley said | February 1st 2018 @ 11:32pm | ! Report

              I reckon Quade should suss out the Titans. They are just down the highway and have to spend some salary cap money. It would be s great new challenge for him.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 12:18am
                Bakkies said | February 2nd 2018 @ 12:18am | ! Report

                Fish paste should send two fingers to Australia and finish his career abroad. This time he won’t have Cheika and the Reds in his ear about returning to Australia. He is better playing with a clear conscience.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 6:08am
                P2R2 said | February 2nd 2018 @ 6:08am | ! Report

                I think QC should phone Tana and have a conversation….

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 8:00am
                Blues said | February 3rd 2018 @ 8:00am | ! Report

                I think you are right.
                Being told he’s washed up, no good and unwanted by tana would help him gain perspective

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 6:43am
                Fionn said | February 2nd 2018 @ 6:43am | ! Report

                If he wants to stay in Queensland, yeah.

                If not, Japan would suit him, I think, and as the game is a little easier there it would allow him to look after his body and extend his career.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 8:52am
                Rhys Bosley said | February 2nd 2018 @ 8:52am | ! Report

                He comes across to me as family oriented bloke who would probably want to stick around here.

              • Roar Rookie

                February 2nd 2018 @ 8:05am
                rebel said | February 2nd 2018 @ 8:05am | ! Report

                He can get the player’s numbers off Karmichael.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 9:18am
                Fionn said | February 2nd 2018 @ 9:18am | ! Report

                Rhys, in that case another legitimate option is simple to play for souths and get paid by the Reds and see what happens with the Reds.

                Perhaps the Reds do well and he gets a paid holiday, perhaps the Reds struggle and Thorn decides to bring him back, or perhaps Thorn is removed as coach at the end of the year. He does have two years left on his contract after all.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 1:08pm
                Rhys Bosley said | February 2nd 2018 @ 1:08pm | ! Report

                It is a legitimate option, but he comes across to me as too motivated and positive a person to be happy just hanging around at an inferior level, hoping that his mates fail.

            • February 2nd 2018 @ 11:29am
              taylorman said | February 2nd 2018 @ 11:29am | ! Report

              You’re not really getting it are you Fionn.

              Thorns not picking Quade because he doesnt think he can cut it (as opposed to you, who are not the coach), so you think if others fail it’ll be on his head.

              Well Cheika did the same thing, and you said Foley failed, so logic assumes thats on Cheikas head as well. Well it wasnt was it, cos Cheikas still there.

              So if the 10’s at the Reds fail, that doesnt mean Thorns heads on the block, just because YOU think he should have picked Quade.

              None of the coaches are rating him, so how the 10’s at the Reds go, could be irrelevant. Its just that YOU dont think it is (probably, and again, incorrectly).


              • Roar Guru

                February 2nd 2018 @ 11:31am
                Train Without A Station said | February 2nd 2018 @ 11:31am | ! Report

                Cheika not rating Cooper as an international 10 doesn’t mean Thorn saying he can’t cut it at a lower level is correct.

                If the Red’s 10s fail, Thorn’s head will be on the chopping block, because he has foregone a more experience and accomplished 10 at his disposal, by his choice.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 2:21pm
                Taylorman said | February 2nd 2018 @ 2:21pm | ! Report

                In your opinion. I for one doubt it very much, and can’t really recall a coach being dropped because he didn’t select one specific player, let alone a flakey one, so between you and Fionn you really are making a big fuss over Cooper, he isn’t….that good.

              • Roar Guru

                February 2nd 2018 @ 2:24pm
                Train Without A Station said | February 2nd 2018 @ 2:24pm | ! Report

                Nobody is saying that he will be “dropped” for not selecting a specific player.

                He may lose his job if a source of problems for the Reds is 10, where he chose to voluntarily exile a contracted player who was more experienced and accomplished than all options.

                That comes down to coaching ability and his decision making.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 10:52pm
                Drongo said | February 2nd 2018 @ 10:52pm | ! Report

                Why not just be honest and admit that most Kiwis have it in for Quade, you and Thorn included? Stop the fantasy that he isn’t the best option for the Reds at 10. He clearly is. Ability, experience and the ability to bring fans through the gate. It’s Quade by a mile.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 1:55pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | February 2nd 2018 @ 1:55pm | ! Report

                Did Cheika take over from McKenzie or from Stiles ?

