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Round 11 sees Collingwood and Fremantle facing off. Freo playing for 5th or 6th
The other six sides in the eight play bottom ten sides.

Hawks vs Lions is crucial for both. Playing for 5th or 6th.
St Kilda and Port are playing for 9th or 10th.

Five talking points from AFL Round 10

Nine frees to two for the quarter,but 30 tackles for the Eagles!
What did you think about the non-marks of Kennedy in the third and Darling in the last? From the TV they looked like genuine marks

Five talking points from AFL Round 10

Crows were 33 points up and went down by two goals.
Simpson outcoached Pyke, for all him saying that the leaders led.
He kept another defender back,usually Duggan, to force the Crows entries towards Hurn who rebounded with flair and 84% efficiency.
It was a fiercely fought affair with 170 contested possessions each for the Crows and Eagles game and 94 to 101 tackles – only the third time the Eagles have laid more than 100.
A few stats :- Shuey,Redden and Yeo, 87 possessions and 35 tackles between them.
Gaff 12 possessions in the third quarter.
Sheppard and Gaff had the most marks for the game.
With rain around most of the game and a wet ground,the only talls that could make an impression
were Darling and Kennedy.

Five talking points from AFL Round 10

When the bending of a finger determines a goal score or not…
Maybe the umpires don’t have access to on-field video? They should have it especially with marks in the forward fifty.
Five goals to one last quarter, but ten to three after half-time really tells the story.

Were the Eagles lucky to have a chance at their match-sealer?

Tom Lynch is out.
They’re slowly getting over the pre-season lower leg and foot injuries that Rioli,Yeo,JJK and Cripps had. Now it’s injuries to Barrass, Masten, Hickey and Venables,oh and Naitanui. All best 22.
I would have liked to see Rotham given another run but Nelson will be fine.
Jarrod Brander (hamstring), Hamish Brayshaw (toe),Harry Edwards (foot) ought to get a game later on.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

The Eagles won by four goals in Round 3 with the above-mentioned all in the Pies side.
Sydney a half-decent chance,by three points.
Buddy with a seventy metre roost to win it.

Sydney vs Collingwood: Friday night forecast

Sydney with Kennedy and Franklin are a much better team,Significant outs for the Pies.Swans for me. Port are a better side for now. Geelong shouldn’t lose. Eagles over Crows. Dogs,Bombers,GWS,Freo and Saints

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

Naitanui was up to recently seen as the best retrospective 2008 draft pick,(yes, it was 11 years ago) over Watts. Watts has played more games now and doesn’t have expectations on him the way that NN does.Weird that a player in his 11th year has more expectation on him than anyone else in the Eagles.

Expectation vs reality: Pick 1 is just a number

My three and a half year old grandson was asked about who he thought should be the leader of Australia.
He said “I can do that!”.
“What would you do? ”
He said,”Everybody should be kind.”

Outrage is ruining our game

They expected too much of the electorate.
Morrison campaigned on the Labor policies and won.
When they talk about Palmer spending $50 million and getting 3% of the primaries, how much did Murdoch spend to give the Coalition the win?
On real news, who have Richmond beaten?
Port and Freo of teams in the eight. Not a big deal.
The Cats the only true contender right now, but the season is long.

Five talking points from AFL Round 9

In Rugby some players wear guernseys/jerseys/jumpers so tight that you’d lose a fingernail trying to grab it.

Demons defender leaves Eagles speedster's guernsey in tatters with savage tackle

It’s amazing that sides are building their strategy around one player and he’s not even in their side.
Sure Melbourne were more inaccurate than the Eagles, but WCE missed some sitters as well.
Darling’s best and worst are probably further apart than most, but oppositions still can’t put their third defender on him.
Also, when will umpires start paying Kennedy frees for being blocked by players who are more than 5 metres from the ball as in Rule 15.4.5(e) and who prevent him from leading to the ball when they have no intention of contesting themselves? Hawkins has the same problem.
Not playing great football for now.Rioli,9 possessions and two goals first game back in 70 minutes game time. Yeo, season high tackle count,Hurn in career-best form, Cripps still under-rated. They played a man down for three quarters, then Melbourne lost Neal-Bullen and Frost.
Melbourne should have won.
If the Eagles bring that last quarter intensity next week to Adelaide, who will be exhausted after their long flight back and their loss and another four points is there for the grabbing

"We're not helping ourselves": Simpson concedes Eagles still off the pace

He might need the sort of boots that Wirrpunda wore.

