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There still is a VFL and suburban grounds. You might be able to find a hostile suburb… look at low socio-economic areas where Hawthorn is likely to have poker machines. Hope this helps.

The AFL’s administration has failed and it must be changed

But the problem is, the national competition still runs as if it were still the VFL. The Grand Final should be shared around, have every other GF hosted outside of Victoria. The GF Best on Ground is named after the VFL era, as is the end of season Best & Fairest award.
VFL traditions should not dictate the modern Australian Football League… SA, Tas and WA have long been ARF heartlands but we are treated as mere tourists.

The AFL’s administration has failed and it must be changed

The Melbourne centric AFL has been running for 30 years, which has decimated the SANFL and WAFL, without a mid season draft, and now the state leagues are to be smashed mid season every year. And the Melbourne centric AFL lobbies other state govts to spend vast sums on stadia infrastructure, to host their product, and gives the people of NSW, QLD, SA, and WA a big “F U – you can’t take a turn in hosting the AFL grand final, it is only for Victorians”.
No team for Tassie… yet the Tasmanian govt is forking out millions every year to prop up 2 Melbourne teams. Consequently, Non-Vic teams are forced to play Melbourne teams at Tassie grounds, at the expense of exposure to finals grounds like the MCG and Docklands. How about North and Hawthorn host each other down there… and Collingwood and Richmond.
But, probably the greatest demonstration of poor leadership shown at white rich dude Toorak AFL HQ was the treatment of Adam Goodes. It would not have cost a cent to do the right thing, just a bit of moral strength.
Yes, Gilligan should go.

The AFL’s administration has failed and it must be changed

That some Collingwood fans feel empowered to act appallingly because they know the AFL will do little, if anything. Much like when the Collingwood CEO says appalling things and the AFL does nothing.
OR… it could just mean that the MCC are bad at stadium security management.

Crowd fights break out again following Pies-Blues clash

Freo v Adel is a tough one for the tippers this round imo… have tipped Freo, but I wouldn’t be overly confident tipping eitherway.

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 6

It was played in Perth, which is about 3500km west of Melbourne.

It's time to make a call on Good Friday Football

The “Pineapple Grapple”… i like it. Although, I would normally think banana benders when thinking of QLDers… how about the “Bananarama”?
Ok, Pineapple Grapple it is.

Winners and losers from AFL Round 6

Truly the greatest miracle over Easter, bigger than Jesus’ resurrection even, was the AFL allowing two non-vic teams face off in the marquee slot of Good Friday evening… I swear I heard God say “Well… f’k me, I did not think I would see that in my lifetime.”

It's time to make a call on Good Friday Football

No. The AFL want to rename it ‘Essendon v Collingwood’ day, where all AFL supporters pay their respects to former Essendon and Collingwood players who have represented these two privileged clubs. It is un-Australian to allow any other two Melbourne clubs to earn the opportunity to play at the MCG on this most prized of AFL fixtures. The AFL can only survive if Essendon and Collingwood are given all privileges, and the other clubs are treated equally… particularly the non-vic clubs.

AFL Anzac Day preview

It will be an interesting game in a fortnight when Port meet the Pies, also away.
I didn’t see the game, but read all of Port put in and the Eagles just didn’t turn up… or was it a lack of a plan B given the weather conditions? You would think both teams can benefit from that game. Either way, sounds like Port is keen to venture into September.
And Freo beats GWS away… tipping 9/9 this season will be a big ask.

Port's Eagles upset launches them into the stratosphere

But are they still keeping AFLX?
I heard the AFL will introduce the use of dragons to restart after a goal is scored, and a designated “selfie” position where one player is nominated to run around with a selfie stick which will be broadcast split screen on the stadium screen.

Plans revealed for new AFLB league to begin in 2020

Fyfe is a great player, but I am still not convinced he is/can be a great captain. So often you see the cream of the crop players just don’t have that special leadership quality e.g. ablett, judd, fyfe, walker…. although, I think some star players are a bit more ambivalent towards a captaincy role, and others desire the prestige and require it as an enticement to a contract extension.

The confused, wayward Crows have no connection to their better past

Have you, or your wife, ever withdrawn money from your Sportsbet account?
Did you know less than 1% of online betting accounts have money withdrawn from them.

The AFL's top teams are under-performing

Agreed. P and R is such a massive change. Financing a player roster, player contracts, stadia contracts. What if WSW were to have a bad season and faced relegation, what happens with the new Parramatta stadium contract? Suddenly the state government has an unused/underused asset over the summer months. Same happening in Perth and other places. You can’t rely on the newly relegated teams to be in the same area if a truly P n R system is in place. Government funding will be hard to get if there is no certainty of assets being utilised. It will be interesting to see if the P n R system is seriously considered, and what form it takes.

