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Hey Avatar

According to your records the Eagles haven’t won a game in their first nine.

Show your prejudices elsewhere,there’s a good chap

From the vault: AFL Round 9

Just as well.
Glad I could impress you in however limited a way…
I prefer to consider myself a ‘philosopher’ of football.

How far is it from Punt Road to the MCG again? 2.2 kms, I believe
As opposed to Perth to Victoria?
The 40000 km swing for 10 away games compared to the 17.6 km roundabout for Richmond’s ‘neutral’ games,you mean?

Hardwick wants AFL return date ASAP

Talking about Richmond?
The AFL inflicting seven straight home games on their opponents,though, was fine.

Are the soft toys afraid of eight trips out of the graden state?

Come on,surely even the Tiggers could handle that over two years?

Eagles will take seven consecutive games at home to start ,or finish the season, thank you..

Hardwick wants AFL return date ASAP

Here’s an idea.

Play out the remaining 16 games of this year at a moderate pace.

Hubs,byes, quarantines, whatever is safe.

Then reset.

Next year we look back at 2020 as the first half of a true 34 game home and away season with finals at the end of 2021.

Hardwick wants AFL return date ASAP

This season CDC estimates that, as of mid-March, between 29,000 and 59,000 have died due to influenza illnesses.Influenza has a mortality rate of 0.1%.
Covid-19 is 10 times as lethal.
If the second wave of infection particularly in the “open” states affects only twenty million people initially. 200000 people will die,to go with the 50000 who have already died.
It seems though,that the disease is most dangerous to poor,unwell and black Americans, oh and Democrats,who live in cities and not in the boondocks.
Vlandys might have Morrison’s ear but not Murphy’s

PM announces national framework for sport’s return

I’ve seen that ground and it’s about average size. To hit a hundred off 21 balls there was phenomenal. Anecdotally his whole innings took an hour.

Which Aussie icon compares to Michael Jordan?

That’s a very very low bar.

But if floats your leaky black and white boat,so be it.

# Rowdy
South Australians go to Thailand.

West Australians go to Bali.

Those from New South Wales holiday in Fiji.

Victorians go as far as the Gold Coast, but then they’re not used to travel

AFL fixture boss: Hubs can get season rolling

Read about the “relative age effect” in the NHL, UK and European soccer, NBA and so on.
Selection of teams throughout a student’s school life based on their birthday significantly biases who is or isn’t chosen for elite squads.
Birthday clusters are well known in English Premier League teams , but I don’t know about cricketers either here or there

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Who wins the Alphabet Cup?

I see that you’re suggesting that the Tigers miss the finals.Hilarious.

Gillon McLachlan says Victoria is a quarantine hub option

Gill seems to have said that if,as seems likely, WA is ready to to ease restrictions earlier than the rest of the country, then the Eagles and Dockers won’t be allowed to have an earlier start to team training.
This would be particularly unkind to the Victorian sides whose cosseting must be allowed to continue.
A WA hub sounds a good deal more likely as Victorians despite their aversion to travel would find the western winter climate much like a Mexican spring.
Training venues and suitable accommodation could no doubt be found.

AFL confident they can lock in 2020 plans before end of April

The Eagles put Melbourne there.
Richmond are sixth and rightly so.

2020 AFL Power Rankings: Round 1

Says a lot that Ed Langdon was (probably) Melbourne’s best player.
Grundy was the best player over nine games,that I saw, so the Pies will be happy.
But given the way that Naitanui messed with Gawn, I can’t wait for round 11,if it ever happens

2020 AFL Power Rankings: Round 1

Unsurprisingly we have seen this happen across the upper stretches of society as well.No lack of testing equipment for parliamentarians…
In breaking(or broken )news President Trump was asked at a Wednesday news conference whether “the well-connected go to the front of the line.”
“You’d have to ask them that question,” he replied, suggesting that should not be the case. “Perhaps that’s been the story of life. That does happen on occasion, and I’ve noticed where some people have been tested fairly quickly.”
It obviously irks you that Gill is using the same evidence as you to come to a different conclusion. It’s an aspect of cognitive dissonance that can lead to stress.
Stress leads to inflammation and if infected under these conditions,cytokine storms can occur.
My advice as a biologist,chill.
Let’s watch AFL while we can.

Let's be grateful that we have Gill

Mick Malthouse?

Ruthlessness of intent is the quality that delivers AFL flags

Showing your provincialism there Al…
Let me guess,you prefer ball sports that feature karate kicks,headbutts and spitting on referees?

AFL Round 1 preview

If Cox and Collingwood want to look at a forward that despite being double- and triple-tagged,illegally held off the ball with his run blocked over and over,and still kicked 49 goals last year,there’s an over-the hill player at West Coast who might bear scrutiny.

Nine things I want from Collingwood in 2020

‘This’ is why you’re here,of course,not because you have anything to add.
Geelong ,from the statistics outlined here,and despite the wonderful homeground advantage that the Cats enjoy will have to overcome the heavy weight of AFL history to do very well at all.
And ,if we add to this the extrapolation from those marvellous years in the VFL ,something Victorians are overly fond of doing,Geelong have no hope at all of being premiers in 2020.

Historical clues to predicting AFL placements in 2020 (Part 1)

Pick two captains and they pick the side they want.
I still think the 1977 clash was the best.

What to expect from the AFL State of Origin for Bushfire Relief

Remembering that the English had a Patel league at one point

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter A

And we have the best player

Champion Data have released their 2020 list rankings and we have many, many questions

WA has nearly as many wicketkeepers as Tasmania.
Phillippe,Inglis,Whiteman and Bancroft.

Moises Henriques warns against putting more pressure on young Josh Philippe

When the Stars can get to Perth 48 hours before the Scorchers who spend six hours in chairs at Tullamarine ,(try it before your next BBL game), it doesn’t say much for fixturing equity.
As the West says “Five games,six flights,ten days”.
No other sporting team anywhere is asked to do this.
I’m looking forward to seeing the schedule for a Melbourne or Sydney team matching this next season…

This weekend's double-headers will shape the BBL finals

First ODI – 25 runs between Rohit and Kohli- very terrifying

Kohli, Bumrah and Rohit - the trio that terrify Australia in ODIs

We are also failing to consider that the air on the far side of the boundary could be an “object”.
A vertical and virtual boundary eliminates such efforts.
Once the ball has crossed that line it is a six.

The Renshaw catch and the laws of cricket

NZ were two good innings away from making it a contest.
Despite Wagner and Southee bowling so well,Santner let his side down.
Phenomenal bowling by Cummins and pretty good reviewing by Paine.
Would Boult and the reversal of the toss have made a difference?
We will never know.
Does Ferguson equal Hazlewood? Not from where I sit.

Australian bowling trio runs through New Zealand for emphatic first-Test win