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2nd Div clubs will obviously need to pay players, but they also need to keep costs down to survive. They’d need 18-20 players per team, topped up with their own youth players if necessary due to injuries/suspensions etc. So even at $60k-$70k each for 20 players, that’s a wage bill of $1.2m-$1.4m plus the coaching staff. I know some of the better supported clubs in the NPL currently have budgets of $500k-$600k, and while there is some difference there, I think that shortfall can potentially be made up by extra sponsors and members.

It's time to restart the football economy

Not blaming the owners for the salary cap at all. The cap has been a necessary evil in the A-league up till now, but especially in the last 3-4 years we’ve seen how irrelevant its actually become. When you have teams like CCM spending the cap floor, and others like MV & SFC spending $6m-$7m in yearly wages, you can quickly see that the system is not only now broke, it’s actually become irrelevant, and (9.5 times out of 10) who the top teams are going to be!
What the players need is a minimum wage guarantee, like in any other industry, in any other country in the world (I’d say $70k-$75k per player minimum salary) and then go from there.
Players should get paid; 1. what they’re worth in our market, and 2. what the clubs can afford to pay. Putting a salary cap is unnecessary and unproductive! That’s my view on it.
Also, a very important point to remember, which I didn’t even mention in the article, is that these current squables over the CBA is actually only for 1 season. Who knows what happens after next July, do we have another broadcaster lined up? how much are they willing to pay? what will that mean for players’ salaries, etc? Its the world of the unknown…

It's time to restart the football economy

I think it both things can happen alongside each other.
Victoria is also getting a Home of Football, and already has a $15m funding pledge from the state government, as does WA with Football West getting a significant grant for their base a month or so ago. A 2nd Division doesn’t need a huge amount in my opinion, its all about planning. FFA with the AAFC can help to plan the comp, and eventually run it at Head Office level, the clubs already exist, they just need to find the money for travel/accommodation etc. That’s the biggest thing currently holding it back IMO. And the fact that the FFA is currently tied up by the A-league and the current CBA issues. Once the AL is fully independent, which is apparently only months away now, they can then turn their attentions and their focus to the 2nd Division. I think it can still start in 2021, but most likely in 2022.

It's time to restart the football economy

Agree, the German model of 51% fan ownership would be great, maybe not for every club, but I definitely see the benefits in it for some of the clubs – Mariners, Jets, Nix etc.

It's time to restart the football economy

I honestly don’t realistically see the full promotion and relegation coming in anytime soon, I’d love to see it, but before COVID it was still a few years away. Now with COVID its probably at least 5 years away, if not 10 years.
What I do and want to see, and I think is also realistic, is the 2nd Division getting underway in either 2021 or 2022, then running for 2-3 years, which will give these clubs the time to get to a fully professional setup, plus building their base financially with sponsorships, memberships, stadia improvements etc, then a full pro/rel can then happen.
What I’d also like to see is promotion (and not relegation) straight out of the 2nd Division, to get the A-league to 14-16 teams. Once the A-league is then at 14-16 teams, and the 2nd Div clubs have had time to come up a level, then I think a proper promotion and relegation could happen. But all this has to be underpinned financially to be possible. We are hoping that by then, TV/streaming deals and others are in place, so the game is fully ready for this.
This is definitely not where we are at at the moment. But if we can get out of the current mess, and with the right people and decisions I think we can get there.
And for me Finals stay, as a football person its not ideal, but I think in the Australian landscape they’re here to stay, at least in the short term.

It's time to restart the football economy

Roberto, yes Optus can and may well get heavily involved. I for one hope that happens. But my point is, for the FFA not to be at the mercy of one player anymore, as it has been for the last 15 years, they need to get their own house in order, think for themselves and get setup for the next 5-10 year cycle. Optus for example may only be willing to show the games, but they may only want to pay $15m per year, and Foxtel probably isn’t even interested anymore, so again we may only have 1 suitor, who may not be willing to pay what the game needs to survive. That’s the key issue here. That’s why I’m going down the line of their own OTT platform. Yes it’s a risk, but the time has come.
And from there of course there can be separate deals, eg; 1 game to one channel, a second game to another broadcaster and so on. The more revenue the better.

