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Thanks Geoff – great summary. Whilst the 5-0 result was disappointing, it was wonderful having 5 games across the weekend and cheering on all Australian teams – fingers crossed for this weekend!!

The Wrap: Goldilocks, Super Rugby and the three bears

Thanks for a great article – looking forward to the next instalment!

Are the Brumbies about to lose their mantle as Australia’s No.1 team? Part 1

Thanks Nic – fantastic article as usual.
Any insights on progression of form through the season – for example, to my uneducated eye, Wilson seems to be hitting form as the season progresses – in my opinion the last 2 starts for the Reds his best games of the year. Perhaps a green shoot in hitting the next phase of development??

Coach’s Corner Issue 10: How loose can you be?

Thanks Nick – great article as always!

Coach’s Corner Issue 8: Why are the Reds such good finishers?

Hi Nick,
One of the many frustrating elements of Australian Rugby in recent years has been the inability to manage a game in the dying stages – be it protecting a lead or chasing a win. For many years the Wallabies have struggled as have most Australian Super teams with perhaps the Brumbies as an exception.
This year, however, the Reds have discovered the composure or the ‘skill’ – which, as a Reds fan, is great (especially after many close losses over many years!)
So to the question – how do teams develop this ability? Is it simply about talent and having a leader such as JOC to steer the ship? Or is it coachable? Or is it simply about experience?
Would love to get your insight…

Get your questions in for Issue 8 of Coach's Corner

Thanks for the article Brett. Feels like the Rebels are building some momentum and are primed for an upset – as a Reds fan I hope that is against the Brumbies and not us!

All downhill from here: The Super Rugby AU run home