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I can see how much there is to like about MM & he really looks to be a competitor but every time I think about SOO & therefore Kangaroos reps, Cleary looks to be the player who is just growing into the true superstar.
Throw in Keary (who could easily play 5/8 to Cleary’s 7) for NSW & the fact that Qld’s DCE & Munster are obvious Kangaroos means that MM looks to be at best a player in waiting.
For me it harks back to the glory days of having a multitude of elite players across the halves (Lewis, Sterling, Mortimer, Kenny, Lamb et al forgive me if I’ve left out any others & also for showing my age) but that surfeit of talent also means that relatively deserving players will generally miss out.
MM’s career will be relatively complete if he becomes a Premiership winner- no amount of Kangaroo caps trumps that unless you’ve got both, & if the Eels do win one in the next few years then one would have to think it will be very influenced by MM so perhaps that may well be his best chance to really cement his status in the game long term.

Mitchell Moses is Parramatta's premiership answer

Sounds pretty personal mate- not sure about the “yes boys posse” but given that RL & RU have some pretty transferable skill-sets why do you begrudge someone who has the talent to choose either or as it suits them?
Apart from the Bulldogs, is there another club or team that has any issue with the way SBW conducts himself?
From everything I’ve ever read, he is a model player that leads by actions & many young players have watched & learnt from his professionalism. That sounds like he enhances the future prospects of players further down the ladder rather than hinders them.

Come on home, Sonny

Fifita- sure, I think he’s going to play well wherever he is. I’m a Cowboys fan & think JT2 is worth every cent.

Bateman- I made the comment elsewhere that he is a shot duck injury wise & is looking to secure the big contract to eventually medically retire.

Addo-Carr- for sure but in these days of spine players being where it’s at unless he’s going to be a FB then no. Is he a FB? No.

Cotric- I really like him as an option but how much difference would he make in a Bulldogs team that spends big on outside backs but doesn’t have the spine?

Milford- for sure, if Foran holds up & Milf brings some running n gunning I could totally see him doing well.
Problem is, if he can’t do it in a Broncos jersey why would he find it for the Dogs?
Milf looks to me like a guy for whom anything is possible, I bet he does amazing stuff in training, but because anything is possible, nothing actually gets done.
In addition, having Milf in the halves would play out poorly if/when Foran gets injured again & the playmaking/ game management suddenly falls onto the shoulders of a guy who just isn’t up to it & possibly isn’t interested anyway.

Someone mentioned B.Smith & I reckon he is the most likely to look outside the Storm if things are truly what they seem with C.Smith playing forever & Grant being favoured as the new 9.

Why he’d come to the Dogs apart from money & he’s young enough to have a crack I guess but outside of that: would you want to come to a club that seems like it has factional discord resulting in a new coach sooner than later & leave the Storm where C.Smith will probably take over & on it goes? It better be a s**t tonne of money & a relatively short deal. Maybe he could wrangle himself a loan too…..

The five players the Bulldogs should target for 2021

He’s a shot duck & knows it- needs the biggest contract to make his next 2 injury riddled seasons worthwhile before the medical retirement.

Big Sam let him know how it works & all he has to do is make sure the injury is a “new one” that is only diagnosed after the deal.

Cynic much? Absolutely.

Reports: Bateman set to leave Raiders

I’m surprised that with the whole situation concerning his new (although obviously recently troubled) agent that the dude hasn’t got a new, upgraded, TPA linked contract already.

TPAs is where it’s at, & Canberra Milk is the motherlode.

I live in Canberra & despite COVID-19 restrictions coffee is consumed in ridiculous quantities & once we’re back to relative normal I’m sure there’s a large amount of milk being consumed between 0700-1000h daily in this city, & that’s not even counting the amount expended on home based brews, morning cereals, kids generally etc…..

C’mon Bateman, get on board, get into the low hanging fruit & get upgraded in the most natural whey….