                – Well Cheika did indeed take over from McKenzie and in vastly different circumstances than Thorn taking over from Stiles.

                Indeed Stiles being sacked, in just his first season, due to the Reds poor performance might create a precedent for Thorn.

                Is it easier to find a new international coach or provincial coach ?

                – I would imagine that it’s easier to find a new provincial coach. When the subject of Cheika being sacked is raised there is quite often the question of “Who would you replace him with?”

                I’m not sure that such a question is as relevant at provincial level.

                Would the Wallabies appoint another Kiwi as coach ?

                – After the issues with “Dingo” Deans there may well be some impediment to the Wallabies appointing another Kiwi (or indeed any ‘foreigner’) as coach.

                Such an impediment does not exist at the Reds, indeed by appointing Thorn it would appear that they are quite happy with the idea of a Kiwi coach.

                The other factor of course being that Cheika started with a quite successful world cup. Thorn has had a successful NRC reign but as Stiles showed us that doesn’t buy you quite the same level of goodwill.

                It’s quite easy to see that there are some significant differences in the appointment of Cheika and Thorn.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 2:09pm
                Fionn said | February 2nd 2018 @ 2:09pm | ! Report

                Not really, TWAS has pointed pretty succinctly that you are the one who doesn’t get it on this issue.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 2:32pm
                Fionn said | February 2nd 2018 @ 2:32pm | ! Report

                Not sure he or I ever said a coach would get dropped for not selecting a flakey player.

                I said he should face the consequences if the team struggles for direction at 10 as a result of this decision by Thorn and the team has a poor season.


              • February 2nd 2018 @ 4:28pm
                Taylorman said | February 2nd 2018 @ 4:28pm | ! Report

                ‘Nobody is saying that he will be “dropped” for not selecting a specific player.’

                Geez Twas, you say that then then go on to say in a roundabout way exactly why he would be dropped for that reason.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 6:41pm
                Jacko said | February 2nd 2018 @ 6:41pm | ! Report

                Thorn has got Quade out of the squad and out of the team because QC is no longer able to offer what he once could. As I have said to both Fionn and TWAS before, Quade has proven to be incompetent and Thorn has said, if he aint the way forward then why bother…why not try someone who could be good rather than someone who has done nothing for the Reds for a few seasons now. They have finished very low on the ladder since 2011 and QC has been part of that, not the whole time but a fair part of the time.
                TWAS you say he is experience and accomplished well Lots of people who used to be good players but are now retired were experience and accomplished but everyone has their use by date. I hope QC goes and plays for years and enjoys his rugby but he will never be selected for AUS ever again and I struggle to see any Aus SR sides who need him.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 8:28pm
                Fionn said | February 2nd 2018 @ 8:28pm | ! Report

                Jacko, you changed your tune on Quade as soon as Thorn dropped him.

                It’s telling you and TMan are already getting your excuses and defences of Thorn in prior to the season, while people like TWAS and I are saying he will be judged on his performance.

                Makes me think you’ll defend Thorn and his decision to drop Quade regardless of how the Reds perform and even if they struggle for direction from 10.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 10:39pm
                Scott said | February 2nd 2018 @ 10:39pm | ! Report

                Any coach that fails consistently, as Cheika has done, should be sacked. Same for Thorn – in Thorn’s case he’s made it easier by sacking a favourite of all the non NZ fans in QLD

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 3:16am
                Taylorman said | February 3rd 2018 @ 3:16am | ! Report

                Really Fionn, where you are not already lining up an ambush on Thorn as the 10’s fail one by one? Please. I can see yours and Twas’s articles now. As soon as the season starts poorly it’ll be Quade woulda shoulda this, as it was all last year with Foley.

                You’re stuck on the record where others in better positions than you can see the path ahead is ideally a Quadeless one. I don’t care if he plays or not but…I do understand their not selecting a sixty test player who can’t consolidate his position within a side.

                Coaches just dont like working with him, or think his dash at the top is done, how plain and clear is that not?

                Instead of prepping an entire year of I want Quade, how about you….just…get…over…it.

                It’ll be better for you.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 8:17am
                Fionn said | February 3rd 2018 @ 8:17am | ! Report

                So, Taylorman, you’re suggesting that Thorn should not be judged on his results and should not be judged based how the team performs at 10, despite the fact that he decided to forgo an already-contracted and more experienced, capable 10 for untried players?

