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Something no apologist for the current system mentions is the longevity of players and therefore their long-term value to the team
Tell me, where are the 300 game players from the Eagles? If they and their club aren’t disadvantaged by the extra travel in compromised atmospheric conditions,the shortened recovery time ,the increased management of older players, the reduced aerobic and decision-making capacity caused by West -East travel,(small but measurable) , I’ll take a long walk off a short pier. And the ludicrous suggestion that upgrades in seating somehow mitigate the awkwardness of fitting 200 cm players in seats meant for the richer hoi polloi made me realise that many people still don’t get it. NFL teams have eight away games per year and use charters or, like the Patriots, own their own plane fitted with first class recliners .
The Eagles should buy their own. Mad fans would pay over the odds to travel with them,up the back…Travel at low altitude to reduce pressurisation problems. No waiting for flights to and from.Have medical staff on board . Would the AFL approve?

Should the AFL adopt a conference ladder system? The home ground advantage dilemma and a solution

Cheers Joshua
I like this site for all the hard work that others do, so we can glean stuff to impress others who don’t know about the Roar.
I’m just commenting from the view of an Eagles supporter whose team was in 3 Grand Finals in four years at the start of their existence. A lot of finals in that lot.

How will my team do this year? A historical comparison of past performances

I’d see rounds 4,5,8 and 11 as being losses. When was the last time North beat the Bombers,Tigers, Cats and Crows in the one year? I think it’s sufficiently crazy to be doolally, but hey… I can see them beating Port, Hawks and Melbourne down south so who am I to speak.

My 23 crazy, fearless predictions for the 2019 AFL season

Cripps is up to 7 clearances already,Fasolo has 1 tackle.

My 23 crazy, fearless predictions for the 2019 AFL season

I’m not sure why you’re using the period from Fremantle’s inclusion, instead of since 1990. Otherwise you may as well start your analysis from Adelaide’s arrival in 1991 or Port in 1997
Sorry to rain on Sydney’s parade but from the Roar last year:

The best two clubs of the AFL era (and no, neither is Hawthorn)

West Coast: 20 appearances from 28 years: 71.4 per cent
Geelong: 19 appearances from 28 years: 67.8 per cent
Sydney: 19 appearances from 28 years: 67.8 per cent
Hawthorn: 17 appearances from 28 years: 60.7 per cent%; after 2018 finals now 62.1%
Add West Coast’s three from last years finals ,that makes 23 in 29 years, now 79.3%
Geelong gets one more : 20 in 29 years; 68.9%
Sydney gets one more: 20 in 29 years;also 68.9%
Amazing what you can do with statistics,isn’t it? The Cats have the best average position of around 5.6, the Eagles next best with 6.4. That is a long-term statistical trend which has a lot of weight behind it

How will my team do this year? A historical comparison of past performances

Sad to see. Hardwick is saying that it won’t derail their premiership chances but,”We’ll cross our fingers and hope for the best, but it’s looking dire at this stage.”

Richmond's worst nightmare- Alex Rance suffers season-ending knee injury

No Kennedy,Cripps or Rioli… Will Allen and Petrucelle combine well with Darling?
I don’t think Brisbane have anyone to go with Ryan.Vardy and Martin will be a good match.
I’m looking forward to the game,Eagles by 30 for mine.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 1

The WACA pitch was a green seamer and QLD were pretty keen to bowl first. Deliveries going sideways off the pitch , Aaron Hardie with 4/29 in QLD’s first dig, Paris and Kelly two apiece, Paris particularly with late swing.
Neser’s batting on the other hand is better than Pattinson against the Duke.

Five games an eternity in fickle selection surrounds

Still remember Coniglio kicking four goals for Swan Districts as a 16 year old in the WAFL Grand Final

STEVIE J: My top four players to watch this AFL season

The Kasson Act of 1866 allowed the use of metric units. In 1911 the Littaeur Amendment sought to change the official weights and measures in the US to the metric system but was defeated because some states had a industry selling “customary” equipment to South and Central America. Skyscrapers were built in feet as were sports grounds and railway gauges and crops and metals were measured and still are, in bushels, pounds and ounces.
There are still athletics grounds in the States with 100 yard and 100 metre,sorry,meter tracks laid out. If it wasn’t for the SU system,science would probably not exist in America. Cultural appropriation at its most malignant.
The biggest stadia are owned by the wealthiest few.Ask the ticketholding public how they feel when their team is sold to another city.
That is not the path that we’re ever likely to take here, but if football abandons the salary cap would another group buy a team and build a stadium?

