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Go for it David, I’d vote for you. You’d be a leader with morals and would represent the younger generations like mine far better than the current failing crop! Hope he goes far post rugby.

PM Pocock? Champion Wallaby ponders politics after rugby

Yeah I like the look of Mark Nawanqanitawase, is a real goer

Rugby Australia target Suliasi Vunivalu for 2023 World Cup

Two/three years too late, but please take clyne, castle etc with you cheik they’re just as responsible for this. I wonder though how we’ll shape up next year with the exodus overseas, it’s starting to look a bit desperate. Let’s just hope the next coach will analyse the opposition as well and can use some of the young talent coming through but to me there’s a generational gap between the current crop and say the u20’s/schoolboys of this and last year who have some good players running around. I wonder if Dave Rennie will get the gig, I don’t care who really so long as they do a good job!

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

We’ve had so many leaked team selections and breaking news over the last few years it’s an absolute joke. The RA, foxsports partnership and everyone involved is such a farce

With a massive selection gamble, Michael Cheika rearranges the deck chairs once again

And with this last selection gamble the funeral pyre was launched. I have no hope for a team coached and selected by Cheika ever again sadly. If they got up on Saturday I’d be amazed and happy but I think instead it’ll be about change this weekend and, I pray, new beginnings. I hope with Cheika Clyne, Castle etc go too but we’ll have to wait longer for that I reckon.

With a massive selection gamble, Michael Cheika rearranges the deck chairs once again

This world cup started great and has just descended into being an absolute farce. From the over zealous reffing, the TMO’s and now this, it is just a joke. I suppose also add on the clown continuing doing what he’s doing with the wobblies and it just makes for one big **** storm (pun unintended).

Typhoon Hagibis has everyone stirred up at the RWC

You should be a motivational speaker. Can we get you in the WB sheds before the QF by any chance?

A Wallabies Rugby World Cup quarter-final against England: Dream or nightmare for Michael Cheika?

What I’m depressed about is having a chat with my dad after watching that game and both agreeing that they could have won that game and so many others over the past 4 years. But, Coaching i.e. selections, gameplans (or lack of), ill discipline and bad culture among so much more have just continually let down the side – so so so so dumb. At times this evening I was physically hitting myself aghast and in frustration!! This is it though, no coming back from Cheika and if we get past the quarters I’d be shocked – simply as he has and will be continually out coached. We’re losing not through lack of ability but gameplans and ill discipline – that comes down to the coach. The faster he’s gone the better.

Wales withstand Wallabies' second-half fightback

How come news of team selections, jake white phone calls and all the rest of it are constantly being ‘leaked’ or made public prior to an actual announcement? I’d be really interested to know what’s going on but to me it makes it all look like a joke. But then again that’s what professional Aus rugby and the games higher reaches have become. Cheika is making a joke of the WBs and continuing with pooper only exacerbates this to my mind. Hooper is not first choice 7 when pocock plays yet he’s still slotted in with C next to his name at the expense of lineout for one. Poor management and coaching gameplans, analysis and selections litter the last 4 years and I doubt the results will be much changed in the rwc. It’ll be the quarters for us – if we get past Fiji. I’ll be supporting them as I support the jersey but Im at a low ebb, knowing that the jersey is being tainted by farcical management from the coaches to the admin. I’ve reached rock bottom, im just hoping that there isn’t a false floor….

Return of the Pooper: David Pocock and Michael Hooper set to start in World Cup opener

Here here Simon mate, now we just need some capable administrators.

Personally, I also think if we can get Twiggy back and involved, even if it means bartering for the re-inclusion of the Force into SR, then there’s some light ahead for us as money truely does talk.

How can Australian rugby protect itself from rich European clubs?

Banks > AAC, Jones/Samu/Wright > Dempsey. I’m unsure about Petaia being there so young but he’s a great player with speed, happier to see him than AAC. Nevertheless, it doesn’t bode well for Cheika’s last hurrah imo. With the complete lack of nous and gameplans revealed in the Eden Park test we’d best hope for dry pitches over there, and our fair share of the rub of the green…

Wallabies name 31-man squad for 2019 Rugby World Cup

Tactical kicking will be a huge part I think Mungo, that and an effective chase – and I ca’t say it enough – organised defence is key!

Michael Cheika sticks solid with winning Wallabies, confirms team for Bledisloe 2

I’m glad it’s relatively unchanged but my main sticking point is AAC – I’d rather Banks for his kicking and speed, he’s also got a rugby noggin alike AAC but I suppose they’ve gone with experience in the big game – see how it pans out. We need to execute all over the park on par at least to last week whilst maintaining discipline, intensity. Above all this though, we need to pick up our defence. I really hope they get it done, we need the Bled back.

Michael Cheika sticks solid with winning Wallabies, confirms team for Bledisloe 2

I don’t like AAC either Peter, well past it imo but I suppose Cheika wants experience for this decider. I agree that LSL should be the replacement lock but if we wanted to keep a winning team the same I think Jones and Wright on the bench would have been a better option. I just hope the Wallabies improve defensively as it wasn’t a highlight of last week at all. All the guys need to step up and deliver again, I want to see the gravy train rolling on because Aust really needs the Bled back.

