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Totally agree. The way Wighton’s crimes have been swept under the carpet is abhorrent. Compare the way he got away lightly with it to Matt Lodge. Lodge didn’t put anyone in hospital, didn’t even hit anyone (not for want of trying), but he is still being crucified four years later.

Stuart hits out at Wighton treatment

And let’s not forget Cummins was supposed to be the LEAD referee, and Sutton the ASSISTANT (or pocket ref, if you want to call it that). Why was the assistant ref overruling the lead ref and why did the lead ref obey, when he is the boss?

We have to be honest about refs

That comment makes it very obvious you haven’t watched much rugby league.

Bellamy hints Smith's could call it quits after Mad Monday confession

You didn’t look very hard, if at all, for reports on what Lodge is doing with his life off the field. See the links below.

It is disturbing to see that likes of Russell Packer and Jack Wighton who ACTUALLY put people in hospital have been given far more leeway than Lodge. Is he being treated differently because he plays for the Broncos? He did some extremely wrong things, and apart from the civil courts damages he paid, he has rightly paid a very high price career wise – not allowed to play NRL for 2 years and forgoing the income he would have received in those 2 years.

Personally, I would not like to see Lodge made captain. I don’t think the Broncos would be doing the right thing by him. It would just increase the pressure to possibly unsustainable levels.

Tallis: Broncos may lose fans over Lodge

Lodge spent 2 years banned from the NRL and paid a huge financial price for his drunken actions, but didn’t put anyone in hospital. Wighton from Canberra in a drunken rampage, DID put people in hospital. His punishment was a ten week suspension from playing and a $30,000 fine. That’s what you call a double standard!!

Shane Flanagan may be back, but we must never forget why he was banned

Broncos- They are from Qld and Matt Lodge?

Using that logic, you can’t possibly go for the Raiders. Remember what Jack Wighton did? I’ll refresh your memory- he put people into hospital during a drunken rampage and the NRL gave him a slap over the wrist with a 10 week suspension and a $30,000 fine. But that’s ok, he comes from NSW, sort of.

Lodge didn’t put anyone in hospital during a drunken rampage – he didn’t actually hit anyone ( not for lack of trying). The NRL unofficially suspended him for two years by not allowing a contract to be registered, which means he would have foregone at least $200,000 in contract money.

So come up with a different reason for not supporting the Broncos, or declare you’ve changed your mind about the Raiders because of Wighton. If you don’t, have a look in the mirror, and that is a hypocrite looking back at you.

The neutral dilemma for finals: Which NRL team to support

That the Lodge incident occurred overseas is irrelevant to the NRL. That can be seen by NRL preventing Lodge from playing in the NRL for TWO YEARS. I repeat – Lodge DID NOT put anyone in hospital. Wighton did, and got a paltry 10 week suspension. His offences were far worse than Lodge’s. And Wighton has not been vilified remotely (if at all) to the extent Lodge has in the media.

The only consistency in the NRL is the inconsistency

They are serving the time they deserved to. Can the same be said for Sam Burgess?

And last night……. seeing as Souths are protected species, I watch with interest what the MRC will do about James Roberts cowardly thuggery and Su’a’s double on Alex Glenn and another elbow on Joe O.

Let’s see Bennett back up his comments about supporting the NRL in wanting to get rid of thuggery. Let’s see him help by eradicating it in his own team. Let’s see him walk the talk!!

Bennett backs NRL effort to erode thuggery

While strongly agreeing Matt Lodge should not have did what he did, he didn’t put anyone in hospital. He paid a heavy price, both in terms of money and his NRL career. He didn’t play NRL for over two years.

Meanwhile, Jack Wighton DID put someone in hospital as a result of his drunken violence in 2018. He got a slap on the wrist punishment wise compared to Lodge. He got suspended for 10 games and a $30,000 fine by the NRL. To cap it all off he gets further rewarded with NSW selection this year.

Rather smells of hypocrisy doesn’t it. Lodge got and still gets crucified, while with
Wighton nothing further gets mentioned- like it never happened.

The only consistency in the NRL is the inconsistency

When Wayne Bennett does something (like sack or otherwise get rid of) the recalcitrant thugs called Sam and George Burgess, I’ll give weight to his utterings on the subject. At the moment his comments smell of hypocrisy.