It's time for football's leap of faith into streaming

That figure was made up, but it was based on the number of football participants we have country wide, which is just shy of 2 million. So my guestimate was a 12.5% conversation rate of those participants, yes big number I know, and maybe not realistic in year 1, but I think a realistic goal to achieve in the short to medium term. My point is we have the numbers in terms of our base, if we go things correctly We can bring people along, and make this happen.

It's time for football's leap of faith into streaming

I think if you look at attendance figures from more established football leagues around the world, you’ll realise that 11k per game isn’t actually a terrible figure. Even here in Australia, it’s only few thousand short of the NRL, but then consider that we get 10%-20% of their media coverage in NSW & QLD, if that. It’s only when you put that up against the AFL, where that figure looks quite small, but good for them.
The biggest factor for me in that respect, is that we need to be playing in boutique rectangular grounds. For example, Brisbane has to stop playing at Suncorp, Sydney shouldn’t play at their new stadium, and Wellington should also move to a smaller ground. Most grounds should be 30k max capacity. Even if it means they’re suburban, with slightly less facilities.
We need to build the product first, football people will come, then be smart enough to lobby governments for upgrades of those grounds or even new ones. Playing at smaller rectangular grounds are a no brainer. This improves the overall product, and 15k looks and feels like 30k-40k in the right setting, as the atmosphere is awesome, case in point is Coopers Stadium.

Is a switch to winter the key to unlocking the A-League's potential?

Great article Mike.
I’d say the wheels are in motion now, at least, as opposed to the last 15 years on these important fronts.
The move to winter alone will not unlock anything on its own, but I believe that a combination of a number of important factors, if they’re implemented in the next 2 years, then we will unlock what we need. And these are;
1. winter season
2. second division
3. Transfer System
4. promotion and relegation
5. an OTT platform, preferably our own, where we can charge a monthly fee for all football around OZ – AL/WL/NPL/state league/women’s football/juniors/state championships/FFA cup, Futsal etc

Now granted, P&R won’t happen overnight, but if we can establish a second division, we’ll be almost there, even if that’s semi pro for the first 2-3 years with a plan to make it professional as soon as possible. We need a football pyramid, it’s what makes the game strong the world over.
Now I know the naysayers will say there’s no media space or Enough grounds, but at the start we’ll have to fixture very smartly, depending on ground availability and dates, but we can also use this issues to play in smaller stadia where necessary, work hard to fill those grounds, which in turn will create demand and build the league. Media is non existent now anyway, if we sit and way till the MSM even notices the game, we’ll all starve and it’ll be too late. FFA needs to setup our own media arm to set the narrative and tell those awesome stories that are out there all over the country.
Another huge factor is government relations, FFA and state feds should setup teams in each state to lobby local and state governments for further funding for smaller suburban stadia, be it for community football, NPL, W-league and A-league. More infrastructure is great for the entire sport, not just for the top tier.
In terms of the A-league, the biggest issues for suitable grinds are Brisbane and Wellington, but we shouldn’t worry about our cousins from NZ for now, let’s fix our own backyard first.
Victoria only has AAMI Park, but there’s now many NPL clubs grounds which could be transformed with some further investment down the track, ie; Hume Ciry, Heidelberg, South Melbourne, Melbourne Knights, Bentleigh Avondale etc.
Also, the FFA and the clubs (who almost killed the game off in the last 24-36 months infighting RE independence and others) now have a clear window (12 months or so) to get an OTT platform off the ground and perfected. This could show all parts of the game, have weekly debate shows, pre game, post games, awards nights, HofF nights etc, make it a One stop Shop for any football event and that way it can be monitored properly.
The sky is the limit here guys, the glass is definitely half full from where I’m standing, but a lot will depend heavily on who, when are how these things are all developed and done…

Is a switch to winter the key to unlocking the A-League's potential?