                Don’t worry, I am well aware Quade isn’t going to play, and I’m okay with it.

                In any other job in the world if you perform poorly you face the consequences. If it turns out that the other options struggle at 10 and the team does poorly then Thorn deserves criticism for his decisions, a performance review and then face some form of consequences (whatever is appropriate).

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 9:19am
                soapit said | February 3rd 2018 @ 9:19am | ! Report

                find it very hard to imagine that there wouldnt be some factions in qld rugby not totally on board with dumping quade. they might be the minoritybut if the reds tank thorn will wear it hard. i think he’d survive not least because they’ve had such a high turnover rate but if they do sack him it’ll be because they feel he isnt a good coach and results and early controversial decisions will be big factors in forming that view particularly if the highly visible position of 10 becomes a big problem over the season.

                if he succeeds it’ll likely mean that he’s found a half decent option at 10 which would be fantastic for oz rugby imo

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 9:35am
                Jacko said | February 3rd 2018 @ 9:35am | ! Report

                Fionn I have never rated QC. He has always had more liabilities than positives….I have referred to him as a poor mans Carlos Spencer since the day he first came to attention. Then he did the break ins and got in trouble and then publicly rubbished the very culture he was part of and his national coach…That did not improve my opinion of him and he has done nothing since to improve my opinion of him as a player.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 9:53am
                Taylorman said | February 3rd 2018 @ 9:53am | ! Report

                No Fionn I’m saying this season should have nothing to do with Quade at all. First of all, it’s a pointless exercise, he’s not there, and others are, so mentioning Quade after a Reds loss is completely irrelevant, because that will not help with the next performance.

                In the same way that countless we want Quade calls were with Cheika last year. Every loss, on and on went the Quade Foley pointless nothing to learn here arguments.

                And where did it get Quade? Dropped from Super rugby this year that’s where.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 9:59am
                Fionn said | February 3rd 2018 @ 9:59am | ! Report

                Right. So if Blackadder had come in and cut Dan Carter and the team struggled at 10 then he shouldn’t be judged on that decision? I know QC isn’t Dan Carter, but the Reds aren’t the Crusaders.

                Quade is here though, and Thorn is choosing not to play him. If Thorn does well then his decision is vindicated. If he doesn’t and the team does poorly then that decision was on him. You’re trying to find a way to absolve him of his responsibility as being responsible for the Reds’ results.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 10:05am
                soapit said | February 3rd 2018 @ 10:05am | ! Report

                tman, he’s not there but he could be there if wanted and thats why he’ll get brought up until the new reds 10 shows he’s consistently better. its definitely relevant.

                surely its obvious that its a high profile decision regarding the direction of the team and if it seems its the wrong direction it will count against thorn in some way?

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 7:45pm
                Taylorman said | February 3rd 2018 @ 7:45pm | ! Report

                It’s possible Soapit but it looks like it will take a disaster for Quade to be picked up. It’s not that he’s not the best 10 for the Reds, he’s not even second or third either, and Thorn has said the team is going in a different direction.

                For him to then overhaul all that and go back to Quade it would mean that the Reds are losing big time and they’re desperate, so it wouldn’t make any difference anyway, as that’s the only way Thorn would change ‘direction’ completely.

        • February 4th 2018 @ 5:47pm
          Garry said | February 4th 2018 @ 5:47pm | ! Report

          How many one sided games before we hear those words muttered “ we are a work in progress “.
          I realise that the Reds coach position has been a turnstile, but I hope they included some KPI’s for Thorn, and a get out clause.

    • February 1st 2018 @ 4:09pm
      Jacko said | February 1st 2018 @ 4:09pm | ! Report

      there are 2 very telling comments from Thorn there. Firstly he didnt think much of Quades game management, attack or defence from last year and the 2nd one is that he believes he has depth at 10 with Stewart, Lance and lucas. That tells me Quade wont be back barring massive injury crisis, no matter how good he is going at club level

      • February 3rd 2018 @ 1:50pm
        enoughisenough said | February 3rd 2018 @ 1:50pm | ! Report

        Thorn has lost many Reds supporters with his treatment of Cooper and Frisby, and should be judged just as harshly as Stiles was, if he can’t make the transition from NRC to SR as a coach. Bringing back Lance speaks of desperation from Thorn. And how typical is it for some poor Kiwis, who are so obsessed about a player who once apparently did something to some bloke in a black jersey, to weigh in and try to put the boot in on Cooper? Things must be pretty slow in those insignificant little islands in the Pacific…….

