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That sounds a bit more positive, compared to last week. I am glad Shaw sees that he just needs some time to heal, and he will be able to contribute again in the future.
Hopefully this can indicate the need to privide adequate support to coaches who are still relatively new to the role.

Shaw officially parts ways with North Melbourne

I wonder if a team might decide, as a strategy, to throw a QF.

Five talking points from the AFL preliminary finals

Frank and beans lol. I was in tears first time I saw that scene… The Brothers Grimsby film also has an absolute tear jerker of a scene if you need a guaranteed laugh.

Port ruckman on report for low blow- but did this Tiger stage?

Good observation Pete. I would also add that it is confidence/belief across the whole playing group, and that coach and player feed of each other’s confidence and fully commit to any change in playing tactic… and like you suggest, keeping it simple is probably key.
I think Freo is on that mutual confidence path with J-Lo and our young blood… and having good cattle is also essential.
But, Richmond are also susceptible to high pressure and well executed game plans… dry conditions help. So… not invincible, but no team is.

Lambert's last-quarter strikes put Tigers into the decider

Are we sure Lynch isn’t just apologising for punching the child earlier during the match?

Tom Lynch's touching act for devastated young Port fan after prelim win

But… does Geelong’s game against the pies also count as a bye? Will Geelong be underdone as well? 😛

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Preliminary finals


Five talking points from the AFL semi-finals

And mail in ballots 😂

Cats obliterate Magpies in bloodbath for the ages

Lynch and Cotchin on report as well. I am surprised given they weren’t playing… but rule changes, and 2020 is a crazy year.

Cats obliterate Magpies in bloodbath for the ages

What argument are you trying to make?
I suspect Daniher is attracted to Brisbane because of their medical/rehabilitation abilities to get him playing to his best, coupled with a good work environment and less media/public scrutiny in a traditional league state… and QLD handling of covid19. He would be willing to go for a very reasonable price that Brisbane would be able to accommodate, ie Brisbane would only offer what they can afford given they have to retain their existing list, so limited risk. Brisbane would have learnt from the Fevola debacle.

Daniher nominates Brisbane as new club for 2021

Not sure Hawthorn and Essendon are worthy of primetime fta slots, there doesn’t need to be a Melbourne team in every primetime fta slot… something something something national competition.

What Round 1 of the 2021 AFL season should look like, plus other fixture proposals

Freo v Bulldogs will be a cracker, have tipped Freo… will be very close whoever wins.
I agree with the other 2 predictions… 21 point margin for Melbourne over Essendon probably a bit high, I would go 12pts.

Who will win the AFL’s do or die clashes?

Port losing to Pies is not the worst thing to happen for Port at this part of the season, it would sharpen the senses and resolve for the QF… or, possibly, it could undermine their confidence. Hard to predict sometimes, but we’ll find out soon enough. Collingwood effectively start finals this round, will be a good game.

The AFL finals equation: Every contender's best and worst case scenarios

The irony, and the projection… kicking goals today spruce 👍

Which of this year's quirks and oddities should the AFL keep?

Twilight or night GF is a brilliant change that should stay… although late October in Brissy will make it a slippery affair.
Regional games should be a staple, but no club is going to sacrifice gate receipts when it comes to playing one of the big Melbourne clubs… so not sure how that will happen. Fyi, Darwin and Alice Springs seem to get yearly games recently.
The big omission from the list, which many people would like to see, is the GF played in different states. Every second year the GF should be played outside Victoria… can’t get fairer than that.

Which of this year's quirks and oddities should the AFL keep?

Next week will be interesting. Bulldogs playing for a spot in the 8, Freo know they have 2 weeks of quarantine to ‘look forward to’ regardless of result. If we win, Freo will probably have it’s biggest membership ever next year. 👍

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 16 and 17

West Coast have secured 5th place, it is unlikely anyone in the top 4 will lose to make way. Assuming top 4 stays as is, Port v Gee is QF1, and the loser plays winner of 5th v 8th (EF1). Who finishes 8th? Could be any of 5 teams atm.
Potentially WCE meet Geelong in first semi, assuming Geelong lose to Port after their week off, and could possibly win. But, then they would meet winner of QF2, likely Richmond beats Brisbane, in PF2. WCE v Richmond in a PF at night at the Gabba? Well, it would be an achievement to get that far, but Richmond certainly the favourites.

The Eagles are flying under the finals radar

I agree with the Essendon contributions, but I thought it was a savvy decision to get Woosha on board. Although… i always felt he was there firstly to guide the team/club from the dark and toward prosperity, which he has done imo, and future tenure would be based on anticipated onfield success.
At the Eagles, Woosha was lacking in experience, and support, in how to handle the individual(s) during the ‘troubles’. But, and this is where his quality as a leader again shines from his playing days, he doggedly set about improving the culture, by understanding the failings, and also oversaw the list changes and player development, which is the bedrock Simpson inherited to make his mark. Adelaide also identified Woosha as a person who could calm and guide the team, and football dept, after the loss of their much loved coach… and the fact Woosha had worked with Phil Walsh at West Coast meant their was a shared grief and understanding between all.
Woosha is incredibly valuable to any club going through some transition. I am curious to see if he plays some role at Freo next season… i think the football dept could benefit from his wisdom as we head back to Perth and hopefully prepare for a normal season in 2021.

With the end in sight, what will Worsfold's Essendon legacy be?

Not excusing, nor condoning.

Richmond duo arrested over strip club brawl

Young people, men in particular, are still mentally developing at that age, and can be susceptible to poor risk assessment. There is a genuine maturity difference between older and younger players, and that doesn’t mean every young player will do something stupid, but some will learn the hard way.

Richmond duo arrested over strip club brawl

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The 3 experts agree on every game except one. And like Marnie, I think Freo can beat Melbourne. I agree with the rest of the tips atm, will look at ins/outs as they become available. WB v WCE is a tough one because of fatigue. And are Hawks capable of an upset over Saints after being pantsed by Adelaide? …. probably not. I did momentarily consider Geelong losing to Essendon, but is a 9 day break really coming back after a “bye”. Carlton v Sydney could see an upset by Sydney.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Rounds 15 and 16

Loving the evening timeslot 👍 👍 👍
It will be a 3.30pm or 4.30pm bouncedown on the western seaboard. I can visualise it now, do Saturday morning run around, head out for lunch/bbq about 1pm-ish, go to pub for the game. Nice 😁

Confirmed: AFL locks in night grand final at The Gabba


Gift of the Gabba: How AFL's grand final decision will shape the 2020 premiership

Just an fyi…
The WA govt paid $4m and $5m to host a Bledisloe game and SoO game last year, both sold out in a couple of hours. I went to the Bledisloe, life long dream, and it was amazing atmosphere. I was to slow to get SoO tickets… would have liked to have gone. The stadium availability issue in NSW made this a possibility.
There are sufficient expats, and sports mad locals, to fill any stadium in the country for any football code BIG EVENT in my opinion.

Gift of the Gabba: How AFL's grand final decision will shape the 2020 premiership

All the ARF heartland expats in SEQ should be jumping on board of their local teams, Lions and Suns, with what they have achieved this year… and in the future 👍

Gift of the Gabba: How AFL's grand final decision will shape the 2020 premiership