Good article Mike.
There’s many sides to this debate.
Firstly, Buzz isn’t telling anyone anything we don’t know, ie. falling crowds, terrible TV viewing numbers, overall interest etc. He is spot on there and the FFA, and now the clubs who by next season will have 100% control of the league, need to act, and fast.
But knowing the owners who are involved in these clubs, and the vast investment they can spend, don’t be surprised to see many things changed and improved on for next season. Now that the owners have control, plus with the help of the CFG, they’re not going throw in the towel now.
Also, the reason why Buzz is writing this crap at this time, could be seen from a few different angles; could he be slagging another sport, so the average punter forgets about all the current NRL issues, and there’s plenty of them at the moment, so he’s controlling the narrative. This is something our game needs to learn to do.
But also could he doing the dirty work of his employer, News Corp, trying to denigrate the A-league as much as possible (more than it already is) to help their next lot of negotiations, which they’ll be offering less coin anyway.
So there could be a number of reasons, but the FFA and now the clubs, who wanted and fought for independence, now need to get their house in order, start listening, and improving things, so that next year, we see a better A-league.
Articles like these will always come and go, of course they cut deeper when thing aren’t going so well. But we must improve, and this is the time when it needs to happen.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

I think Ivan’s summation via Twitter is spot on. Yes our offseason is way too long, ground availability can be worked through on a case by case basis and overcome, and clear air, well this is simply a myth.
Clear air had never existed, the MSM does not give a stuff about the AL, pure and simple, they’d rather show lawn bowls than an A-league game, because simply there’s only 2-3 channels that have any sort of money to spend, and all of them will spend it yearly (and heavily!) on either AFL, NRL or cricket.
There is never ‘clear air’ for us, there never has been or will be!
Our product needs to cater to the football folk first, get that bit right, and the rest will follow. Currently only 14% of teenage football players (boys and girls) go to A-League games, if they can increase that to 30%-40% that’ll be more than enough.
Let’s see what the incoming independent board do, but I’m tipping it’ll be an improvement on the last 15 years at the hands of the FFA, who’s always been under resource with way too much on their plate.

Is it time to start the A-League season in September?

Jack, a good read, and some interesting questions that people like myself have been asking for over a decade, with no sensible answers coming our way, just hogwash, and the true fan sees right past that, and that’s why things are where they are today.
Unfortunately not much has changed, and people like me, the diehards or true believers or whatever you wanna call them, have lost patience.
For far too long the FFA and the state feds have been too worried about power and control (its all about $$$ at the end of the day) and not cared about what they’re actually in their jobs to do, that is to govern, to grow and ultimately to care about the game! They’ve failed on all counts!!!
The boardroom battle of the last 2-3 years, has set the game back another 5-10 years in my opinion. The A-league wasn’t going well then, and they’ve just let it get worse, by sheer inaction.
Can we get to where we need to get to? Of course we can, but to get there, there is a crap load of work to be done. Certain people need to stop obstructing progress because it doesn’t suit them, their mates and their pockets!
The FFA is an incompetent body, whose leaders wouldn’t last 6 months in the corporate world outside of sport. They’ve shown time and time again they’re not fit and not capable to run the entire sport, so the quicker the A-league becomes independent, the better.
This is what the game needs; an Independently run league, run by an independent commission type structure, 16 team A-league sooner rather than later. 12 is ok for now, but I’d be adding new teams every year after that till we get to 16 teams, 30 game seasons, no more compromised fixtures.
A second division also with 16 teams, up and running in 2 years. The new A-league teams coming from there. No more made up clubs with no history or fans.
Salary cap scrapped, there’s no need for it, it does nothing for the competitiveness of the competition, we all know who the big and the small clubs are, let the big clubs get bigger, and the smaller clubs spend what they can spend.
Football economy, open up transfer fees and loans, as everywhere else in the world, this is a fabulous way for our league, and particularly the smaller clubs in it, to make money and refocus on their juniors and player development programs.
No more oversized or oval grounds, in NSW and QLD there is an abundance of small/medium sized rugby league/union stadiums. And in Victoria, Perth and Adelaide the current grounds are adequate. Lets build the crowds, and the interest, not play in 50k seated stadiums, when we only draw 15k, that kills the product!
And above all else, lets listen to the fans and players, not shun them away and continue to do what we’re not doing, coz its killing the game! Lets listen to the players and the fans, our game is not AFL or NRL, and it never will be, but if we keep running it like that we’re gonna lose the remaining fans that we do have. The player base and fan base are out there, but we’re not listening to them, that’s why they’re not turning up or watching!
Things like the NCIP need to go, we all came from somewhere in this country, the only difference is from where and which generation. Lets not forget the people and the clubs who brought the game to Australia. Lets embrace our history, instead of hiding away from it, which has also alienated a lot of supporters in the last 20 years, and some of those people will never come back. Lets get back to basics and listen to the fans!
The sport and the league is for them, not for the suits, lets start listening!!! Over and out…