John Bateman is walking a tightrope

COVID-20: avian based virus?
Big dent in the chook industry – Steggles unable to sponsor – TPAs decline as potential investors find anyone wearing a chook on their shirt suddenly unappealing – Roosters look to change moniker but find Seagulls is strangely TM’d by the Brisbane Bombers enterprise just in case everyone realises their name is crap – Politis finds the Sydney City Pigeons doesn’t have the same ring to it on merch as it seemed in the boardroom but facing little alternative pushes ahead hoping it will eventually catch on – as Sydney City push ahead regardless, a hugely successful PR campaign to replace the now unavailable chicken with the much safer alternative of the widely available rabbit in the hearts of Australian consumers sees the situation become dire – a production error which sees a leak of white paint in equipment producing the new “pigeons” graphic ruins millions of dollars worth of aforementioned merch which sees Politis’ fortunes tumble – the final straw: big Russ calls big Nick on the QT & offers an uncirculated AUD $1 coin from the last year of the Rooster (2017) & a book of 100 tickets in the Rabbitohs Leagues Club meat tray raffles & an autographed pic to take over the whole kit & kaboodle – Politis drives a hard bargain & retires to live in an undisclosed location on the NSW mid-north coast – emerging reports from the CSIRO indicate that small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha coming in contact with bats before being sold at rural markets may in fact be the “ground zero” of COVID-20 rather than poultry…..

As a Roosters fan, I can’t believe how ridiculously easy it’s become to keep winning premierships

My apologies- I just re-read your post & realised the most pertinent point was:
My club lost current sponsorship dollars & will struggle to attract future sponsorship dollars.
I thought you were concerned about the safety of the consenting adults in question, & their actual ability to be so.
Now I see that you are wholely & solely concerned about sponsorship dollars as your comments mention money on three occasions but the consensual age of the adults concerned only once & not at all in relation to the ‘girls’ ability to administer their own consent.
I feel I clearly understand the problem.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

Consensual with willingness?
Consensual is “yes” & willingness is “yes please”.
They’re degrees of the same thing.
I believe I understand what you mean to say though- and I understand that you think that a person of 16 years of age is not old enough to truly appreciate the decision they are making.
For sure, but the age of consent in NSW is 16 years of age & the judicial system deals with that on a factual basis rather than what some people think on an ad hoc basis.
By this I mean, survey 100 people on a question & see how many answers you get.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

I wrote a pretty long- winded post but decided to delete it & write this instead:
You’ve had a couple of shandies at your local while you watch the Doggies thump the Eels in the season opener.
You get pulled over in an RBT bay- you blow 0.03, which is under the legal limit to operate your vehicle.
The copper that conducts the RBT is a person who has had a family member killed by a drunk driver in an accident. They think you exhibit signs of inebriation, impairing your ability to drive, despite the fact that you committed no traffic offences prior to being randomly pulled over.
Despite the fact that you have adhered to the letter of the law, said copper imposes their own moral code upon you & issues you an infringement notice.
Do you think you’ve been fairly dealt with?
Do you think you have grounds to contest the issue?
Would you be happy to lose your job over this?
Personally the answers are No, Yes & No.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

The law says there is no wrong-doing in this situation.
You say “integrity” (1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles) & so the intangible quality of morality is introduced.

Morals- 2. standards of behaviour; principles of right and wrong

Whose morality? Whose standard?
Is the law not our society’s clearly defined & tangible morality?
Your morals vs my morals vs someone else’s morals- who decides?
That’s why we have laws- to enable a suitably experienced, qualified, authorised & competent appointment to decide.
That will be the police & relevant Dept. of Public Prosecutions.
At this point they have- nothing to see here.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

You’d commit a crime to avenge your perceived injustice against people who have not committed a crime.

Your “dark alley” fantasy is exactly that- I imagine there is much wailing & gnashing of teeth in the households concerned & again, I imagine the parents feel their world/sanctity has been violated, wrongly or rightly, so where does it end?
You’ve been down that dark alleyway & somehow come off the better, the men in question are beaten & punished.
Is that what you had in mind?
Now what of the family of the beaten & bloodied men, who committed no crime, but have been punished by vigilante action.
Should they now seek you out to avenge the wrong?

We have laws in our society, established by our society & they are adjusted over time, very cautiously, to reflect the values & expectations of our society.

Any member of the public can make a complaint to the police if they feel a crime has been committed.
My understanding is that vigilante action, assault etc are definitely considered crimes which the police will pursue regardless of public complaint.
Consensual sex between adults- obviously not so much.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

Absolutely- I’m one of those employees, I’m in the Defence Force, but we have a parallel justice system which is clearly defined & regulated.
Is not breaking the law covered by the NRL Code of Conduct?

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

The only reason given for the stand-down that I’ve read of is the “motel rule”, which might stand legally for the direct employer, but with no laws broken I assume the only thing left is disrepute & if the ‘community’ has established laws that cover this situation then how does a player bring the game into said disrepute if they have adhered to the laws set by the community?
I just don’t see how it can be both situations simultaneously.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

But it’s not your daughter is it?
I can’t imagine you’d be on here commenting if it was, so really it’s just your fantasy of what you think you would do.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

I’ve made a recent comment above but I’m curious- on what grounds would the ‘sacking’ occur?
And just terminated by the club for breaking their rules or de-registered by the NRL type sacked?