West Coast Eagles to unleash speed demon Rioli

Not to mention McGovern being fined $2000 for a bump off the ball as unduly rough conduct.

LISTEN: Why does the AFL keep getting it wrong with suspensions?

So was Kennedy,over and over again. Not one free kick paid in the whole game for blocking and you want that one paid…
And no, it’s only a few commentators and some neutrals.
Even on the Roar, experts,gurus and editors don’t agree with you.
Move on Pete, move on.
Although, I’m still ropeable about the Eagles having to replay the draw in Melbourne…

Collingwood’s ballistic bursts give them the competition’s highest ceiling

You’re still harping on about Maynard, are you Pete?The last I heard,it wasn’t a block then and isn’t a block now.
Otherwise Kennedy would have had about twelve free kicks for the game.
And I do believe you have said that the Eagles overran the Pies in the last quarter and should have had free kicks of their own that weren’t paid and deserved to win.
I’d find the quotes but I’m sure you have bookmarked them.

Collingwood’s ballistic bursts give them the competition’s highest ceiling

May may have done well at the Pies. After all don’t you have the best of everything for players welfare,rehab and training. You’re second on the ladder, tracking well, of course he’d do well at the Holden centre. He would have had to give up the idea of premiership victories but that’s okay, most players do.

Dees revisit the scene of their preliminary final horror show this Friday night

I see where home ground teams are 37-35 so far this season.
Is that why you are picking Adelaide and Fremantle ?
It’s probably not sufficiently contrary.
Sydney, Saints and Suns ! Now that’s a bowlful of chocolates.

I'd rather watch Carlton work hard than Collingwood coast

You might want to talk to a geneticist about that.
Completely discredited.
It’s all to do with how you interpret Cytochrome C .
For instance, we share 50% DNA under the same schema with bananas.

Nine talking points from AFL Round 8

Exactly right DC. Although you’re shaking the tree a different way than me, since 2003 the Eagles have had a FF/FA differential total of 919, but have only topped the table 6 times
The next best is North with a total of 472.
The worst is Sydney with -516.
Of course, that includes about 140 away games.
Consider that in 2016,the Western Bulldogs had the highest positive figure of all teams in all years since 2003 of 112.
What on earth could the Eagles have been doing that led the umpires to view them so favourably/

Fyfe, Ablett cleared by MRO

According to, the Eagles are actually below average.
Why Ryan’s goal from last week wasn’t one of the three voted on is beyond me- and his marks this week aren’t in the 10 best plays of the round are the same.
I also got sick of Brayshaw’s endless cheerleading for the Saints so I listened to the radio, but it wasn’t much better.
We’ll see how well the Demons go this week, then we have the Crows,Dogs and Swans, all middle table teams like the Eagles according to the Melbourne punditry.
The Eagles kicking eight consecutive behinds in the last quarter gave the Saints breathing space but nothing more.
North and Carlton are nowhere near the eight and pushed their opponents. That makes Geelong and Collingwood vulnerable to the Bulldogs and the Saints respectively because they had such poor comparative performances.

Nine talking points from AFL Round 8

I wouldn’t call him a big quick. I’m bigger than him at 181 cm and 80 kgs.
He’s a significant loss and I don’t think Kane is a good substitute.
I’d rather see Behrendorff. Only 7 ODIs but better in the T20. Great fielder as well

Jhye Richardson ruled out of Cricket World Cup

By the time they reach Round 10 and play Adelaide 9 of their games will have been against sides either in or once in the eight.
Masten’s been dropped for Jake Waterman, Cripps plays his 150th, a good win coming up.

The suddenly clumsy, absent Eagles are only hanging on

Seeing that Stattraction is at 42 wins and HPN is down at 35 wins, models are also all over the shop,
but that’s still only one extra game per round between a pair of decent (in the past,anyway) predictive programs.
The bookies and ELO-FF are in the middle of that and not quite there yet but the Buffalo needs to feel the breezes off the Great Plains before he makes his charge.
Perhaps it’s not time for another antithetical tipping round just yet.
Disagree about the Saints/Eagles, Dockers/Tigers and Demons/Suns,the last is a 49.5-50.5 sort of guess

Following Football Round 8 preview

The top machine tipping site also has 42, so you’re doing no better(or worse) than a software program analysing 10000 iterations of every game with sophisticated Value of Player,home advantage,history and coach strengths all factored in.
I noticed that Gordon Smith managed to predict nought from nine two weeks ago.That is actually harder to do than you might think.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 8