Is the A-League overrated by people who like it or underrated by people who don’t?

Wiser people than me can work out the finer details, but I’ll give you what I know, and how I think it can work. Many NPL clubs that I know of today can generate over $500k in sponsorship per year, I think if they were playing in a national second division, this figure could grow, plus their attendances could also grow generating some more revenue. We’re not talking of 5000 people per game here, but perhaps 2000-3000 home gates at $15-$20 each, for some clubs is actually achievable. A salary cap of $1m-$1.2m for 23 or so players, giving an average wage of just over $50k per player, some could be on more and others on less.
In terms of travel and accomodation that could be partly covered by competition sponsors, some TV rights money, perhaps to show 1-2 live games per week, plus playoffs and the Final.
There’s a lot of people out there, outside of the A-league, who have money and would invest to help out their clubs. It won’t be easy, but I think with sound planning a 2nd Division can work.

Memo to FFA: Get moving or get out

My last point, I’m not saying that fans aren’t coming to games directly because of the current Congress issues. But what I am saying is that indirectly, it’s having a massive impact, because the FFA have taken their eyes off the ball
(the A-league) and they have not marketed it, promoted it, advertised it, as they’re too busy trying to control the purse strings of the game. And all of the noises coming out of the game into the media this season are all about them and the current issues and not about the football, and it’s all negative stuff. Now that has no effect on me and all of the rusted on core fans in this forum, but it has a massive impact on the casual or new fan of the game. That’s what I was trying to say.

Memo to FFA: Get moving or get out

Thanks for all your feedback and comments guys.
Just an FYI, my 5 points to fix things are not in order, I just wrote them as they came to mind.
A few other points, the cynic in me says the Lowys have and are helping football, but they’re also in it for themselves.
Being chairman of the FFA might not be a massive deal in Oz, but it definitely helps to you to network and would get you in touch with some very influential people worldwide, which is what the Westfield business is. I saw in the news the other day that Westfield is about to get bought out by a huge firm overseas, not sure where that’s at. Anyhow it’s time for fresh faces, preferably football faces on my opinion. Gallop and Lowy are on the nose with their constituents and there’s no turning back now.
I am putting all or the majority of the blame on the FFA, because the clubs can only do so much. They’re heavily hamstrung into what they can and can’t do, but they have no say, even though they’re the ones paying for almost everything within the game.
Also, a second division is a must for many reasons, the main ones are more opportunities for young players, for local coaches, for more physios, the list goes on and on. It grows the football pyramid in Australia, it’s a must. Yes it has to be viable, no doubt about it, but it could also start as a semi pro league with minimum costs at start up.
For the record, promotion and relegation would be great down the track, by imo that’s at least a decade away, if it’s a viable option at all one day, with the size of this country. But that’s a chat for another day.
The game needs change, and fast imo, before it’s too late.

