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Buddy Franklin is from WA, and I think he fires up for family and friends watching him play… he certainly seems to do well.

Which top eight side looks the shakiest?

Last Friday night Ch7 commentators repeatedly flogged the line that there was a great coaching rivalry between Buckley and Clarkson… a rivalry of 12 wins to Clarko and 1 win to Bucks… some people might interpret that as Buckley just being a bunny. Given that Simpson has beat Buckley 8 times to 3, including twice in the finals series last year, do you think the ch7 commentators will call this a coaching rivalry? You would think more so given recent history, but come the final siren this Friday night, Buckley will just be Simpson’s bunny as well.

AFL top 100: Preview West Coast vs Collingwood

Same applies for the GF. If Adelaide Oval and Perth Stadium are good enough for H & A games, they are good enough for a GF.

The GMHBA final integrity contradiction

I can’t see magpies finishing 3rd… but you never know.

Five talking points AFL Round 16

I seriously hope Freo’s board is already looking at replacements for Lyon… the playing group would surely benefit knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Sure we lose a $1mil paying out Lyon’s last year, but the long term damage keeping him is far worse. Freo will most likely only win 2 more games this season… and that should convince the board to get rid of Lyon, but I would like it to be sooner.

Five talking points AFL Round 16

Take a breath, have a think….
The district rezoning took place before the 2016 election. Trump was a beneficiary of this, any Republican nominee would have been.
You may continue with your insults.

Rapinoe vs Trump: Disrespectful or inspiring activism?

Typo on my part… interference was what I was meaning. Having said that, the House, may yet decide to impeach on grounds of collusion. If you had paid any attention to the FBI’s report, Mueller clearly states it is not the custom of the FBI to lay charges against a sitting President, it is up to the House/Senate to make that decision… think Nixon or Clinton.

Rapinoe vs Trump: Disrespectful or inspiring activism?

The “democratically elected” argument always makes me draw breath through gritted teeth. 3 million MORE people voted Democrat (H Clinton). Voting districts being shamelessly rezoned. You can even add Russian collusion. It is hardly surprising US citizens feel angry about “their” president.

Rapinoe vs Trump: Disrespectful or inspiring activism?

Do you have the slightest idea how much stadia cost to build and maintain? Do you have any idea how much money stadium management bring in for hosting events? Stadiums don’t pay for themselves, the local taxpayer pays for them, and the AFL has given a big middle finger to all the people of WA and SA who forked out to provide a venue for the AFL product to be showcased. How insulting.

Furthermore, Sydney is replacing, and refurbishing, 2 stadia both of which will not be changing seating capacity… and these stadia struggle to fill as it is.

Why the grand final must always be held at the MCG

Think massive debt, think countless games at the MCG which lack atmosphere due empty cavernous stadium, think poor viewing in the nosebleeds at the MCG, think overseas sports comps that rotate GF hosting in sub 100k stadia, think of the eternal goodwill by rotating the GF across the nation, think of vic teams having home ground advantage every GF, think of being inclusive… yeah… just try and be inclusive when you call it the Australian Football League.

Why the grand final must always be held at the MCG

Your comment is not self evident, you made a ‘terrible, emotional, and reason free’ comment. Do you see the irony?

Giving to Israel Folau isn't patriotic, it's funding fanaticism

“Will our children and grandchildren be unable to think, unable to construct an argument, and unable to hear a differing view without offence, outrage, or crying?”
Are you able to expand on why you think this would be the case? The lack of critical rationale makes your comment hard to follow.

Giving to Israel Folau isn't patriotic, it's funding fanaticism

Yeah, FIFA would want a large gap between asian timezones doing world cup hosting. China going first is best all round: puts distance between the $30m taxpayer funded failed bid, gives Indonesia time to improve it’s domestic comp, and improve domestic security in regards to potential terrorist threats. And Australia would probably be better served trying to host the Women’s World Cup first.

