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Sports, sports, sports, sports... Bart sits up front cause he’s a good guy st sports.



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I don’t t hi junk there was any race for cousins signature.

They all did their due diligence and droppped out one by one; it came down to Brisbane, st Kilda, Collingwood – Eddie even called Christine Nixon for a bit of intel.

Terry Wallace put his hand up at the last minute out of concern he needed football as distraction, which I thought was pretty decent.

When you’re taken dead set last as a rookie by Richmond (who where a total comedy act at the time) when no one else wants you it’s

Ben Cousins and the logistics of his failed move to the Saints

Good for you jez.

Both the AFL and NRL must make serious cuts to clubs

Oh no jez it definitely wasn’t you personally – you’ve missed the point of my contribution.

There is a real possibility people you know and love could die mate – and although other discussion is a good distraction I think the emotive nature of your article reflects your priorities are out of whack. Seriously.

Maybe it’s your way of blowing off anxiety. Maybe it’s a coping strategy.

But when you’re making factually incorrect statements dressed in emotive angst, then predicting pie in the sky eventualities without supporting your reasoning it’s makes it hard not to argue a case against you.

In addition, you need to know you picked an Essendon supporter who works in public health on a very, very bad day mate, and the mere suggestion of us merging with Carlton makes me think anything your way coming hopefully makes you take stock next time you see fit to pull out the crystal ball.

Maybe make sure it doesn’t have a virus too.

Both the AFL and NRL must make serious cuts to clubs

Carnal treatment?

Tim Paine loving documentary feedback from Aussie fans - and Joe Root

It appears Joe finds Tim a Paine

To make up for it maybe Tim can find Joe a…

Tim Paine loving documentary feedback from Aussie fans - and Joe Root

As opposed to bury your parents in the ground option Jerome?
If it’s that much of a concern mate I suggest find something else to worry about rather than sport.

Both the AFL and NRL must make serious cuts to clubs

The only bashing that goes on these days is wade bashing. I think his numbers stack up fine but he seems to be a target for people that find him unfashionable.
He’s a tough gritty little prick that gets in the oppositions face.
And he’s a decent back up keeper.
And he’s Tasmanian.

How many more chances should Matthew Wade be given?

I like renshaw.

And I like positive articles.

Both rarely sighted these days sadly.

Axing the latest chapter in Renshaw rollercoaster, but he’ll be back

Sloooooow newsweek

No plans for AFL to become AFLM

What’s a presciptive

Why I'm not watching the cricket today

Yes he is.
He’s said we owe it to these communities to read and watch everything we can and the cricket can wait.
I said that’s not something I feel I need to do, and used an analogy. Which is a fair one in the context of what’s being discussed.
Again I’m not having a go at the sentiment and where priorities should lie but I’m not going to fk about and tell everyone drop everything and sit glued to CNN while this happens.

Why I'm not watching the cricket today

It’s horrific what’s happening around the country. That having been said, I don’t go to funerals but it doesn’t mean I don’t grieve or consider that persons contribution in my own unique way.

And I’d never tell someone to do similar.

Why I'm not watching the cricket today

Croft garner marshall holding?

Aussies wrap up MCG Test, series over NZ

I enjoyed reading this article.

Good stuff.

My screen saver shows the shot he practiced whilst prostate on the ground during the ashes.

He’s single handedly destroying kids techniques around the country but so be it.

Love him.

The gorgeous, wonderful madness of Steven Peter Devereux Smith

I know.
Lakes a dog

Three big winners from the trade period

“Lovely stuff”.

Not my words Marcus, the words of Shakin’ Stevens.

AP aside, good observations regarding an appointment that seems open to interpretation by some, but pretty straight forward; woosh was recruited to instil calm and structure in the grimmest of times and did that. His family had gone back which to me meant it was part of the planning which had truck very much in those plans.

Signing him up was an pretty obvious priority; his work with the backs was under rated at times but his reputation as a coach in waiting was well deserved.

I for one welcome our new truck over lord. I also extend a massive, massive thanks to John worsfold who some have overlooked as the factor who bought the peace and healing we needed, and set up the environment for rutten. I think he will be properly appreciated by some in the future as being part of a plan that wasn’t necessarily designed for immediate success, but has given us genuine foundation for success in the future.

Just remember also, hawthorn beat west coast, Essendon plays Collingwood in eliminator who we pushed in the last round, a win and a semi was highly possible.

Totally different legacy for 2019 for club and coach.

Is the Truck ready to drive the Bombers to glory?

“Giving Head…”
Yes I’m 12.

Travis Head obliterates all the nerves in his inaugural Ashes outing

Quite you.

Beattie doubles down on NRL's Folau exclusion

When was he the next big thing? Cause of his name?

Mitch Brown is the most underrated player in the AFL right now

You’re either rated or your under rated. They know what his abilities are so they’re going to be mindful of him. Reverse applies for brown.

I don’t think brown is under rated in any case – there’s just no backman that can go with him for 15 ks a game, any one else that could is just under sized.

Mitch Brown is the most underrated player in the AFL right now

Yes that makes all kinds of sense.

You can’t spell either.

Beattie doubles down on NRL's Folau exclusion

From here it looks like it goes so much deeper in rugby.

Someone ripped a big ball there a while back and I don’t know how they get it back.

I can tell you right now that Gil would still have folou playing for good GWS and gaslight the entire league into thinking they where bigoted racists.

I’d rather castle

It's time for new leadership at the AFL: Why Gil's gotta go

Mate have another read and try again.
If my comment was designed the way you have perceived it than not only would it have been removed by a mod but I would not be here pointing it out to you.

Beattie doubles down on NRL's Folau exclusion

We’re running out of chances.
We need to win as soon as possible.
We heard it here first.

Forgotten Aussie quicks ready to press for World Cup contention

I’m sure nazis have sincerely held views also.
Do you let them in?
I suppose it’ll give goose step a different meaning.

Beattie doubles down on NRL's Folau exclusion