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University Postgraduate Journalist.Freelance sports journalist filing for News Ltd, WA News and Perth Now outlets since 2014.Former satellite circuit tennis player. ABC radio correspondent for Tennis and rural weather.Initiated first Hopman Cup radio/online commentary in 2010 & 2011. Australian Open Radio 2013-2014 Former track and field athlete as well as state level triathlete. I was told be the doctors I would never run or play tennis again after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Spent the years since proving them wrong. Confessed sport addict. Worked for SOCOG at the Sydney Olympics as a Media Supervisor. World ranked Over 50's veterans tennis player.



Joel you missed the point….does not mean that Nadal was a no chance…just meant that this year he was going into the tournament more vulenerable than any other….and IF there was a chance of an upset…THIS was the year…take note that I wrote my article on May on your comment was on the eve…when Murray had pulled out….nice to see my predictions fo Wawrinka and Haas both donig well and that Djokovic’s ankle did bother him considerably in the semi loss…..but lets see how much that two weeks of punishment took out of Rafa’s knees and how he plays an Wimbledon… remember how flat he was after last years win the French….

French Open preview: Men's draw most open in years.

It was Gatlins second offence which usually results in the life ban. I am just surprised he hung aorund for four years and made a comeback. He did try to play NFL but failed badly….so I suppose if your future options are limited and all you know is running…

Justin Gatlin and the question that remains

Yes Gatlin was tested druing his ban by the USDA but designated pre allocated time testting not random as they do for an active competing athlete…

Justin Gatlin and the question that remains

It is all about living by the second commandment.” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”..if people lived by that no-one would be racist, homophobic, sexist or even have road rage …..becasue no-one would have the delusion that they are better than anyone else and no-one would be in a place to judge someone else and thus call them a name or treat them in any way that causes distress…..even if that girl called Adam Goodes a name that was not racist, but was still hurtful then it is still WRONG….think about that next time you boo an umpires decision or an opposition player when spectating at any game..

Dont judge anyone just becasue they sin differently than you!

A letter to the first openly gay AFL player

I think there was shadow cast before the Clark news…now it this has pretty much turned out the lights..

Clarke's injury casts a massive shadow over our Ashes prospects

I agree Justin…hard to go past those two but just dont know about Rafas knees lasting two weeks of five setters on clay…he will be hurting after this week in Madrid…I am not sure Nole will play rome to rest his ankle…whoever, gets through next week the best will be the one to beat…I like you am loving the blossoming of Dimitrov…some of that shot making against Novak this week was breathtaking…i do like the look and form of Wawrinka at the moment…he could also do damage at Wimbledon…that backhand is lethal…just ask Djokovic…the French Open alwasy throws up a miracle run by an outsider to get to at least semis…it is where the upsets of top seeds can happen at any time…didn’t Becker and Edberg both lose in the first round one year?

French Open preview: Men's draw most open in years.

Remember Marion Jones was not jailed for taking drugs but for LYING under oath at in enquiry into illegal drugs…Although the press conference in February was not a “swear an oath” truth session to state ““I’m just shocked to be sitting here”. to preclude his innocence of the knowledge of the practice that was taking place,.then the text messages from Dank last night ( should they be true) make a mockery of it all….it will be a sad fact that the house of card may crumble for him for in essence NOT doing anything illegal…but foolishly lying about it ( should it be proven)

Hird should not stand down at Essendon

Here is a solution to all…All workers get an extra two weeks holiday to be taken when they like…all people of all faiths can use this two weeks to take thier holy days off work….all others who aren’t Christian work on Christmas Day, Easter…and non Muslim work during Ramadan…how long do you think it will be before sport becomes a TV show only with not enough free time to attend the Sunday/Saturday matches?? as those who dont have sabbath are at work on Sundays as the 7 day week will be a roster with rolling 2 days off for everyone ( bit like the FIFO’s work now)….so it is pretty soon before community sports will become non- existant as the traditional weekend will disappear( it is happening now with 7 day trading of shops)….so there goes your sports culture of Australia…with the multi faith and multi cultural it will become a 24/7 365 working timetable with those of faith permitted to take thier days of Faith off work without penalty….Western Australia is already experiencing tremendous pressure on the life expectancy of the traditonal sporting club especially the football codes due to the spasmodic availability of the ever growing FIFO workforce….that will be the norm if everyone who does not believe has to give up their Sunday day off and or Christmas or Eastet etc….or has to bow to the almighty consumer life of 24/7 trading!…

How can it be "Good" Friday without football?

There is the truth…spot on…

How can it be "Good" Friday without football?

No Andy it is NOT okay…if you feel that way then why do you take the day off work on Christmas Day and Easter or for that matter even Sunday….if you accept the holiday then respect it reason for being a hol -y-day..and for your
information. Thanksgiving has nothing to do with the Chrisitian Faith hence why it is only celebrated in America…its origins are in giving thanks for a succesful harvest and for thanks from the early settlers to the help they got from the native Indians!

How can it be "Good" Friday without football?

