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Thanks for the memories Toivy, all the best.

Confirmed: Skipper Toivonen leaves Melbourne Victory

You have some good points there Mike. The modern day size of the goal keeper is something I’ve never even considered. Like you say the keepers have been getting bigger and the goal has remained the same size, so in theory the goals could be bigger. 1 meter extra all the way around would be interesting. The only problem I can see with bigger goals is added pressure on the man between the posts >> more goals >> more verbal aggression from the fans
>> who wants to be a goalie anymore? Higher scoring though for sure.

How the AFL can go global

When the majority of people think of a black & white guernsey, it’s Juventus F.C, Newcastle Utd and Corinthians. Who the hell’s Collingwood….at least Port Adelaide know how to win Grand finals in their B&W stripes……go eat another donut Eddie.

Eddie McGuire is seething that Port Adelaide wants to wear the prison bars

It’s quite obvious that it’s where the term “wog-ball” originated from.

How the AFL can go global

Ah, probably because, unlike AFL where there is no defined height limit and the ball could be kicked 100 meters high, straight through the middle of the sticks and still legally be a goal, the crossbar is like 2 meters high and there’s a goal keeper there as well. Take the crossbar off and the score would be 50 to 49 in most games…….the players just volleying the ball over the top every time……..real skill involved there….right genius?

How the AFL can go global

The A-League should have announced a return date way before August. Nearly 2 months behind the AFL and NRL. Talk about a dumb move, but then again who’s really surprised.

Can FFA save a few pennies and overcome a slashed budget?

Another reason why the AFL & the NRL for that matter, both probably might not get back up this year is because fans will still turn up to empty stadiums and congregate on mass outside with zero social distancing. So another outbreak / cluster could still happen, especially around finals.

Families in hubs defeat the purpose and the AFL needs to stand strong

Elton John singing….”Goodbye my A-League, you know I never knew you at all….you promised so damn much but delivered sweet fu#* all”

Goodbye A-League. It was fun while it lasted

Bottom line, there will be no AFL or NRL until there is a working vaccine for Covid 19, simples. There’s no whats, ifs or buts about it. The Gov’t will decide and the sporting leagues must follow all and any restrictions. They can explore as many options as they want but until the labs say they have found a solution, adios sport for 2020.

AFL examines quarantine hub options

Great post Wazzy, very well thought out.

This is not how the A-League was supposed to die

James Bond – Do you expect the A League to Live ? Goldfinger – No Mr. Bond, I expect it to Die !

This is not how the A-League was supposed to die

10 minute quarters plus time on is more than enough. Sometimes you’re watching a game and it’s like not even half time and you feel the things been going forever. 2 halves would be even better. 14-15 players max per side would also be ideal.

Dangerfield unsure of shorter quarters

Trapper to Hawkeye: “Frank…..are you serious, that guys so dumb he wouldn’t sign his own stay of execution”

When AFL is just a game

There will be no losers. When the comp is moved to Gilligan’s island in complete isolation, we will all win. “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of the NRL comp, that started on this tropic isle without splendor and pomp”

The winners and losers of abandoning the 2020 NRL season

Maybe the A League might not survive this interruption. If they have to reboot, then I hope they do go with Optus sport. They should also consider changing the competition name to the “Australian Premier League” (APL) as well. The A-League name is so rank. Play at smaller suburban grounds for the most part and keep the derby’s at the bigger grounds. Reduce the costs and have more teams, forget the relegation rubbish cos supporters will lose interest when their teams go down.

The A-League: Crusader moment or resurrection?

Yep, the women’s T20 World cup should have been called off. An expert in infectious diseases even stated that by that stage there were multiple people in the crowd carrying the virus who passed it onto others at the stadium. So what was more important, winning the women’s T-20 or community health.

Coronavirus precautions must be prioritised over sporting events

What about just playing the top 2 on the ladder right now, in a Grand final match up…winner take all, just before the new season starts in October, easy. Give Sydney F.C the Premiers plate cos they deserve it and can’t be caught anyway then a G.F match against the second place team later this year.

It's official: A-League becomes final major sporting code to postpone season

Just play 22 rounds of an AFL eSports game. Safe and Richmond could still win back to back. On second thoughts, just play FIFA 20, Hawthorn will be represented by France.

AFL in the time of COVID-19: Sticking together while social distancing

A 16 country world cup? Six decent teams and ten ring-ins. Sorry but there’s just no substance in having the T20 W.C or 6 nations trophy as it’s known outside the cricket world. AFL should always take precedence in this circumstance.

AFL grand final on a coronavirus collision course with T20 World Cup

“The ICC is a juggernaut of international sport”….Indian Cricket Council….yeah unstoppable ! Please.

AFL grand final on a coronavirus collision course with T20 World Cup

A move back to winter / spring football is probably better.

How much trouble is the A-League seriously in?

“Cricket Australia deserved enormous credit for driving the professional game forward in this country. Leading the way, it’s now up to the others to catch up.”

The Semi final attendance was very ordinary, then the final 86,000…go figure. Way to manufactured.

Faultless on the biggest stage, Aussies delight and empower

Oh no, sorry Nick, never want to see the A-League on 9 or 7. Optus Sport would be a lot more desirable.

Does a new broadcaster hold the key to the A-League's future?

Robby Slater’s the really annoying one. So many dopey comment’s.

Does a new broadcaster hold the key to the A-League's future?

825,000 Subby’s, that’s a pretty good base there James. I wonder what that would increase to if they got the A-Leagues rights from Poxtel and say Spanish LaLiga as well. I’ll probably sign up anyway just for the 2020 Euro’s.

Does a new broadcaster hold the key to the A-League's future?