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There’s a British football study from this EPL season that demonstrates that players who’ve had Covid are less fit,are selected less and make fewer passes.
I can’t see that the results would be different here.
These are fit young guys with the best medical care.

Why omicron will determine who wins this year's flag

So, if in catching the ball, you pin some leaves of grass between your fingers and those grassy tips touch the ball, it’s not out?
The problem, as I see it,in a horticultural sense,is equating “the grass” with “the ground”.

'He's a pretty honest guy,' 'Looked like it bounced': Test teammates Carey and Khawaja clash over key catch in BBL

When Turner says that the wickets have been low and slow, I’d listen to him.
McGowan’s policy is in response to the idiocies of the boy premier, Brad and Gladys. Remember the Ruby Princess?
The last thing we need is to have more ill-informed policy changes emanating from NSW.
He might put bums on seats but will he put runs on the board?

'It makes no sense': Sixers slam call to ban Smith from BBL finals

In fairness to CA, they were’nt the ones who let it rip – which led to widespread unavailability of players, 13 games on the road for the Scorchers, the nod and a wink to Sydney curators for low slow wickets.
On the other hand CA are also responsible for keeping Marsh,Inglis and Richardson out of the Scorchers team, even though they were on Perth’s list and using salary cap all the while.
Smith is the Elise Perry of the Sixers.
Too slow for 4,5,6 or 7 and he’d never want to bat at 8.

'It makes no sense': Sixers slam call to ban Smith from BBL finals

Starc and Cummins in Adelaide were unplayable.
Boland and Green in Hobart were brilliant.
Broad, Anderson and Wood all had great sessions.
A fourth good bowler would have helped the cause.
Not good enough for long enough, fitness,selection,decisions about batting all played their part.
If England had bowled at their best with their best bowlers in the best conditions, Australia would have struggled too.
However,our worst batters were nearly as good as their best.
That is the story

Combined Ashes team of the series: Who makes the cut?

Breitbart is an unhealthy diet.
Try keto instead.

Drinking culture, fat shaming and a tactical disaster: England's Ashes nightmare revealed

Wyllie is very composed at the crease.
Runs really well.
Hits them out of sight.

DAY 3 REPORT: Golden boy Green shines as Australia crush England to complete Ashes thumping

Let him have a go at tailenders and that 30 would be better. The way he worked over Malan and Woakes, plus the missed review off ? shows his fast bowling credentials aren’t just those of an all-rounder.

DAY 3 REPORT: Golden boy Green shines as Australia crush England to complete Ashes thumping

It’s strange the way Ponting’s comments about Green’s stance at the crease seemed to help so much.
Usman says he helped Green in Brisbane with some tips and Head said the same.
Why isn’t anyone claiming that their suggestions about his bowling improved that aspect of his game?
Apart from Cummings, Starc and Boland , I mean.
If only every other prospect learnt as quickly…

DAY 3 REPORT: Golden boy Green shines as Australia crush England to complete Ashes thumping

The other thing about 140 K+ bowling is that it has to be well-directed.
The Cummins/Starc opening stint in Adelaide was the best opening stint ever recorded.
The Green/Boland stint in Hobart was six sigma for accuracy.
No team on the planet could have withstood either.
No wonder England wilted.

UK View: 'He must resign' - Root wants to carry on but knives are out after 'ghastly', 'pathetic' surrender

When you’re a lot better than your opponent, it’s easy to be gracious.
VK take note…
It was also easy to think that Cam Green was overestimated , if you hadn’t seen him play, listened to his teammates or batters who had to face him or bowlers who bowled to him.
Or if you weren’t West Australian.

FLEM'S VERDICT: Pat's captaincy the 'biggest triumph of all' as England finish 's--t sandwich' tour

Been there, had that, only three months,though
The previous repair was of an abdominal tear which would pinch my gut wall.
If I stood up straight, I would faint from the pain, fall down, come to and faint again.
Sitting down was the only solution.
I couldn’t have painkillers because it wasn’t chronic. Don’t go there.
Tedious Test matches were great.

Ashes Scout: Shock 'favourite' to replace Langer, suffering Stokes should be dropped for own good

Shorely that should be Dunning Kreuger?
What do we know? Hasn’t quite come up to scratch..
Who says?

Khawaja gets his chance as Pat Cummins confirms Australia's XI for Sydney's Ashes Test

That is meta-meta

If Langer is a goner, Ponting must be next in line

Ranji Trophy has 38 teams from 29 provinces,including pan-Indian Railways and Services. That’s a lot of coaches,grounds,staff and so on.
Still doesn’t make them the best.
Current champs have won once, Bombay 41 times.
Money is the key, but CA doesn’t spend what it should on first-class.

Ashes Scout: Silverwood faces axe, net session farce, Stuart’s Broadside and Pietersen’s radical county revamp

Hey Rowdy
Read your post/s re prostate cancer.
Choices aren’t great.
A mate has been having treatment for five years while looking after his wheelchair-bound wife and 100 acres.
He’s still here.

If Langer is a goner, Ponting must be next in line

I was a high school field hockey goalie.
Guess who got blamed for the inadequacy of the defenders?
Guess who developed an extremely fast five metre sprint? And ferocity belied by my then lack of height?
I even frightened my own teammates.
Later I had a fast bowling teammate who refused to field at third man, because, as he said, batsmen need the run more than me.
He did have a long runup…

The real reason why the majority don’t want fast bowling captains

I am not Don.
Perhaps I was too subtle for you.
West Australians make great coaches.
Players coached by West Australians make great players.
It has been a long-term East Coast reaction to the day when seven West Aussies were in the Test side

If Langer is a goner, Ponting must be next in line

I know that Phillipe isn’t in the extended squad but his average of 52+ with no not outs in the Shield over his last 10 innings with a HS of 129 speaks of his value.

Uzzy, Bison or someone else? Five players Australia can turn to after losing their Head

Send them to Seattle.
Some testing stations are recording 48% positive cases.

Travis Head tests positive for COVID-19, ruled out of SCG Test

Phillipe is averaging 54 this year.
Better than Maddinson

Travis Head tests positive for COVID-19, ruled out of SCG Test

Not another West Australian.

If Langer is a goner, Ponting must be next in line

This is Tony Abbott you’re talking about, right?

Why the Aussies should select eight bowlers for the SCG Test

Phillipe, Jewell,Ward and Cartwright are doing better than Street. Averaging high forties.
Slot them in.

If England call stumps early, it's time to revive Australia A

Victorians might think so…
I had to have a second look when I saw that David Boon was to be available for the fifth test.
I thought that we had a decent No. 3?

I told you the sky wasn’t falling on the Australian Test team