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Retired at 50 Crows Fan. Also support Adelaide United and the Redbacks/Strikers. Fav Quote: 1 you knock back is 1 you will never get!



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So if the batsman leaves his crease before the bowler is expected to deliver the ball is it One Short?

Ravi Ashwin deploys controversial mankad to dismiss Jos Buttler

Well according to the Indian commentator it will all be OK (you gotta laugh)?

Ravi Ashwin deploys controversial mankad to dismiss Jos Buttler

Funniest thing I have read for a while.
Cut the comp to 16 teams (get rid of Gold Coast and North Melbourne) or 14 teams (add Bulldogs and Carlton to the list).

Time for the Tasmanian Devils in the AFL

Jessica Foley? Absolutely smashing them.

Round 6 sets the stage for a frenetic finish in AFLW

Is this the same Free Agent Dangerfield that Adelaide (which held Pick 12) traded out (plus Pick 50) for Pick 9 and Pick 28 plus Gore (albeit that element didn’t work out)?
Is that what Adelaide got dudded on? Pick 9 and Pick 28 instead of Pick 13?

Response: Are Adelaide winning the Dangerfield trade?

Carl wins the internet today.

Australia needs a radically different World Cup squad

Unlucky timing or just plain WRONG?
I lean to the latter. What a load of codswallop,

Australia needs a radically different World Cup squad

Yep – highlighting Worsfold at Essendon was a real cop out when the club has so many underperforming players to choose from (and Daniher is obviously top of that list). Next I expect to see the tea lady listed at Carlton.

The player from your club who needs to step up

Australia would have played that match in 1996 if it wasn’t scheduled for Sri Lanka where the safety/terrorism risk was high! Australia chose to forfeit because of the venue, not the team and country. Indeed, Australia played, and lost, the final to Sri Lanka!
India have asked that the ICC should ban Pakistan from playing anywhere! That is about the country, not the venue.
If that is the case, and there is no safety risk when playing cricket in England, then how does India justify playing them at any stage, anywhere?
In the absence of any mitigating factors (eg: safety risks like those that applied in Sri Lanka in 1996), if India refuse to play a country that is legitimately playing in the tournament then sanctions should be applied by the BCCI ICC.

India, not England, should be World Cup favourites

Nope! That may sound nice in your head dat but the BCCI did request the ICC to ban Pakistan for harbouring terrorists. Has that situation changed (in India’s eyes) because the ICC refused their request?
Refusing to play a match at the World Cup should result in immediate disqualification and ongoing sanctions for India!

India, not England, should be World Cup favourites

Given that the BCCI’s request that Pakistan be removed from World Cricket has been declined I assume that India will not be attending the World Cup (or at least they will forfeit to Pakistan)

India, not England, should be World Cup favourites

Does anyone actually believe that NZ is in the top 5 Test Teams (arguably number 5 BUT no higher)?

The world's second-best Test team just got clobbered by a Bangladesh opener

He has had his chance at Test level and blew it. Time to give the young guns a go (the ones that don’t play the reverse sweep at inappropriate time).
PS: we lost both of those series so he didn’t play that well … and we often play test matches in other countries!

Glenn Maxwell: The 'Big Show' is now Mr Consistent

The stats show that he has a test average of 26!

Glenn Maxwell: The 'Big Show' is now Mr Consistent

I will always remember Collis King smacking the ball around at Portland Oval in a match against the Victorian Country 11. A great day out for a kid.
I also remember a very quick greyhound named Collis Queen which won the SA Oaks (amongst other races).
Such was the notoriety of the West Indies at the time.

The unsung heroes of the great 1980s West Indies team

Any irregular betting transactions on this series?

New look Sri Lanka in historic series win over South Africa

“… the first of the younger generations … Never give up, never give in, support your club.”
Which club will that be now? Obviously not Adelaide United. How long will his support for Western Melbourne last? Depends upon success and the price of tickets I guess!

Western United have the name and colours, now comes the hard part

The AFL will manipulate the fixture again.

The Round 1 fixture the AFL got wrong

Dar also managed to rob Sri Lanka of a wicket at the start of Day 2 when they batted as well!
He may be very experienced but it is now time he retired.

Aleem Dar robs Sri Lanka of a wicket with timekeeping error

Well no “other” interstate teams played a lot of games at the MCG (I am assuming that 1 or 2 games isn’t classed as “a lot”).

Numbers Game: Which teams will rise and fall in the AFL in 2019?

Instinctively I like the concept of promotion and relegation BUT … what happens if/when a team from a city with just 1 club (Adelaide, Perth, Wellington) is relegated and replaced by a cashed up side from Sydney or Melbourne? How will A-League interest be maintained in those cities?
The P&R system may do more damage than good to growth of the game in Australia.

How to implement promotion and relegation in Australian football

How players and the ball are moved around is absolutely determined by the number of players on the pitch at any given time. If you have less players you are chasing players and the ball.
The fishing is good as it seems that there is a tiger prawn on the hook!

Ten-man Reds stun nine-man Roar in A-League

It was not hard for the Roar to play “… some of their best football for a long time in a 25 minute period in the first half,and had 3 goals to show for it” when the referee had reduced the opposition to 10 men with a ridiculous send off!

Ten-man Reds stun nine-man Roar in A-League

Fixturing – Perth often plays mid-afternoon and at difficult times to satisfy an east-coast TV market.
League assisted Marquee Players – Hmmmm – Nope.
Perth are deservedly on top because, despite all of the entrenched bias, they continue to win.

How to get better A-League crowds and TV ratings

Get rid of the “Woe is Me” defence of the game!
Everytime someone says something is wrong with soccer/football the defenders of the game point their fingers at other sports and try and blame the media coverage.
At some stage we will have to address the game’s shortcomings (fixturing, east-coast bias, marquee players for the bigger clubs, dwindling crowds, summer comp, ethnicity in supporting teams …) if it is to grow.

How to get better A-League crowds and TV ratings