Bennett backs NRL effort to erode thuggery

What I don’t get is why Josh McGuire would even think about doing “facials” or eye gouging given his own personal circumstances. McGuire is legally blind in one eye as a result of an accidental poke in the eye from a teammate.

The day I lost my eye

You would think, he of all people, would be acutely aware of the dangers of fingers in eyes and stay right away from players faces.

He got off lightly twice this season. Now that his team looks like losing him for a minimum of three games, perhaps his coach and/ or the Club officials will sit him down and read the riot act to him. McGuire is a very selfish person on so many levels.

Josh McGuire cops 3-4 week ban for alleged eye gouge

Talk about “blind Freddie’s”. You might see a bit better if you took your blinkers off.

Maloney, Burgess to fight at NRL judiciary

End of first paragraph should read Cronulla, not Brisbane!

Baby Broncos stun Sharks

The author mentioned Cronulla losing 2 players, but for some reason has neglected to mention that Brisbane lost their halfback O’Sullivan at half time and then their centre Shibasaki. When you look at the replacement options available to both teams, which team was in a worse position? I don’t think it was Brisbane.

Lodge should have nothing to fear. Flanagan & Woods with the use of their knees in the same incident against Lodge should pay a price, but probably won’t.

Baby Broncos stun Sharks

Paul. Early this month Paul White (CEO Broncos) said Brisbane was big enough to have two NRL clubs.

In this morning’s Courier Mail, Karl Morris (Broncos chairman) was quoted as saying “a relocated club as a second Brisbane team would stand more of a chance than a start up venture.” He also said “the Broncos had planned for quite some time for how to operate in a Brisbane metropolitan market with a second team”.

How does the above reconcile with your assertion that the Broncos “don’t care about the game” and “only care about the money they would lose if a second team came in”?

What is required is a mature debate about this issue. There is no easy answer to expansion. I personally am not convinced that there are enough NRL standard players available to support an additional two teams. That leaves relocation of two existing clubs. Unpalatable as that would be to club supporters, it can be done successfully – look at AFL with the Swans and Lions – both came from relocated Melbourne clubs.

One round gone and the 2019 premiers and wooden spooners are clear

Agree. Except as there are only four games remaining for Canterbury, suspend him for all of the 2019 season as well. I also wonder, if he did comment as alleged, was he speaking under instructions? That we will never know, unless he drops someone in it.

Matt Cecchin to retire from NRL refereeing after vile death threats

Tim. Do you think Jared Waerea-Hargreaves will get a letter? I was very surprised that he won’t be appearing before the judiciary for what appeared to be a very deliberate knee to James Roberts genitalia. Roberts was already held and on his back when he had his genitalia attacked.

Suck it up Storm and Roosters fans, you were going to lose anyway

I was at the Broncos versus Storm game last night and agree that Slater’s supposed try opens a can of worms. The ruling certainly goes against the interpretation applied in recent and not so recent times.

I would be interested in fellow Roarers thoughts on whether, in scoring that try, Slater has used an offside player, either deliberately or accidentally, as a shield. I am aware the “offending” player was the man who played the ball, but Slater did not kick from dummy half, but as second receiver. The Brisbane player (Alex Glenn) was clearly impeded/ made unsighted by Kaufusi. Should it have been a penalty to Brisbane?

Roosters win the set 6-0, the watershed Warriors and Wayne licks his wounds

It seems to have been missed that Todd Carney has been signed by Cairns based Queensland Cup team the Northern Pride for at least the 2018 season. I suspect it probably goes without saying that the Cowboys will be keeping a very close eye on Todd.

Should he be allowed to return to the NRL? Yes I think so. He has committed some unsavoury acts along with a few crimes, but if the NRL can see fit to allow Russell Packer back into the game after what he did, Carney should also be allowed back (again). All of his indiscretions appear to have taken place whilst under the influence of alcohol, so if he hasn’t already done so, he probably needs to swear off the grog while he is in the public eye

Todd Carney should get one more go

Henry is talking about the second tier cap – a different cap and one Hayne is not included in.

Henry: Salary cap doesn't work for us

You should be careful of the comments you make. This one should lead to defamation action. Show the “evidence ” instead of attempting to ruin a person’s reputation

What do you do when a member of the ‘grub’ club joins your team?