Sports stadia are garbage, and here’s why

I remember going to Victoria Park with a Hawks supporter back in the 1970’s and the effects on him of having someone pour a container of a pale yellow liquid on him from a stand above are etched in my memory. Not enough facilities was my enduring thought
He laid waste to his surroundings and we were both thrown out. I was a broth of a lad myself back in the day so there was some effort involved

Sports stadia are garbage, and here’s why

The Eagles certainly thought so in 2018

2019 AFL season preview: Collingwood Magpies

However, the Colosseum was designed with a vomitorium,truly, that let forty people exit side by side at the same time down a spiral ramp when Lions v Christians was over

Sports stadia are garbage, and here’s why

I get the impression that you’ve got your top five, pretty solid ,no great disagreements, Adelaide have to go somewhere and up is the consensus.
Then you’ve used rock/paper/scissors for the rankings, now you’re justifying those positions.
As I see it any place in the top five could be filled by any of these teams mainly because none of them is outstandingly better. Eagles the best defence and the next best forward line, Melbourne with Gawn,equal to the Crows for the best midfield, the Pies with Grundy and the Tigers the equal best forward line
Melbourne will score well but depending on May to plug their leaky defence, we’ll wait and see
Can Collingwood’s defence hold up. Tall doesn’t always mean good
Will Lynch steal Riewoldt’s thunder? Is Balta really a ruckman?
Josh Kennedy is really important, manage his time and get to September
Do the Crouches matter? Laird is vital. Betts for 50 goals? The Crows might need him

2019 AFL season preview: Melbourne Demons

May certainly looked great at the Suns,but who wouldn’t. The evidence is lacking for his succeeding against the best forwards. His rebounding is excellent but he concedes goals every game. Remind me again why the Demons wanted Lever and why the Crows wanted to let him go.
Jetta is brave and quick but his delivery is suss. I see them conceding lots of goals this season

2019 AFL season preview: Melbourne Demons

It’s a head in the sand thing with some commentators, a) who don’t want to believe that Richmond didn’t get to the GF,(but they were the best team all year…) or that b) the Pies,hanging on for grim life in the GF,didn’t actually win.
Not everyone thinks this way but cognitive biases rule and the idea that a team from the sticks could not only match but actually beat the best that Victoria had to offer is anathema to many.

I see some commentators forecasting a 21-1 season for the Tigers,despite them playing poorly away from home and facing GWS,Pies and Melbourne in the first six rounds. Convenient for them that they don’t face the Eagles till Rd 22

I have followed the Eagles from the Indian Ocean days and the scarcely believable rules they had to follow that no other team had imposed on them.
I watch and believe every game and reckon that back to back is a thing.
If Fyfe wants a beast in the midfield, Naitanui is back round 8 or 9
No other team strikes me as being that much better than the Eagles,so it’s going to be game by game against the better sides and tempered optimism against the other 12 or 13

STEVIE J: My top five teams to watch this AFL season

The resimodnar is elbisnopser for all msimitpo in this elcitra,oh and msimissep too

Why Brisbane will win the 2019 AFL premiership

Elliot Yeo fits that category,methinks

Fyfe: Contested beasts to dominate in 2019

And they all made some runs, although their best WK,who didn’t keep, ended up with MotM against the Tigers

If Finch fails again, Paine should take back the ODI captaincy

Pies,Eagles,Hawks seven GFs apiece.West Coast winning 4 from 7 is the best ratio

Eagles have played more finals than any other team – 23. Geelong next on 21

2019 AFL season preview: West Coast Eagles

And who misses out for Wade? 134 against a decent WA bowling attack and took two wickets

Jhye Richardson is on the verge of stealing Josh Hazlewood's World Cup spot

Sheed, in my opinion, and others share this, played as well as he did because Gaff wasn’t there.
Now he knows how well he can go and with a top pre-season behind him, although didn’t rate his 2 JLT performances, he’s destined for a great 2019
His 39 possessions against Geelong came in 80% game time and 40 against Freo came in 71% game time
Sheppard is criminally underrated by AFL commentators. He is the second-fastest man in the league and has a great kick. Makes a great combo with Jetta, Schofield,Gov and Tom.Add Allen;who’s going to kick goals against them?
Forward line is impeccable,mids will hold their own, Hurn and Jetta on kick-in duties,what’s not to like?

2019 AFL season preview: West Coast Eagles

Not to mention that he made 8 dismissals in the ODIs,Dhoni and Pant 6 between them… Also an average of 34 at a strike rate of 101 is just fine, better average than Pant, better SR than Dhoni

Australia are back in a big way

Phillippe behind Bancroft, Inglis and Whiteman? Whiteman is re-inventing himself as a batsman, Inglis and Phillippe on a par, Bancroft a little behind

Australia needs a radically different World Cup squad

Considering that a lapse in good thinking meant an 8 run loss in the second ODI, 4-1 sounds even better. I know that India only had five or six players play the full five games but the back-ups weren’t shabby

Australia stun India with 3-2 series win