    • Roar Rookie

      February 1st 2018 @ 4:18pm
      Die hard said | February 1st 2018 @ 4:18pm | ! Report

      It all just sounds so harsh for me. After spending years in ambivalence for him I became a supporter of his after the last wc.

      Good luck in the future both to Cooper and the Reds. They probably both need it

    • February 1st 2018 @ 4:23pm
      Fionn said | February 1st 2018 @ 4:23pm | ! Report

      Clearly Thorn won’t stand in the way.

      He’s clearly hoping that Quade will leave and they will find the pressure on the Reds’ salary cap relieved.

      • February 1st 2018 @ 5:27pm
        Bfc said | February 1st 2018 @ 5:27pm | ! Report

        Yeh…”the organisation screwed you…but could you help us out by leaving so we have some salary cap space…”

      • February 1st 2018 @ 6:44pm
        Cuw said | February 1st 2018 @ 6:44pm | ! Report

        @ Fionn

        Coops is in the same boat as JAMES HASKELL!!

        Wasps have decided not to renew his contract after 12 seasons with them – becoz of salary cap issues .

        both have been great servants of their club n country

        times are tough

        but ii remember one match he played – against the Crusaders that Reds almost won.

        perhaps the story of him and them 😀

        • February 2nd 2018 @ 12:20am
          Bakkies said | February 2nd 2018 @ 12:20am | ! Report

          Don’t you mean the Reds won?

          More remarkable is that the Hask had more time away from Wasps (Paris, Japan and Highlanders) than Cooper did with the Reds.

          • February 2nd 2018 @ 9:29pm
            Cuw said | February 2nd 2018 @ 9:29pm | ! Report

            no reds lost very close match 22:20.

            if my memory is right a last minute penalty.

            also i think Mounga was injured at the tiem.


            as for JH – it seems WASPS buying BRAD SHIELDS was the death knell.

            • Roar Guru

              February 2nd 2018 @ 10:13pm
              Kia Kaha said | February 2nd 2018 @ 10:13pm | ! Report

              Mitch Hunt the wonder kid at the death slotted the penalty goal, Cuw. I thought that was special until that drop goal against…

              I’ve said too much. Highlander’s looking at me menacingly…

              • Roar Guru

                February 2nd 2018 @ 10:17pm
                Fionn said | February 2nd 2018 @ 10:17pm | ! Report

                That drop goal was the best thing in SH rugby in 2017.

              • February 2nd 2018 @ 10:19pm
                Cuw said | February 2nd 2018 @ 10:19pm | ! Report

                think HUnt had a neat season – but was average during the last Miter 10.

                who knows, he may rise to the occasion again this year.

                coz it is very likely that MOunga will be in NZ squad , injuries permitting.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 3:47pm
                Highlander said | February 3rd 2018 @ 3:47pm | ! Report

                Haha he could however replace sopoanga

        • February 2nd 2018 @ 6:43am
          Fionn said | February 2nd 2018 @ 6:43am | ! Report

          12 seasons? Ugh.

        • February 2nd 2018 @ 10:50am
          JohnB said | February 2nd 2018 @ 10:50am | ! Report

          But Cooper’s contract isn’t up for renewal – it’s got 2 years to run. Calling time on a long serving player is one thing, saying you won’t select a high priced high profile key position player is another (and another again when a lot of observers don’t seem to think you have an obviously superior alternative to him).

          • February 2nd 2018 @ 6:46pm
            Jacko said | February 2nd 2018 @ 6:46pm | ! Report

            It shows how incompetent the REDS Management were to sign him for 3 years. Lets hope from a Reds perspective that all that rubbish is behind them and with Thorn as a coach maybe he will bring the ingrediant that has been missing for the Reds since 2011

            • February 2nd 2018 @ 10:24pm
              Cuw said | February 2nd 2018 @ 10:24pm | ! Report

              no they was not.

              when Coops signed there was no talk of killing Force and the resulting exodus .

              there was no other 10s in auzzy and still there arent any.