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

Moral outrage abounds, & sure, despite no laws being broken & no claims (thus far anyway) of any coercion or lack of “enthusiastic consent” it is a grey area of what is considered right & wrong.
Personally- as an adult male I’d consider any female of whom the description “school girl” fits factually (not just naughty dress ups) to be a no-brainer “off limits”.
I am curious though- they broke club rules so sure the Dogs take their own disciplinary action, but I’ve read that the situation has been referred to the NRL with regards to the possible suspension/de-registration of the players.
On what grounds could the NRL do this?
Bringing the game into disrepute?
I’d hazard a guess that such a justification for de-registration would be tenuous legally & likely to bring an even more disreputable legal proceeding a la the recent ARU vs Folau proceedings.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

I assume you are going to be right there with the proverbial “Dad & brothers” in that dark alley!?!

You said it yourself- it’s not the ’50s anymore but you still want to ‘protect your womenfolk’ as if it was.

Two Bulldogs players stood down over code of conduct breach

So any company that wants to provide streaming etc will still need actual, physical live recording/coverage of the event ?
I ask because I have wondered about comments (here & elsewhere) that mention the decline of Foxtels interest & how they don’t meet the market demands etc & it occurred to me just how large their actual investment is to cover a sport in the manner which underpins the live stream/on demand customers ?
How many companies out there can actually do this?
I also was under the impression that Optus, for example, can buy rights to the EPL, because they’re only buying rights to one marketplace & therefore the actual broadcaster can offset their costs by selling those rights in multiple markets.

How much trouble is the A-League seriously in?

Just a question with regards to streaming- my understanding is that a streaming service provided by Optus for example, still relies upon another company actually providing live coverage (cameras, presenters, infrastructure etc etc) so if Foxtel drop the A-Lge wouldn’t any live stream also go with it (unless another company steps in of course)?
I thought this was what the Kayo platform was all about- getting a share of the market that is growing but still relies upon the infrastructure already in place.

How much trouble is the A-League seriously in?

Absolutely agree- but of the run on, play 80 minutes at NRL level with minimal mistakes, give away very few penalties & initiate backline & off the cuff close to the ruck plays from FB which name do you think gets written on the team sheet?

Latrell Mitchell's fullback audition a success

I feel like we saw exactly what is going to happen at the Rabbitohs this year- AJ at FB & LM at centre.
WB is no ones fool & he isn’t going to risk his legacy in his final two seasons pandering to the positional desires of a bloke who kills it centre.

Latrell Mitchell's fullback audition a success

I’m a Cowboys fan & I’m glad that signing Mitchell didn’t happen but not because he has made a gaffe (joke or not).
Firstly, I do agree that the real target was VH & what did the club have to lose by courting LM?
He would have known that & in reverse, what did he have to lose by taking the tour?
Secondly, if I was the coach/club I’d be thinking “great centre (especially outside the right playmaker) but do we want to pay the money he wants to get a “work in progress” fullback?
We’ll all get to see how it goes but I’ll be happy to watch as a casual observer rather than an emotionally involved fan.
Thirdly, as an amateur follower, I thought it was fairly obvious that he wanted to sign for Souths & the rest of the guff that went on was just media filler.
I don’t know LM & he might actually be a complete dickhead (wouldn’t be the first nor alone in the NRL) but I think if we’re going to get upset by the crazy things kids say (I’m nearly 50 so anyone younger than about 35 is a kid) then we’re going to be upset- a lot.

Latrell: I only visited Cowboys to go fishing

Wasn’t that judgement based on laws protecting the public service & its role in government, maintaining public confidence that public servants serve the government of the day faithfully etc etc?
I’m not sure RA could argue on those lines & obviously wouldn’t have those unusual laws protecting it.

Why everyone got it wrong about Rugby Australia and Israel Folau

Perhaps contracts that include increasing amounts per year based on performance/appearances?
Storm make the finals every year & go deep so it’s reasonable to believe that many of their first 17 might be getting automatic upgrades if so contracted.

Bad advice? Too many cooks? Or maybe Latrell just needs to man up

Raelene’s office is now any cafe or restaurant with free wi-fi because RA have sold all the office furniture & closed the internet account in preparation for paying out big Izzy & the retinue of lawyers…..

Clean slate: Rennie appointment starts a new era for Australian rugby