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I’ll do everything in my power to get Alex to stay a Rabbitoh. We just can’t afford to lose this guy. You take him out of that game against St. George, we get beat again.

Wayne Bennett says Souths are trying to re-sign Alex Johnston

To those people who thought Alex Johnston was being forced out of our club,its time to re-think . I’ll do everything possible to keep our prolific try scorer at our club.

Rabbitohs keep finals push alive, but Matt Dufty confirms status as NRL's most improved

I think there’s a lot more to write about than coming up with stories like this too frequently. Alex Johnston is not going anywhere and is an important cog in the South Sydney wheel.

Is Alex Johnston on the move - and where would he go?

As long as he goes to South Sydney, everything he’s done so far over contracts is very good work. He is the bravest player in the nrl, Who else would do the Rabbit ears after every single try you score for the Rabbitohs biggest enemy? I’d say Mitchell will be at Souths before the year is out and could even be before week is out.

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

I hardly think Mary is to blame for anything. They only have a couple of big name players and they were either out suspended or injured most of the year. How do think he’d go coaching Easts or Canberra or Souths?

How long can the Dragons give McGregor to turn it around?

That’s actually the worst Gt Britain side I’ve ever seen. The forwards all step around like they are playing five eighth. What ever happened to the old fashioned pin, head down arse up and straight at them. And in defence coming in from the side with a brand new cauliflower ear gift. The whole game of Rugby League is being destroyed. Bring back the heavy duty forwards. If someone doesn’t want to play League, so what. Let them go to soccer or wherever. But turning a gladiator sport into a Mary Poppins festival is sacrilege. Perhaps the hiarachy should sack themselves or go get a job with basketball or psychology somewhere.

Kiwis beat Great Britain

I can’t really believe there is all this circus happening without Latrell moving to the Rabbitohs. It’s the club he and his family support and and he was looking for a soft way out of the Roosters to he could go there. My tip is HE WILL.

What is Latrell Mitchell really worth?

Jake. For his all-round football ability and not just bash n barge runs.

Who would you rather? Jake Trbojevic or Jason Taumalolo

Both are very good players. It also depends on which one plays better with the current players in the team. Luke Keary in my personal opinion, is a better player that Cameron Munster, but that doesn’t always work within a team.

Who would you rather? Cam Munster or Luke Keary

That is totally untrue RJ. I go to the club/oval/cafe Tues, Wed, Thurs every week and I see Greg just about every day I’m there. That is except when he was in Hospital. Sometimes it’s best to find out the truth for yourself and not just go off what you hear.

If Sam Burgess retires, South Sydney must pay the price

To be honest, I’m no so sure we are going to win this game tonight. Overall I think we can get the better team together, but not certain about tonight. Go Roooos.

How on earth did Cameron Murray get left out of the Kangaroos side?

So true. Big Mal has to be loyal and whilst it’s fine for Souths fans to hold Cam in such high regard, right at this moment in time Man doesn’t agree with us. But I’m sure he will. Can is a bench player for the blues and Bennett gives him plenty of rest at Souths games. That’s always stunned me because I believe he is an 80 minute player.

How on earth did Cameron Murray get left out of the Kangaroos side?