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Um gee ok

After 400 games, is Cameron Smith's GOAT status given or earnt?

Those games happen when one team is well above the other on talent. If the “lesser” team is off (they aren’t robots) then it’s a pasting.

The Maroons had the passion but not the cattle

The issue is who comes in.

Looking at DCE for example:

He’s not cronk or Thurston? Wow that is a piece of new information, who would have thought the guy that couldn’t beat them out for a decade wasn’t the same class of player.

Is the alternative Cronk or Thurston, no they’re retired, so it’s a pointless start to the analysis.

To paraphrase Rick Pitino “Jonathan Thurston isn’t walking through that door…”

Which Maroons players earned a shot at 2020 Origin redemption?

Was he though?

Which spine, left side, right side, and middle would you take. Me I’d pick NSW players in each category.

Maybe a push on the spine game 1 but outside of that NSW were more talented across the park.

Which Maroons players earned a shot at 2020 Origin redemption?

Because locky and Smith aren’t coaches…
Being able to do something to a high level doesn’t mean you can coach others to do that.

Whose representative careers are at risk after this Origin series?

Qld did well playing with 11 guys…

Norman was always going to be a disaster and chambers was his consistent sub par origin self.

When WC made that break I screamed “chambers is doing something! NSW are in trouble now!” Queue dropped ball in tackle…

The key moments that cost Queensland Game 3

Yep, That Federer guy is pretty rubbish.

"It's only a tennis match": Ash Barty bows out of Wimbledon like a true champion

You must laugh a lot then if you interpret every single phrase uttered without appreciating the context or reference to the behaviours of the speaker.

To ol’ markus if a cannibal and a vegan both say “I’d love to have you for dinner ” you should treat both offers exactly the same.

"It's only a tennis match": Ash Barty bows out of Wimbledon like a true champion

What does making the game “truly national” achieve other than some parental style bragging ammo?

The NRL is at risk of allocating resources from its core markets to fight in markets it has limited capacity to win. Even worse under the cull plan they will be directly lighting on fire their core asset of community attachment.

All whilst being behind the curve in the global sports media trends which has heightened competition from better prepared, resourced and culturally relevant competitors.

I can see a scenario where the NRL is pushed to far lower than current ARU levels of relevance due to a desire to “win” the narrative with these I’ll conceived irrational gambits that have no commercial thought applied to them.

NRL expansion: What the NRL should do

Well maybe she isn’t, but then she’s been #1 in world in a major sport…

"It's only a tennis match": Ash Barty bows out of Wimbledon like a true champion

I get that Mary, but that rationale for a defense is still a bit broken to me Mary.

Complaints about origin fatigue seem misplaced in an article unless it is an open letter to your editors.

State of Origin fatigue has officially set in

Robbie O has some supplements that might help.

Also nice that he said he’s either over or under training a specific area in the weight room… so in other words he has no clue and is firing shots in the dark.

Maroons great calls on Ponga to change approach

The irony of media outlets and online writers claiming origin fatigue is delicious.

Next we will have gamma rays complaining about cancer

State of Origin fatigue has officially set in

“Every side that he has been successful with has been star studded upon his arrival. The Broncos teams of the 90’s were almost an Australian side;”

Funny I could have sworn Bennett arrived at the Broncos in ’88. You know prior to the 90s chronologically.

Super coach or anything but?

The 92 Broncos I think only had 4 players that played in ’88.

The storm had slater and Smith under contact when he arrived, unless the hypothesis is that Bellamy was 100% responsible for Slater and Smith’s development and two random players inserted into those positions would have the same career.

Super coach or anything but?

It’s why most “coach” articles are analytical detritus.
All people are doing is either attributing too much to the coach or reconciling their own inability to judge talent correctly.
Oh I thought that team was rubbish but they’re winning, must be a great coach because I’m an infallible judge of league talent. Fast forward one year with the same players… oh I thought that team was premiership material and they’re middle of the pack, must be a rubbish coach.

Super coach or anything but?

If he’s not a “super” coach then that mantle must be tougher to achieve than immortal status.

Seriously, the roar needs to stop the coach articles. The contributors have no capability or credibility with regards to this field.

Super coach or anything but?

League stats also aren’t that great. Which makes them hard to use.

Reckon Darius Boyd's stats prove he's in terrible form? That's where you're wrong

Napa wasn’t great pre injury

Klemmer denies rift with Fittler

Dallas Johnson is on the judiciary? I had him pegged to be barely coherent after the concussions.

Maybe concussions to old DJ are like drugs to Kieth Richards

The NRL judiciary is officially a joke

The notebook just got re rated R-18 for gratuitous violence

The NRL needs to better protect its players

Yep, you need to achieve critical mass.

As soccer how much that costs…

How do you define "breakaway" in a sport that is itself a rebellion?

Hopefully the forward changes stem the flow through the middle. But still pretty dire.

Not sure where we have an advantage, I’d take NSWs spine, middle, left side and right….

Maroons forced into big changes for Origin Game 3

Irving and Durant to Brooklyn apparently.

DeAndre Jordan as well, just not sure he’s much of a marquee signing.

If Irving accepts second banana and they can keep the role players/chemistry they should be good in 2 years

Where do the major stars go in free agency?