              AND he was 28 – a spring chicken – and 3 years is nothing.

              it was not as if he was 32 and they gave him 3 years ffs!!!

              if there is incompetence , i t tis all that has happened this year with him and the other guy.

              its as if all the people involved in the administration blanked out DUH

    • February 1st 2018 @ 4:40pm
      Morsie said | February 1st 2018 @ 4:40pm | ! Report

      Force should grab him……..oh wait a second……….

    • February 1st 2018 @ 5:20pm
      ads2600 said | February 1st 2018 @ 5:20pm | ! Report

      If Quade leaves, do the reds have to pay the remainder of his contract out? If not, I’d just stay for the money.

      • February 2nd 2018 @ 5:27pm
        Red Block said | February 2nd 2018 @ 5:27pm | ! Report

        Exactly, Quade should put his feet up at home, train twice a week and play at Souths and collect his $800K and wait for the call from Ballymore.
        We all know it’s going to come.

        • February 2nd 2018 @ 5:51pm
          MARTO said | February 2nd 2018 @ 5:51pm | ! Report

          Thorn wont call Quade in when the reds are floundering. Chuckles Cheika has given Thorn instructions to play anyone at 10 bar Cooper.

        • February 2nd 2018 @ 6:48pm
          Jacko said | February 2nd 2018 @ 6:48pm | ! Report

          And if it comes and QC is overweight and out of sorts maybe he is in breach of his contract and can be fired…Surely contracts have KPIs around fitness…..Sit on his backside at his own peril

          • February 2nd 2018 @ 9:02pm
            Train Without A Station said | February 2nd 2018 @ 9:02pm | ! Report

            So Cooper who has never once in his career has been out of condition, and is still training daily is going to be overweight?

            The bloke is an absolute professional.

            While other players were on holidays, he was working at an NFL draft prep facility with AFL players to improve his speed and agility.

            • February 3rd 2018 @ 9:41am
              Jacko said | February 3rd 2018 @ 9:41am | ! Report

              Yes of course TWAS he is the best in the world at everything and any coach who drops him is wrong eh? Well thats a lot of wrong coaches….Deans, Cheika, & the 7s coach. Toulon coach and Thorn. And they are all wrong are they?

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 3:45pm
                Ken Catchpole's Other Leg said | February 3rd 2018 @ 3:45pm | ! Report

                Jacko, you made a comment about Quade’s future loss of fitness, an event with no precedent.
                Then when it is pointed out to you by TWAS that his commitment to fitness has always been first class, you set up a straw man ‘so you reckon Quade is the best in the world?’
                Twas said no such thing.
                The bald prejudice that you and Tman bring to this discussion is clear for all to see.
                Quade (Wallaby with best win loss record of any current 10 in OZ) = No good, so boo him, deathride him out of town.

                Thorn (AB with cups as a player at all pro levels in League and rugbymostly in NZ colours) = Good, can do no wrong, obviously is right about all coaching decisions because he got the coach job, but is yet unproven as a coach at the level that Quade is proven as a player.
                Why do you bother?
                Prejudice needs no evidence.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 7:33pm
                Charlie Turner said | February 3rd 2018 @ 7:33pm | ! Report

                Ken, Jacko’s writing has the stench of personal failure and envy. Who knows why, perhaps he’s a kiwi living in Australia and has failed to rise above his station and resents those that have. Perhaps he’s an Aussie who can’t tolerate successful Kiwis. The one thing we do know about Jacko is he’s a first class DH.

              • February 3rd 2018 @ 8:02pm
                Taylorman said | February 3rd 2018 @ 8:02pm | ! Report

                Ken, it’s not prejudice at all. All I’ve said is I can understand why Coopers not in the squad. How is being right, in terms of his selection, being prejudiced? If anything, it’s those not prepared to move on that are prejudiced, in not accepting the situation for what it is, and therefore holding anyone that disagrees, in contempt. Move on. It’s OBVIOUS he’s not in the picture.

              • February 5th 2018 @ 3:14pm
                Drongo said | February 5th 2018 @ 3:14pm | ! Report

                He is a contracted player, so he is still in the picture. I predict that QC will be involved in Queensland rugby long after a Thorn has left to chase some more mercenary glory. League,Union, Australia, NZ, where is his loyalty?

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