All Blacks axe stars for Bledisloe decider

A good win but no time for complacency. This Saturday is the real litmus test and a shot at the Bled. Too many times in recent history we let one win define the team – it has to be about consistency instead. We need strings of wins against the very best and we need to keep this ball rolling next Saturday at Eden park. The ABs will be up for it and we will need to exceed our performance to ensure we break some hoodoos this weekend. Defensively we need to improve, especially off turnovers – something we’ll need to continue to minimise going forward. The WB’s also need to be aware of the conditions as it will likely be wet and windy in NZ. At the garden of Eden I want to see the forwards competing as well as they did and bring grunt and grit. I want to see is a smothering defence and game control allowing the Wallabies to have the same amount of territory and possession as in Perth. We need a replicate performance and great intensity to bring home the Bled. If we can do that then I think anything is possible.

Wallaby gold and 'dumb' All Blacks in a Test for the ages

Need to improve our D and maintain the fire for the next one, consistency is key! So let’s see it guys, keep the ball rolling

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

That is a good point PeterK, I suppose his jackaling is something that we would be remiss to have without Pocock, unless Hooper plays tighter. Why I’d love Wright at 6; jackaling, breakdown work and a lineout option with a bit of mobility.

James O'Connor confirmed to start in Bledisloe 1 as Wallabies make shock change at hooker

Not great, not terrible team.

I like the reserves for impact, maybe Banks and Beale switch in an ideal world, not sure. Jones/Wright at 6 would be nice, LSL isn’t a proper 6 but hope he goes good. FF what has he done wrong? Good to see some props being awarded positions on form. I’m more concerned about defence and the usual lack of gameplans and nous though. OC a 13? I’d prefer TK for defence alone and spark plug JOC for a finisher but the jury’s out, let’s see how he/we go on Sat. We’d better pick up our skill level compared to how we played vs RSA and Arg and hope that the “soaking” defence works like Kafer thinks it will, but again I worry about the lack of nous and the line identifying when to rush up or not. I suppose we’ll see, and I’ll be behind them 150%, but god under Cheika I’m at a low ebb heading into this Bled 1.

James O'Connor confirmed to start in Bledisloe 1 as Wallabies make shock change at hooker

Better team than last week but it won’t matter, gameplans, in-game tweaks, discipline etc. all lacking from our sub-par coaching setup. I said it before the RC and lo and behold it was revealed again and rehashed in the forums last week. We’ll win (insert your own expletive) all until a better coach arrives. It’s going to be a tough year and it incenses me that in so we’re prolonging another year onto the rebuild for the Wallabies. I feel a bit clueless actually as to what to feel but whatever is inside me it isn’t hope, the little speck of that which still existed was weathered away for good last week.

Christian Lealiifano headlines raft of changes to Wallabies team for Argentina clash

I think I want to cry

Returning veterans headline the first Wallabies squad of 2019

Still some players I’d definitely not have picked but maybe the selection panel has had a bit of word in Cheika’s ear…still, now it comes down to game plans and we’ll be lacking there again as usual.
My 23 from the squad picked would probs look like:
1. Slipper 2. Folau F 3. AAA 4. 5. Arnold 5. Rodda 6. Jones 7. Hooper 8. Naisarani 9. White 10. CLL/Toomua 11. Maddocks 12. Kerevi 13. Kuridrani 14. Hodge 15. banks 16. Sio 17. Uelese 18. AAA 19. LSL 20. Valetini 21. Genia 22. Toomua/CLL 23. Beale

On form anyway I like this team but I doubt we’ll be spared the tahs though sadly. Suppose I’ll just leave it up to the “brains” trust.

Returning veterans headline the first Wallabies squad of 2019

Fantastic writeup Geoff, I’m not in the age group you’ve identified but it’s certainly something I’ve dealt with personally in my life and a topic close to me. Positive mental health is all about talking and expressing how you feel, but I’ve only just realised that opening up for the first time myself. An utter utter tragedy. We can’t empathise with his family and the magnitude of feelings they would be suffering unless we’ve had the dreadful experience affect us in our own lives, but I know by nearly putting loved ones in my life in such a position that it is soul destroying. For the better, we all need to show more love and really ask the question “are you ok?” Again Geoff, thank you for highlighting a bigger issue, it strikes resonant a chord.

A message to all rugby players: It’s ok to be not ok

Apparently Dave Rennie is firming as a bit of a frontrunner for 2020 coach MH01

Take note, Michael Cheika: Canberra must be the Wallabies' power base in 2019

I actually had him at 14 mate! I should apologise for the wonky way I listed it here. But it’s a very good point, might be worth switching him and banks. Pace, decision making and kicking all there from him. I remember his booming kicks getting noted from 15 when the Aus u20 beat the AB u20’s a few years back too.

Take note, Michael Cheika: Canberra must be the Wallabies' power base in 2019

Agree 110% Nick! Had the same conversation over the weekend too whilst watching the horrortahs getting a shellacking from a team I have high hops for in the finals. My WB’s 23 for the rwc first game (providing good health) would have 1.) Slipper 2.) Folau F 3.) AAA 4.) Arnold 5.) Rodda 6.) Jones 7.) Pocock 8.) Naisarani 9.) Genia 10.) QC 11.) Pulu 12.) Kerevi 13.) TK 14.) Maddocks 15.) Banks 16.) Sio 17.) Rangi 18.) Kepu 19.) Coleman 20.) Samu 21.) White 22.) To’omua 23.) Hodge

I thinks that’s the best representation of form players and I included Nic White as he should at least get a look in. Otherwise I’d have Mcdermott. No one else has inspired me, not even Hooper’s one man heroics. Alas, we’ll just have to see what headscratchers MC will come up with this year I worry.

Take note, Michael Cheika: Canberra must be the Wallabies' power base in 2019