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5 day turnaround for Brisbane leading into this game, after their trip to Tassie, not sure how much weight to give this. Will wait for final ins/outs to decide… should be a good game.

Premiership heavies set for Brisbane Catfight this Thursday night

Time difference is more an issue when heading East, not much of an issue heading West. Or, wild theory, Richmond might be hoping WA close boarders, and force Essendon to fly east to nsw/qld.

Dreamtime at... Optus? AFL announces big change for marquee match

I wonder how costly, time and money, it would be to replace the opaque roof with a translucent roof (like at Perth Stadium).

Are Tigers fans precious about Marvel Stadium?

FMD Jesus… could you imagine if QLD chose him for origin? Lol.

Clive Palmer backs Israel Folau's rugby league return in bizarre press conference

I went to my first Bledisloe game, but prob 20th Wallabies game, at Perth Stadium in 2019. I think might have been in shock, my long wait to see a Bledisloe was in my home town, in a beautiful stadium, sold out, AMAZING atmosphere, and we won. I didn’t even sit in my seat, just stood the whole game on the concourse opening at the halfway line with about 40 other rugby fans… just totally awesome. Not sure we will have a chance this time, but, i thought it would be hard last time. Can’t wait.

Wallabies lock in Bledisloe Cup, Rugby Championship fixtures for 2021

Fortunately he hasn’t breached a WADA code, in this instance. And, thankfully, it is the club that will consider many factors, and are in a better position to do so, in determining if he is worthy of another chance. Clearly we view this differently.

The Eagles need to give Willie Rioli another chance

Cousins and Kerr will always serve as an example of how it can easily go so horribly wrong… sad, but a really good lesson for players and clubs.

The Eagles need to give Willie Rioli another chance

To be fair, being in the Tiwi Islands and during a pandemic with no ability to travel, he most likely didn’t have access to the same support a player in a mainland capital would receive during a non-pandemic period. You can’t make an apples for apples comparison.
Just to muddy the water a bit – marijuana is legal in the ACT (personal use <50g, 2 plants) and was decriminalised in WA (personal use <30g) until a few years ago… not sure of decriminalised status in rest of the country. And, Alcohol is also a gateway drug to harder substances.

The Eagles need to give Willie Rioli another chance

Can we still vote it as mark of the week though? We probably don’t have enough fans to get it over the line. 😔

'That's a mark all day long!' Were Rory Lobb and the Dockers dudded by this huge late non-call?

To further clarify, behind the goals AND between the 2 tall middle posts.
To be sure, to be sure 👍

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 9

Geez… Caramello koalas… Cadbury wallabies. No way cadbury would leave that product untapped. And fair enough too. It has probably already been approved.

Wouldn't it be nice: Rugby AU gets new jersey sponsor for Wallabies and Wallaroos

You could start AFLW season in the pre-finals bye, then schedule games around all the AFL finals fixtures… that could give you 13 rounds + 3 weeks of finals, finishing the weekend before Christmas. Not perfect, but less likely to cause organ failure.

AFL announces AFLW expansion plans

Why is there the obsession of having 18 teams, ie one for each existing AFL club, immediately? Given the glut of clubs in Melbourne, why not use AFLW as an opportunity to set a path for the men’s league eg. Have a merged team composed of 2 smaller AFL clubs, and the other team in Tassie. Or… how about another team in regional Victoria instead of the city? Or where the new growth area is in greater Melbourne?
Also, why doesn’t the AFLW season start the week after the AFL GF? Are we that cruel, that we think women should be grateful to play in the summer? It truly beggars belief that this is even considered. And who draws the short straw of playing in Perth with a 3hr time difference, and games likely to start in the hottest part of the day?

AFL announces AFLW expansion plans

I think Eddie has moved on, and he is really putting his well honed skills to the test with his new focus – a South Australian team’s guernsey. We will probably see Collingwood playing in a solid teal away strip next season.

An open letter to Eddie McGuire

Oh fk. That is grotesque. 🤢

GRAPHIC WARNING: UFC fighter suffers the most horrifying leg break imaginable

And all/most docklands games played with roof closed… why?
Roof isn’t normally closed, unless raining.

Crowd capacity lifted to 85 per cent ahead of Anzac Day

You only need any two big Melbourne clubs. Rich, Coll, Ess, Carlton. Maybe even a smaller club could face off against a big club.
The crowd was initially boosted from attendance at the ANZAC day parade, and now the hype/prestige of the event helps get punters in. There is absolutely no way you would get poor attendance from fans of a participating team, especially if it is some kind of earned privilege… perhaps 2 of the highest ranked Melbourne teams from previous season? or maybe the highest ranked versus highest ranked big 4 club if wanting to avoid 2 small clubs facing off.

Anzac Day at the MCG: Who will rise first to become a premiership contender?

I can watch any game as well, I have kayo. I would argue more people watch fta than subscription. The issue is nationwide primetime fta, and the exposure and sponsorship that attracts.
And, I have made no reference to “Easterners”… this is YOU being intentionally misleading, or perhaps it’s YOUR arrogance to suggest that Victoria is the only state on the Eastern seaboard.

Five talking points from the AFL Round 5

It would be great if Buddy can reach 1000 goals before injuries and age end his career… he most likely won’t be able to achieve it this season if he’s out for a month.

Bone bruising forces Franklin out for up to a month

Most people watch only their team, and primetime broadcasts… even with kayo. And, yes, in Perth we can see every team play, at least once if only using fta. But, every state can see MORE of the same handful of Melbourne teams EVERY year, at the expense of EVERY other team in the competition… so, no, Vic teams get a disproportionately higher air time in Perth (and every other part of Aus). And, whilst it is very egalitarian of you to acknowledge the existence of clubs outside of Victoria, it takes a certain ignorance to not know this.

Five talking points from the AFL Round 5

Games are spread out, but it is the same handful of teams that get nationwide fta, let alone primetime nationwide fta… that is why players from certain teams are household names, and other players are only known in their ‘home’ states.

Five talking points from the AFL Round 5

Pete, Tigers (or any vic team) playing a home prelim would be equally as tough for a travelling side. Lest we forget 👍

Five talking points from the AFL Round 5

Travelling is only a burden when a vic team does it, and home ground advantage is only applicable to non-vic teams…. and the MCG is a neutral venue on GF day where no team is advantaged.
The banal bias constantly regurgitated, by some, is laughable.

Five talking points from the AFL Round 5

Tbf, he would get the same reception at any stadium that put his smirking noggin on the big screen. He isn’t popular with decent people.

The Prime Minister gets a traditional West Coast welcome to Optus Stadium

Unfortunately it is the same old trope enthusiastically pushed by Melbourne media and picked up by the punters. No one mentions all the booing non-vic teams cop in Victoria, I think they call it passionate bipartisan support.
And, apparently, travelling interstate is only hard when it involves a vic team… but having a guaranteed GF at your home ground/city is in no way advantageous. The hypocrisy largely goes unchecked.

AFL Round 3 power rankings