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Agree totally Cruyff,
It’s as it Warner is doing everything possible just to survive. But unfortunately he has always been a dud against the moving ball. It’s inevitable that he eventually gets one with his name on it.

Without being reckless, I think he’s better off taking the game to the openers. Try and hit them off a length and make them second guess themselves. At the moment, he’s dabbling, flirting, nurdling and finally nicking his way to ugly failures…

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Serious trouble with our top 3..

We can’t carry all 3 of them (especially now without Smith to save the day…) therefore Bancroft has to go, with Khawaja on notice. Another dud test from Ussie and Smith takes his spot in game 4.

4.Khawaja (last chance)
7.Paine (I honetly think Carey offers more but that’s for another time….)

Starc must play, even if he doesn’t take the new ball, we need his ability to rip through the tail (oh..and give Archer his comeuppance!)

Cummins to sit this one out and be back for the final 2 tests…

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Unbelievably witty. Classic…

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

Question Ronan..
Let’s say its 2-all heading into the deciding 5th test…ashes are on the line.
Based on what we’ve seen so far (and with our knowledge of what Starc brings)… what 2 quicks are picked?
Do we actually know who our best 3 fast bowlers are atm??
Surely Siddle isn’t one of those 3??

Hazlewood fires in Ashes comeback

Jeez selectors can’t win…

Fans: “We need to start building combinations bc time is running out before the RWC..”

Same fans: “why isn’t Cheika experimenting with X player, in X position….”

I’m no Cheika fanboy, but it honestly seems there’s nothing he can do which will please the rugby public.

How ’bout we just shut up about selections, and support the 23 blokes picked to win us back the Bledisloe…

James O'Connor confirmed to start in Bledisloe 1 as Wallabies make shock change at hooker

I thought the same. Although his lineout presence was really good. But way too many unforced errors to start. He seems to lack basic catch, pass, decision making skills at times… just not good enough.

Wallabies chip away in Argentina Test win

I seriously dont understand the love that people on the roar have for toomua. He is so overrated!

What does he actually offer at 10? Sure he’s a decent defender, but in attack he stands so deep in the pocket and either kicks, or shovels the ball along to someone outside him. Not to mention his goal kicking…

No way he goes to the WC based on that performance…

Wallabies chip away in Argentina Test win

As much as I don’t particularly like him (he got off far too lightly for me…he took sandpaper onto the field!), but in the context of the match, that was a very impressive knock from Bancroft.

For mine, he’s leap-frogged the other openign contenders now, and I guess Labuschange at 6?! (although, that top 6 doesn’t neccessarily fill me with confidence…)

Forecast for a low-scoring Ashes between two weak batting line-ups

This is going to be an outstanding series! I cannot wait…

How good is test cricket when the pitches offer someting for bowlers as well.

Give me 4 day tests in England, over scores of 4-500 like an MCG test any day!

Selectors must opt for Siddle over Starc in first Ashes Test

Pretty happy with that.
Although the clock is ticking…surely at some point we pick a starting XV and stick with it.
Combinations and familiarity are vital in a WC!

Christian Lealiifano headlines raft of changes to Wallabies team for Argentina clash

Question for another day, but I wonder how many tests Trent Copeland would have played without Lehmann’s “speed kills” mantra. In a different area, he could have been a lock for Ashes tests in England.

For mine, I just can’t see how you can leave Starc out of a test team. With the rough he creates for Lyon and his abilites against the tail, I think he needs to be there.

If it really is a green top, I’d be tempted to play 4 quicks and Labuschagne (as a spinning option). Otherwise, on a docile deck, Lyon must play.

For mine:

Selectors must opt for Siddle over Starc in first Ashes Test

Certainly both had deficencies, but different types.

For me, Harris’ issues are mental. He plays at balls he should let go. For someone so young in his test career, I think he can easily sort this out and is worth persisting with.

