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I think you’re the one crying BM … cause the roosters are out so you’ve no one left to pay out.

Gamesmanship, grace, humility and did the Eels get hosed? Talking points from NRL finals Week 2

Thanks for update on Sharkies … a few weeks back I was trying to tally up injuries to other teams to get a comparative – I think Storm were down for a few weeks, I know Bunnies were (i think down 8 at one stage?), Penrith a few including that stint with no Cleary, etc… – didn’t know Sharks had those players out for that long

‘Craziest coaching year I’ve had’ excites Robinson

good to see you up BigMig

‘Craziest coaching year I’ve had’ excites Robinson

they shud mic up Bellamy during one of his rsnts

'Don't f---ing go me, c--t': Victor Radley bows out of 2021 with foul-mouthed challenge

ditto Tony

Josh Morris given a fitting send-off as his illustrious NRL career comes to an end


Trent Robinson's classy message for NRL despite crushing finals loss

I shared my thoughts on another thread and wanted to repeat here as feel its relevant – one thing I liked about Robbo’s press conference was his acknowledgement of the NRL – I get there were alot of frustrations this year (and last) and some hard challenges that the NRL had to face and work through – and listening to Robbo describe the effort they went to for the players, partners, to keep the game going for the season … I for one am so appreciative of this effort and the opportunities to watch my weekly fix of footy.

'The Roosters had no answers': Talking points from the Sea Eagles' decimation of the Roosters

What I liked about Robbo’s press conference was his acknowledgement of the NRL – I get there were alot of frustrations this year (and last) and some hard challenges that the NRL had to face and work through – and listening to Robbo describe the effort they went to for the players, partners, to keep the game going for the season … I for one am so appreciative of having been able to watch my weekly fix of footy.

I’d also like to ditto his words on JMoz … so good to see him receive a standing ovation.

‘Craziest coaching year I’ve had’ excites Robinson

captainpale … when you do something that others do not, that makes you a better person … vs pointing fingers and saying ‘just because they don’t do it then I don’t need to do it’ – I think that’s Andy’s point, an opportunity for LM to show personal leadership in amongst the enormous talent he has

Hit for six: Latrell done for season as verdict lands

Andy, that’s what I’m been trying to find out … has he apologised? I’ve been trying to find out and in amongst this just saw a photo of Joey post-op.

I know some Roarers thought it might have been a hard hit gone wrong, whilst others felt it was a rubbish hit – either way I’d have thought an apology would be a good gesture amongst mates. I’m thinking back to Harawira-Naera and his brutal hit on Jahrome … yep, it was bad and he knew it and came straight out with a sincere apology (he was even apologetic on the field … although I thought the touching of Jahrome’s backside as he was being escorted from the field might have been a bit much 🙂 ).

Hit for six: Latrell done for season as verdict lands

Whilst not a souths fan I still reckon they’re a strong team without LM … like Parra last night and the comment from one of the Roarers about having ‘such a good win up their sleeve’ … would be good to see the bunnies ‘click’ with the talent they have available.

'Tough road ahead': How far can Souths go without Latrell?

thanks for sharing Clint … hadn’t come across and did enjoy the read 👍

Robbo backs Walker after 'ridiculous' wrong way play to get Roosters home

If they were ill-informed and thought they’d have a merry drink gathering then why run and hide (under beds, in cupboards, etc.. – could imagine the frolics of police rounding people up from all types of hide-e-holes).

As with a heap of other comments it was a bad call whichever way you look at it – breach of numbers, organising a gathering in which some players had to travel beyond Greater Sydney (Shellharbour is just south), disrespect shown to other clubs (i.e. Warriors) and fans / supporters … and of course there is the issue of disturbing the neighbours.

'What are these peanuts doing?': Full list of shamed Dragons' fines, bans

Guess the roosters haters are out of their cage as well. In their chat about the lads were chatting about whether Welch v Walker deserved a penalty – not sure why you want to bring historic events back into play. If you want to do that then let’s go back to so many other tackles this session where what Welch did would have earned him 10 in the bin.

One example for the rooster haters was when they were blowing up at Taukeiaho when Cleary slipped and fell into the tackle … ‘he led with the arm’ … ‘used unnecessary force to the head’ … and other comments – the judiciary said Taukeiaho was not guilty – and so if Welch’s was an accident then surely Taukeiaho’s was as well … but then the refs must also be rooster haters as Taukeiaho was sent for 10.

Good on Walker for stepping up to give it his all (and not first choice for Robbo who has been trying to keep him from 1st grade but with the injury toll decided to play him) – and yep he’ll be a target for the big fellas like he was with Brisbane and now Storm – but he’s still giving it a crack.

Fifita needed to be sent off v 10 mins … so perhaps there was some love coming back to haunt the chooks.

Great discussion and thanks for sharing the rule interpretations – have copied those to keep as a reference.

Brendon calling Kerry ‘Karen’ … that’s poor form mate … if I’m assuming it was meant the way it read … it doesn’t show respect to women nor to people sharing their perspective.

James Tedesco takes on the Melbourne forwards sparking an all-in scuffle

Which begs the question … at what point does at least some responsibility also fall on the attacking player?

Was Taukeiaho unlucky to be sent to the bin for this accidental high shot?

I agree with you Harry … if you watch it in slow motion which was what the Bunker obviously did then you could say Taukeiaho led with his left shoulder … in the blink of an eye as Cleary is falling I’m not so sure?? But if them’s the rules then them’s the rules.
I think at most it’s going to be a fine but the damage was done by being sent off for 10 minutes (although the chooks made errors aplenty to help the panthers to their merry score).
Whilst Taukeiaho is a grey one I’m still scratching my head over why Reece was sin binned?