Memo to FFA: Get moving or get out

Hi guys,
Thanks for all your comments. Some have mentioned a second division structure on here, and for me it could all start as a semi professional competition, just as the clubs are now. Sponsors could come on board, and they could cover the airfares and accomodation for the players, and the second division could then start. A smaller salary cap could be implemented, lets call it $1m per team over 25 players (remember these would be part time wages – average $40k wage). Small TV rights could be negotiated (sush as 1 game per week, finals and GF) for a little bit of extra cash if any. I personally know some teams in the NPL today that have yearly wage budgets around $200k-$250k in the seniors, and if clubs were given a chance at a national second division, they could go and secure more sponsors at a higher rate, they would also get a spike in membership and attendances. Then potentially in 5 years time, if finances allow it, it could move into a professional setup.
So it’s not exactly pie in the sky stuff, it could work. The fact that the NPL clubs have started their own association on, tells you their intensions.

It's time football's bosses put the sport's best interests first


A decent article, but I think we have way bigger fish to fry right now, than to discuss things like international breaks. They are just one dot point in an absolute essay of issues and errors that the game’s administrators have failed on. IMO heads need to roll at the FFA, and we need to have another very honest discussion around the state of the game (staring a new piece on this right now), where we’re at, and where the game is heading in Australia.
And to your other point, the whole of football report in 2105 by the FFA was an absolute farce, sure it had some glaring issues, like the stats you’ve pointed out in your article, but no meaningful and measurable ways on how to go about turning those numbers around and growing. All in all, it wasn’t much more than a fluff piece, and for me that’s all Gallop and Lowy have done, very forthright in the media in the last 12-24 months about how the sport wants to become number 1 and all this,other crap, but no legwork done in the background to work out future A-league growth via expansion – how, when and where, the brainstorming of a national 2nd Div, no talk of any football infrastructure on the agenda whatsoever.
I’ve given up on this administration and the constant silence we get from them on key items for the game, the constant pushing back of key dates and deadlines, and the lack of an actual plan to take the game forward in Australia. Which begs the question, what do these people actually do at FFA HQ?

Football needs change, but not for change's sake

Unfortunately whether we like it or not, it is the FFA’s money to distribute, at least for now, and they can only give the owners what they can afford to. The owners have stated they want $6m each per year, but the current deal is only $57m at best. Plus as I’ve said before the FFA will not give 100% of the funds to the A-league clubs, as it has many more mouths to feed.
It’s like every other business deal in life, they’ve come into the negotiation asking do the top figure ($6m), knowing that the FFA will meet them somewhere in the middle. If the Salary Cap goes up to $2.8m-$3m, but every club gets $4m like I’ve proposed, I can’t see how that’s a bad deal from the clubs, as they’d be getting an extra $1m on top of the salary cap, to spend how they wish, which would either be on a marquee player’s wage, or on covering their running costs. That’d be up to the individual owners.
But IMO, the nutters can’t run the asylum, could you imagine people like Griffin, the Bakries or Tony Sage running the A-league? Please, the league would be broke within 5 years, and heavily fractured.
Sure, the current arrangement isn’t the best, particularly in the long run, but for now it’s the best solution.

The FFA needs to spend their new money wisely

Thanks for the reply, but these figures haven’t been officially substantiated. You’re going off an article written by Bonita, and while she has her sources, but these aren’t official figures, so they don’t count at this stage in my book.

The FFA needs to spend their new money wisely

Hate the idea of an A-League Cup, but would love to see a Supercup or Charity Shield style match to kick start the new season. That would be the winner of the Grand Final vs the winner fo the FFA Cup.