Burns though, for me it’s an inherent deficiency that he didn’t improve in the time between his test stints. Similair to Handscomb, I just don’t think he has what it takes against a singing ball.

Happy to be wrong…

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

Normally I’d agree Chris. But these knocks from Carey weren’t your typcial crash, bang, wallop which inflate your average during a meaningless limited over series on Australian roads.

They were composed, gritty and technically sound innings in very high pressure situations, against some outstanding attacks on bowler-friendly English wickets.

IMO he’s shown enough to warrant he’s good enough (and he’s in form).

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

Yeah, I’m sure Carey won’t play.
But if this squad was being picked 100% on form, surely Carey is a better keeper/batsman vs. Paine.
I would be really surprised if Paine outscores Carey in this match, but yeah he will be picked…

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

Yeah, fair comment.
I personally think Burn’s technique around off-stump is too loose to open in England.
The way he plants his front foot and plays away from his body could make him a liability against the swinging ball…but that’s probably a bias I have against him.
If I’m picking him, its a 6 not opening.

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

When picking an XI out of this squad, Smith aside, I find that our most in-form top 7 are all left-handers..

Is this a probel do you thing Ronan? I’m sure in the past many teams would have had RH-heavy lineups. Was it thay big a deal then…

Picking on current form, it’s feasable we could end up with:


I just wonder whether a perceived need to balance the lineup with some RH’s might unjustly catapult a Burns, Labuschagne, Bancroft, Marsh into the XI at the expense someone perhaps more deserving…

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

I was thinking the same thing when reading this article…

You’re essentially saying we need pick a team to try and out-muscle the boks in a forward-oriented game, and try and beat them in a bombing duel (whilst also noting we have deficiencies in the air)?!?

Now, I’m no Cheika lover, and I agree his attacking gameplan is soooo predictable, but I’m not sure trying to out-Springbok the Springboks (at altitude) is very clever…

My Wallabies team to take on the Springboks

So a private company can’t “virtue signal” but Israel Folau is free to?!?

Gee the ‘this is an issue of free speach’ warriors out there really can’t see past their own hypocrisy…

GoFundMe removes Israel Folau's fundraiser over terms of service breach

Jack, let me pose a hypothetical…

Lets say Michael Hooper overnight converts to some obsecure, extreme form of (choose any religion you like). His relgion relies on a paraphased, translated book which is more than 2000 years old. But he deeply believes every word of it is true.

Michael is the Captain of a sporting team that represents an entire country. His religion teaches that “(insert persecuted minor group here) must change who they are or be executed”.

Are you still telling me, that Michael’s employer has no right to sack him all because he has the freedom to believe whatever he wants? (albeit under Australian law, not the right to discrimiate or vilify others because of it…)

I admit, it’s an extreme example… but hey, freedom of religion right? Keep turning up to work and accept your pay cheque…

Folau hoping to crowd-fund legal case against Rugby Australia

My god the Wallabies to do with him!
What an outstanding 13 and goal kicker he could be…

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?

I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t think Finch is a good enough batsmen to survive the swinging new ball in English conditions.. He’ll be a walking wicket all tournament.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

Great innings from NCN, but unfortunately I think he’ll be dropped.

Our 5th bowler is going to be targeted by oppositions, so the 4th genuine option can’t keep going at more than 6rpo.

Lyon in for NCN against India for mine…

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

Unfortunately I fear the biggest flop has the potential to be Finch.

I like him, ne’s a decent skipper but he just can’t handle the balling swinging back into him.

When you look quality of opening bowling units of each of the big nations….in English conditions I fear he’s going to be a walking wicket at the top of the order.

Happy to be proven wrong though!

India will win the World Cup - and other predictions



How Australia can win the battle of the big men

Nick, do you think it’s at all possible for Skelton to ever be made into an 8 in the WBs?
He’s always reminded me of a damaging ball runner like a Wille O, but he has the subtle skills to ball play as well?

How Australia can win the battle of the big men