Why an Australia-Indonesia World Cup bid is worth it, even if it fails

I don’t think Geelong have issues playing away from GBHMDMA stadium, there trouble is playing after a break. As the author says, the QF and , likely, the PF are after breaks… that is there Achilles heel.
Geelong were always going to drop a game, or maybe 2, in the back half of the season. And that can be beneficial, it can help refocus… it doesn’t hurt when you have some clear air at the top of the table.

Four talking points from AFL Round 14

Yeah… Port plays like too many players are on the multibets. lolz

Previewing the 2019 AFL dark horse derby

Unfortunately it is 3am on the Western seaboard. But I do like the fact I can watch a recording early-ish, say 7am like today, and successfully avoid hearing the result beforehand.
Go Matildas!

Sam Kerr hits Jamaica for four, as Matildas progress to Round of 16 at World Cup

That would annoy me, having security constantly interupting your view… everyone knows you wait for a break in play to move in and out of your seat.
I went to the Lions v Dockers game at Perth Stadium and didn’t notice security, but I wasn’t looking closely either.

Five talking points from AFL Round 13

Regarding the changes in stadium security procedures, I am of the view that Melbourne stadia management have copped a spray from AFL HQ over the many incidents of violence appearing on the news this season… and the impact this might have on crowd attendance. Security staff have probably been told to nip certain behaviour in the bud so to prevent any potential escalation in ‘unruly’ behaviour… this might be where the over bearing security issue now rises – over zealous security who haven’t been educated to differentiate between aggressive or abusive, and passionate crowd behaviour. Have any other venues outside Melbourne seen a change in security procedures/behaviour ?

Five talking points from AFL Round 13

Totally agree with your observations.
Can’t see Gilligan leaving any legacy that benefits Aussie Rules or any competition that is not the AFL, he was even too spineless to say something when Goodes was being booed/bullied every week.

Why the AFL is bad for Australian rules football

The player is using a fully outstretched leg and plants his foot in the middle of someone’s back with a fair bit of momentum behind him… much prefer if the player is closer and climbing up his opponents back.

Outrage as Jeremy Howe robbed of a hanger by the 'Toby Greene rule'

Spot on.
It is almost an unappreciated task being an umpire, yet they are expected to be subject to such unrelenting vile abuse.
Long overdue stance by the AFL, a stance which will not impact crowd atmosphere because the absolute majority of people don’t call their fellow human beings “bald headed flogs” or “maggots”.

Why the AFL is right to remove abusive spectators

So Twiggy had failed business venture(s) in the past, and now he runs a very large, and still expanding mining company, which he built. How many fools could achieve what Twiggy has? Twiggy made a promise to keep the Force running, and fans engaged, whilst we wait for the current SR contract to expire and the new competition begins… in the meantime, the brains trust that runs the ARU/RA, who also have the purest of hearts and no self interest at all, have overseen the brutally rapid decline of the professional rugby brand in this country. Do leaguies even bother threatening to switch codes when negotiating their new contracts anymore?
There is absolutely no chance Twiggy would want to be running a football code, but he could organise the right people to do the job far more competently.
You can call me a Twiggy fanboy if that is what someone is called when they think Twiggy is more capable than RA.

Twiggy: The hero we need but not the one RA deserves

That is an odd claim given Sam Newman just did so… are you just angry that people now get called out for being racist and misogynist? Last time I checked, it is an absolute majority of old, and middle aged, white fellas that make up parliament… what are you on about?

Sam Newman opens up about the Footy Show axing

Lyon… definitely Lyon.

Bolton booted: Carlton sack third senior coach in eight years

Double edged sword for sure.
Cats play Sydney, Freo and Brisbane away in their last 5 rounds so that should offer them some testing games. But, round 23, they play Carlton before the pre-finals bye… that might leave them a bit under done for the first final. Top 2 finish could see them host WCE or GWS, or play Collingwood at the MCG… it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

Five talking points from AFL Round 11