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Adidas – still the best Wallabies strip. considering how shallow the playing pool is here with talent going OS for the big $$ then yes we need to get them for test matches – RWC years especially. But if the clubs OS wont release them then what is the point? Remember reading how Campo mentioned years ago how in Italy, companies had to pay XX% of their taxable income to charitable organizations (or something like that) so when companies like Beneton sponsor a rugby club – that’s a lot of dollars available to buy players – pity we can’t have something similar here. But then the Oz Govt are so p!ssweak they sell whatever asset we have to an OS company, and entice others here by sayng they don’t have to pay any tax. No wonder people overseas call Oz a 3rd world country

Who gets to wear gold? Why Dave Rennie is right and Marika Koroibete must choose

1994 NSWRL with 2 Qld teams, 13 from NSW; 1995 ARL 4Qld teams, 13 from NSW, so there’s a fair chance any one who wanted to play at the top level from Qld had to head south to Mexico

The true blue Queenslanders

the sin binning of Robson (Cowboys v Sharks) was an absolute joke – how much lower does he have to go? if he got any lower he would have been used as a door mat

The NRL crackdown is an indictment on administrators

i would like to see how the players association will justify selfish players from putting the entire competition at risk by ignoring covid protocals.

Breaching COVID-19 protocols should cost premiership points

you give the players MASSIVE fines, what is $10,000 when a player is on 400,000 a year? threaten them with season ending suspensions without pay, of having their contracts torn up, all these pkayers think of is money – so hit them where it hurts- their back pocket. And don’t suspend these fines – enough is enough, no one can claim ignorance about covid anymore

Breaching COVID-19 protocols should cost premiership points

when will their dark days end? as soon as they stop relying on Taumalolo to do everything and the other 12 on the field put their hands up

When will the Cowboys' dark days end?

he should be banned for wearing those reg grundies!!

The new rule the NRL needs: Cameron Munster can't kick people

not like he hasn’t done it before, but wait…………………..!

Should Cam Munster have been suspended for this apparent cheap shot?

this is why we need a new font – @ 2 min 20.

Six talking points from State of Origin Game 1

mate it is online too. Press “reply” to a comment & the reply may end up 15 replies below it.

Where's Klemmer and why Cleary: Two of my greatest gripes ahead of Origin

mate – I was replying to Blues comment of “The deliberate foul play committed on Tedesco”

Where's Klemmer and why Cleary: Two of my greatest gripes ahead of Origin

you mean the accidental knee to the head as he was falling?

Where's Klemmer and why Cleary: Two of my greatest gripes ahead of Origin Got to love Izzy, screw grassroots rugby league, who needs it anyway?

QRL set terms for Israel Folau's league return

Sterlo also made it into Hulls Hall of Fame after a few years playing in the UK. 13 SOO, 4 times MOTM. That’s one pretty good organiser

Is Cleary on the Thurston trajectory?

got low enough, little chance of a head high shot. Why can’t these NRL professionals hit like that?

2020 summed up in one tackle

& JT was too small & can’t tackle!!

Is Cleary on the Thurston trajectory?

the Dragons have a history of letting good players go. Look at the past 20 years or so – Patten, Dugan, Boyd, (I was going to say Ennis but he’s a d!ck), Cook, J Morris, Gasnier, Kite, Fitzgibbon, Lance thompson. So why does this surprise us?

Matt Dufty has proven the Dragons' decision making is madness

JWH & McGuire are grubs full of dirty cheap shots many designed to injure. There a difference between playing hard and fair & putting on a big hit & then there’s these 2 with eye gouges, late hits, head high hits

The NRL dark alley all stars

long way to go before he should be spoken in the same breath as JT

Is Cleary on the Thurston trajectory?

Would you believe…………..!))

State of Origin: The best game on the worst day

Well – the Maroons won last year without him))

Kalyn Ponga officially ruled out of Origin 1

you’re not a “Get Smart” fan are you? “Sorry about that Mushi”

State of Origin: The best game on the worst day

rain n drizzles ok as the cloud cover keeps in the heat, & the beauty of Melbourne is you know when it’s summer cuz the rains warmer, it’s them damn frigid Friday night games at Bruce stadium in the snow that’s hard to get used to. Yet oddly should suit the Poms better!

What on earth is going on at the Raiders?

damn that is picky)) both legends tho’ pity the Wallabies cant return to those glory days when the Wallabies would beat the AB’s, Springboks and anyone else put in front of them. With the way they’re playing now they’d struggle to beat Japan based on their remarkable RWC2019 run.

NSW Blues Origin 1 team: Expert reaction, every selection analysed

the bit after “Why?”

State of Origin: The best game on the worst day