Can football fans handle the truth?

My current thinking is, providing the team settles, is 5 more home wins and 2 away wins. 8 for the season. Rosco is coaching for that $1m payout at end of season. Hope I am wrong…. I mean right… idk.
Our rot is at the top, board level.

Ten talking points from AFL Round 2

The article mentioned that shorts were already worn in rugby, and rugby was played in Melbourne at that time… so there was likely to be a few players across the league with a penchant for loose knickers and short stockings, sounds like mad monday attire, and maybe Collingwood were first adopters of this as standard uniform.

In 1907, Collingwood ‘stunned the footy world’ by incorporating bare knees into their uniform

Were Sam and Dominic Walker, QC Tim Walker’s sons, banned after being filmed violently bashing two other supporters after the Richmond v Hawthorn QF last September? Just wondering if the AFL would dish out a ban to sons of a prominent QC… is there a particular standard the AFL would enforce from members of a footy clubs.

Richmond member banned for Liam Ryan incident

Back at ya Gene!

Should the AFL adopt a conference ladder system? The home ground advantage dilemma and a solution

You abandoned your travelling teams are easier to beat argument pretty quickly…. and make the ludicrous claim that playing at home against a neighbouring team is harder than travelling. Time to get woke Gene.

Should the AFL adopt a conference ladder system? The home ground advantage dilemma and a solution

Non vic teams can make finals easier because they have a much larger home ground advantage? But you just said that teams that travel are easier to beat, so a non-vic team is more likely to lose half of it’s games than a non travelling vic team, so less chance to host a final, and less chance of progressing to a GF… which they have to travel for anyway.
Vic teams often galvanise for that token away game, and non-vic teams just continue that hard grind, and it’s toll, of travelling every other week.

Should the AFL adopt a conference ladder system? The home ground advantage dilemma and a solution

In your 16 years of playing football did you ever travel 4hrs, one way, by plane? Every other week? Where there is a 3hr time difference? Have you ever had to disrupt your daily routine to play football? Sleep in a different bed? Away from your partner?This is what you dismissed so flippantly… travel is not an issue you say, but playing more games at home is harder?
You don’t mention the GF being at the MCG as being harder for non-vic clubs, nor do you mention that non-vic teams are forced to play MCG, and Docklands, tenants in Tasmania, thereby reducing their exposure to the MCG – that really neutral venue the GF is played at.
You don’t even raise the comparison of teams who play at more venues a season to those who play at fewer venues per season. I am under the impression you think that all the different playing grounds have the same dimensions, and not worth a mention… I guess it would seem that way if you played most of your season at the same venue. You say the Melbourne teams don’t get a real home ground advantage, but you don’t mention that they don’t really have the disadvantages of playing away either. Non-vic teams play MORE truly away games… they play at more grounds with different dimensions, not sleeping in their own beds the night before, spending hours stuck on a plane. You don’t even bother mentioning that Melbourne teams beat non-vic teams when they play them away… why did you purposely not include this?
I honestly had to think what is the date today when I started reading this.

Should the AFL adopt a conference ladder system? The home ground advantage dilemma and a solution

Looking forward to Freo v Carlton on Saturday… Fremantle have been awesome all season, and would love to see reward for their effort.
Whilst the Freo game could be close, I can’t see Adelaide having any difficulty with Geelong… it would take a Richmond like choke to drop that game. Adelaide definitely the benchmark this season, and if Freo make it the GF, it’ll be a cracker.

2019 AFL Women's season: Preliminary finals preview

Really surprised ch9 kept Fev in the new look footyshow line up given that he took a photo of a naked young woman showering, against her will, and then sent it to his mates, again, against her will…. all whilst married. But, this is the same channel which produces MAFS.

Brendan Fevola's massive call on Alan Richardson's coaching future

They also got flogged by WCE… 2 bad games?
It is hard to see Richmond sliding from the top 2 positions regardless.

The more we learn, the less we know: Predicting the 2019 AFL premiership ladder

At least it is only 1 game.
If we must copy American ideas, how about we copy the NFL where every team has the same simple strips each year with NO advertising on them.
Where the Western Bulldogs foray might fall down is if parents, who pay for tickets and merchandise, say stuff that rubbish… less adults and children going to the game, and less buying of merch.
The indigenous designs are FAR superior.

When the King of Asgard meets an AFL guernsey