Why 13 is the lucky number for the FFA

Mike, a good read, but you must either be on the take from the QLD tourism commission here with those opening paragraphs, or you’ve been smoking some of Brisbane’s finest! Give us a spell…
I mean, sure Brisbane is a great place to live, been there many times and always enjoyed it, but it’s far from being the best place to live in Australia, and nor are the Roar anywhere near becoming a juggernaught!
Yes the potential is there, but the fans aren’t stupid, we all hope this Kingsman bloke lives up to his words and brings back the Brisbane of old, but he and Brisbane have a long long way to go. First up, the bloke needs to last longer than 12-18 months in the chair to be taken seriously, the fans up there need to see some stability or at least perceived stability. The owners need to continue to pay their bills and their players on time, they also need to shut their mouth and not many ridiculous statements in the press, and the entire club just needs to keep its nose clean for a while. I’m also a big believer of concentrating on the on field performances, and on that side of things, the Roar are going very well under JA and Ross, but fans are people, and people believe the hype most of the time, both positive or negative, and all the Roar fans or any other A-league fan has read or heard about the Roar over the last 24 months at least, has been doom and gloom, going from one disaster to another. That’s gonna take a long time to repair, and I genuinely hope it does. But even in the Ange era, sure Brisbane were outstanding onfield and smashed all sorts of records, but they were really uncapable of translating that success into huge regular crowds, which they truly deserved. Their best crowds came in the first 3 seasons of the A-league, when they were regularly attracting 25k-30k crowds.
Grand Final sellouts are great, but they’re part of the Australian psyche, they’ll sellout around the country more often than not.

It's time we put some fun back into the A-League

A decent read and a through the provoking article.
For me, an outsider who has a basic idea of the geography of the Adelaide CBD and its surrounds, there are 2 clear choices.
The first would be to update Coopers Stadium, which is a cracking venue for football, probably the best in the country, but it’s not in a great location and transport links are ok, but could be better. I’m thinking with about $100m they could upgrade the stadium to 20-25k capacity, upgrade and increase all the amenities, and put a roof to cover over 50-75% of the ground.
The other possibility would be to build a brand new football (rectangular stadium) ground closer to the Adelaide CBD. I’m not an expert, but have read in an article that there is a vacant block of land, either next to or close to Adelaide Oval. A new build would cost approx $300m, for a capacity of 30,000. I think this is enough for Adelaide at least for the next 20-30 years. A second club from Adelaide would also benefit from this, also the Socceroos as well as the 2 rugby codes, concerts, and other events.
For me they’re the 2 best options. Now the club and the SA football community and sponsors need to get behind it, and lobby the government hard for it to at least be given a chance to get off the ground.

Adelaide needs a shiny new stadium

Nemesis, interesting article.
I’ve spoken about this topic almost to death on this site, but I don’t think your idea stacks up, and I’ll tell you why.
The stadium amenities (toilets/concourses/walkways/food and drink outlets) are bursting at the seems with a crowd any larger than 26k-27k, even with an extra 10k and it just wouldn’t cope.
I think there is a business case for an upgraded AAMI, it was built with foundations provisioned for a 50k stadium, and it’s current capacity is already stifling Victory’s growth as a club and as a business. I go to every home game, and I know and speak to many fellow members and fans, and I can tell you first hand that many people don’t turn up on match days if they’re not members, in fear of being turned away and sent back home, or just unwilling to wait 1-2 hours in line to get tickets without any guarantees.
This is due mainly due to the small capacity of the stadium, and it’s quite ironic that the one club which the ground was built for, has now already outgrown its small capacity. Victory initially asked for over 35k seats, and that was knocked back by the Vic government, because of its contracts in place at the time with Etihad stadium, which stipulated that there couldn’t be any other stadium built in Melbourne over 30k-35k, as it would potentially take business and profits away from the docklands venue.
The roof is a very contentious point, I’m not sure why someone would build a 30k stadium in the so called ‘Sports capital of the world’ to then put a designer roof on it, which cost $150m?? For me, there’s huge question marks over that decision…
It’s almost as if the roof was plonked onto the stadium to block or delay any future redevelopment, when clearly the foundations were laid for exactly that to happen down the track. It’s as if nobody could foresee that Victory would outgrow this ground in a short space of time, when the club had 16,000 paid up season ticket holders by the end of Season 2.
Rail seats for me are a good idea, but we need to realise that football shares this ground with Rugby and League, so I don’t think those plans or ideas would ever pass. And could you imagine the ridiculous over policing at the ground, if those seats were ever put in place… Upgrade the stadium I say, long term it’s the only option.