Let me pose a question to all of you that support playing any sport and having pubs etc open on Good Friday…Your best friend or mother or spouse is killed tomorrow…are you going to feel like going to a football match?..or playing yourself?…NO you are in mourning out of respect for that person…same way we are not supposed to play sport until 1pm on Anzac Day…you are in mourning and respect for the diggers that gave up thier lives for your freedom…Surely you can from refrain from your own self indulgent pleasure for one day out of respect?…if not why do you take the Good Friday holiday then???…if you dont respect it then go to work instead!!…dont often agree with Demitriou but his comments on ABC radio on Good Friday about AFL continuing to honour the TRUE MEANING of Good Friday was showing very strong leadership….look if everyone doesn’t believe and would rather party, go to football, go to pubs and self indulge…go right ahead….we should perhaps give up Good Friday altogether and make it a working day since no-one wants to respect the Holy Day in the word holiday!!

How can it be "Good" Friday without football?

The culture of the Australian cricket team has been on a downward slide since the day Ricky Ponting was given the captaincy over Gilchrist….how different things might have been with Gillie as the helm to continue the culture, discipline and sportsmanlike conduct that was set under the leadership of Taylor and Waugh.

Leadership questions are distracting from the bigger issues

Rumour has it that Sharapova is acutually two years older than she claims. Birth certifiacte was “lost” Russia after the hast to move to Siberia and the Chernobyl meltdown…..impresses coaches no end if you have the body and strength of a 9 year old and you say you only 7…..she certainly was a very tall and mature 14 year old when I first saw her play.

Nadal's impressive comeback continues

Unless selection criteria for “Greatest Evers” are water tight the actual person chosen will also be subjective. Is it amount of titles won or individual level of skill or amount of time as world number 1a? What bearing factor does the global level of the sport come into play? A sport like surfing that only a handful of nations compete at surely could not truly compare with say a sport like track and field that the entire world competes at?.With changes in equipment how can you truly compare eras ..etc etc…unless the criteria is universal these type of namings of greatest evers will always be the soure of many an unresolve debate.

Fraser named greatest female athlete

Comment removed at the request of the author…

Ben Barba: the long and winding road

So with you Dan on this one….if they were found to have “no case to answer” then why the suspensions??….you cannot be half guility just like you cannot be half pregnant!.

Melbourne fined, staff suspended, but no tanking. What the...?

Oscar wears regular prosthetic legs which leave footprints. He only uses the blades for competitive running.

Oscar Pistorius arrested: the sporting world dealt another blow

I have personally seen the viles of anabolic steriods that were being supplied to a few rouge members of Western Australian ALF team in the boot of the car of the supplier. No use getting me to name the players or the supplier. Players no longer active and nor is the supplier. Was being used by players coming back from long injury lay offs. I was offered steroids myself during my track and field days. It is rife and we know it is rife. Lance Armstrong is not sorry. He is only sorry for getting caught and having ot fess up.

Where to now for sport in this country?

It is the elephant in the room that most involved at high level and even community level sport have known, witnessed and suspected for a long time but always hoped was not the case. Only fear of lawsuits has prevented many from naming names or blowing whistles before now . It has been the hope that the fear of health complications and side effects would have been the deterrant to keep most sportspeople clean. It raises the question of how effective the testing processes have and continue to be. As we have learned from the Lance Armstrong situation, a drug or “process” was nver allowed to be used without first a test avoidance system accompanying it.

Where to now for sport in this country?

.Pity there is racism in football because there is no racism in Athletics according to AA…only some very naughty doorknobs that call people racist names, but not officials…and athletes have hearing and sight problems too when they think they are called racist names.

Racism in football: Where does the buck stop?

he relfects the treatment he receives

Should we expect sportsmanship nowadays?

Sportmanship died the day they brought out the chequebook. Or even died when fame was the reward. The lack of sportsmanship now is just reflective of the lack of any general curtesy and ethics in general society. When was the last time you heard sorry from someone and they meant it?

Should we expect sportsmanship nowadays?

Stosur needs a game “B”…she has become very predicable and one dimensional…and when the game A fails…would be nice to see her flatten out her serve and go down the “T” occasionally and come in behind it…Stosur was in the number 1 doubles team…she can volley…use the net game more…

Risky Stosur needs to relax: Navratilova

scorching hot?…31 degrees?…that is a cool change in Perth…just ask the Hopman Cup players and a very mild first week of the Open forecast

The Kooyong dilemma: points or practice?

Nadal’s time at the top is now passed but Federer is still the force to be reckoned with….it will be a three way tussle this year not a two way…Nadal may get his health back together to take his beloved Monte Carlo and be a force at the French…but beyond that the ongoing over use injuries in his knees prevents the hard core ongoing training he needs to ba a force on all surfaces all year at all tournaments…Federer may back off on the amount of tournaments he plays but he will be quality not quantity….he still has it to be number one IF he wants it bad enough…he has another Wimbledon in him too but must do it before 2014.

Federer-Nadal era may be over