Was Taukeiaho unlucky to be sent to the bin for this accidental high shot?

Related to this is how Robbo is starting to show obvious signs of frustration. I get it must be hard patching a team together each week (had to drop Walker this week and shuffle backline again) and was thinking that maybe you could lend him your glasses Big Mig so he can see that everything is consistent and hunky doory in the world of NRL.

And I for one agree with crackdown (having been knocked out a few times myself when playing reps for the pure intention of being rubbed out of a game) – my frustration is actually the lack of consistency and so can feel for not just Robbo but other coaches (e.g. Proctor last week) and lack of commonsense (e.g. Reece Robson’s tackle on Tolman … you want players to go low to avoid contact with the head then how low do you want them to go? it was shaping up to be a great tackle before Tolman lowered himself and so instead of being rewarded is punished with 10 in the bin??).

Was Taukeiaho unlucky to be sent to the bin for this accidental high shot?

Victor, mate. This isn’t just about you! Adjusting your tackling style might be a good thing for your team, safety of other players and supporters … and just maybe for you in the long run. Just saying.

Victor Radley insists he doesn't need to change technique after failing at the judiciary

mate, i played reps for the tigers and still have scars to prove it … they are one of my team along with titans of late, saints cause mates of mine play SG Ball for them, and a few others … i was born in kings cross when roosters where Eastern Suburbs or thereabouts (anyways they were the team to support amongst the street kids of the time) … the first game I watched live was souths vs saints when i was 4 yrs old in the old stadium (and still remember it as if yesterday) … i love watching and supporting all these teams cause I love this game – i can also applaud the performance of teams I dislike and actually despise

I can also applaud most of your comments as well … i actually gain a lot from reading and listening to different perspectives including your own … my comment is that it gets boring when you throw out the same trash with an obvious bias … I’m still waiting for someone to produce evidence of claims just so simple minds like me can gain some greater understanding of all this corruption, etc…

there are games and decisions that do favour some teams vs others and I’d hope they even out in the swings and round about arguments

I love the rivalry between supporters as much as the game … I love NRL and have so long but what I’m finding tiring is the repeated comments about some teams … it’s always their fault or they’re always rorting the systems, etc. … storm, broncos (for a time), roosters, manly (back in the silvertail days), etc…

so if loving this game and a host of teams and still applauding the performance of teams I dislike is fraud, then yep I’ll own that – if this means i can enjoy games without feeling like its all a conspiracy then yep, I’m a fraud – as for gutless I’m not sure as from yesterday till today I’ve enjoyed a good breakfast and lunch and it seems to have digested

anyways mate, thanks for coming back to me and for sharing your thoughts – as I said, love and enjoy different perspectives as gives me a chance to learn and perhaps see things in a different way … I’ll back off the bias comments and enjoy the other elements within your posts … cheers

The NRL stuffed its messaging. Have they lost the crowd?

And for the record I’m totally with TB on this in that we all agree something needed to be initiated … and we applaud that something has … what has people upset is the flip flop from one week to the next vs a clean slate from the start and those teething problems sorted out in the off season – it’s what Justin Holbrook said in his post match with the super league in looking to wipe out players feining injury. They pulled all the clubs together had a collective agreement and worked together to remove it. From what he said it worked well and provided a united and consistency approach. And I think that’s what TB is getting at.

The NRL stuffed its messaging. Have they lost the crowd?

BM … your comments are so bias and BORING … it’s the same anti-roosters rorting that goes on and on across various platforms. Give it up mate and get a life. What’s turning me off the game is relentless rubbish dished out by you and it’s hard to avoid given you pop up here and there. If you’ve evidence put it out there otherwise … again, get a life mate. Or perhaps try balancing your bias so we can find out how much other teams are rorting as well. Of course not your team … they’d be squeaky clean … nothing to see here.

And I’m not a roosters supporters … just a supporter of a team I’m hoping will make the 8 (and has for awhile).

The NRL stuffed its messaging. Have they lost the crowd?

Mary and others,

I’ve read through the comments (at least I’m pretty sure I have with respect the following question?).

I thought Rads was due for suspension and was curious if what the storm said about the incident could have been used as a limiting influence / in defence? I know some comments have made mention of how Rads defence made reference to previous incidents (e.g. Mitchell’s previous years).

Latrell Mitchell and Cody Walker need to clean up their games

so true mad dog … reckon penrith v bunnies will be a cracker game with plenty of focus on attack … reckon your game v raiders will also be a cracker

Three-peat over! Roosters dream ends after loss to Raiders

to carry on about a ‘thing’ that happened last year takes away a great game by raiders … they got a lucky bounce of the ball toward the end … morris almost lost his head (one thing to be falling into tackle but another to continue with it) … so what?

that’s footy and in the end the raiders were too good and deserved any ‘luck’ that went their way – they’ve had a tuff run with injuries same as chooks and chooks not good enuff (watch Robbo’s press chat)

gun dog … as a storm suppirter you must be looking forward to next week … will be a cracker game but still think you’ll have too much for raiders … so guess we’ll be seeing you in gf (v panthers?)

Three-peat over! Roosters dream ends after loss to Raiders

really gun dog … you’ve been holding on to a grudge for that long??? and totally let slide all the calls that have gone in your favour … pathetic

Three-peat over! Roosters dream ends after loss to Raiders