Let's take a stand to make AAMI Park greater

This really is an easy answer to your questions, or an easy combination of answers.
The reason why the clubs don’t develop enough players is because unfortunately the coaches stick to the players they know, and they keep rehashing old rejects. It’s a results orientated business, so clubs want/need instant success, and probably don’t believe that they’ll achieve that with players coming through. Also squad sizes are an issue, they’re way too small, and all 23 players need to be labelled ‘ready to go’ by the coach. And lastly and probably most importantly, the A-league clubs don’t have enough money to develop their own players just yet. Once all the clubs have their own academies, then I think we’ll see heaps of quality young kids coming through, developed by every club, but the game just isn’t at that stage yet. In another 5-10 years we should be there.

The A-League clubs have a duty to develop our players, so why aren’t they?

A great conversation to be had here, great piece.
I’ve said all along that a 2nd Div, at least in its infancy (minimum 3-5 years) needs to remain semi professional for 2 main reasons.
Firstly, it’s what those clubs are today, and they’re still running which means they can sustain themselves as semi pro clubs. And secondly, this competition needs to survive and thrive, while sucking the least amount of money possible from the overall TV deal before it can grow in all areas. Keeping all the costs down to begin with, are a key to the 2nd Div success.
The stadium costs are not zero, especially when you add in security and other running costs for games that need to be televised, but those costs wouldn’t be huge either. Player wages, I’d say a salary cap of $750k per club per year ($30k each for 25 players – semi pro wages) is sufficient. That means for a 2nd Div of 12 clubs you’d need $9m per year to run this comp from any future TV deal. And if the recent rumours are true, that the next TV deal could possibly bring in $80m-$100m annually, then $9m per year for a 2nd Div isn’t too much to ask to add another layer to the Australian football pyramid, and by doing that you’d bring back another layer of supporter and fan back into the game, which would be great.
Also, I know some might say $30k isn’t much, but it’s not bad for 3 nights per week of training, and a game on the weekend, while possibly still holding down a regular day job, and showing off your skills nationally every week, sometimes on TV, where you could realistically be picked up by an A-league club and play football professionally.
Travel and accomodation would be picked up by sponsors, much like the FFA cup is run today with NAB, Westfield, Harvey Norman and a few others chipping in to pay for this costly part of running a competition.
I know of a few NPL clubs in Victoria that generate up to $500k per year in sponsorship today, while just playing in the NPL. Imagine if those clubs could get the national exposure again, I’m sure they could generate double that at least. And that money would pay for the coach and other club staff. Also, membership numbers would increase 10 fold at these clubs, if they were to compete in a national 2nd Div, so there’s more income that could be spent in other areas.
I’m not saying that this would be an easy gig to setup, and not all clubs would be in the same position or find it as easy to do, but giving some a chance to grow they’d explode back onto the national scene. It can definetely be done.
The FFA needs to get a better TV deal to pay for this dream of course, but it also needs to stop holding the game back and have the balls to make a statement like this. A 2nd Div is badly needed and would be awesome for the game. Even without P/R to begin with.

Can NPL clubs afford to play in a national 2nd division?