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If Luke Keary is ruled for clash with Souths, Sandon Smith will probably play five-eight with Connor Watson (not Creighton) onto the bench. It would be great to see him back.

NRL Round 3 Team Lists: Bad news for painful Haas injury, Cook benched? O'Brien opens up on Hastings axe amid halves chaos

Stevo, there are frequent train services from Sydney CBD to Parramatta every day of the week. The journey takes just over half an hour. Fyi, Parramatta is Sydney’s second CBD and there is heaps going on.

Is the A-Leagues' Unite Round worth persisting with next season?

Thanks for your insights. I coached juniors 10-12 for a couple of years and agree that tackling, breakdowns and ball retention the most important basic skills for kids. It gives them structure and confidence.

Rugby union vs rugby league: A footy dad's 'little experiment'

The truth is that much of rugby is in fact bash and barge. Endless phases of hit ups from the ruck against well set defences. Then a penalty for a ruck infringement no one understands. Some standing around. Or box kicking. Occasionally momentum is generated and a backline move breaks out. It’s a great game but putting down league as a bash and barge game and suggesting rugby is not ignores reality.

SPIRO ZAVOS: Eddie Jones' coaching flaw is his belief that rugby is the same game as league

A $500,000 a year offer for Creighton as claimed in this story makes no sense since he’s on much more at the Roosters and must uproot his life by moving from Sydney to Perth if he accepts the RA deal outlined here. Why would he do that?

Revealed: Why Rugby Australia won't break the bank on Origin star, NRL chair's pot-shot at embattled code

You’re mistaking the Roosters for the Canberra Faders, who did fall backwards into the semis. In contrast the Roosters finally strung a few wins together.

Round 27 Talking Points: And then there were eight - the key factors that will make or break finals hopes

They’ve been improving for the past few weeks and looked good against Souths, Parramatta, Tigers and Dolphins. One of those is a rubbish team but whatever. They have a superior roster to the Sharks, Robinson’s finally picking everyone in position and most of their players are in good form, including new blood such as Suia Wong and Terrell May. Billy Smith is going great guns, Radley’s pulled his head in, Tedesco is touching the ball less and making a greater impact, Keary has his confidence back, Sam Walker has the x-factor etc. Also their discipline has been better – conceding just five penalties against Souths – they’re scoring relatively freely and defending well.

Round 27 Talking Points: And then there were eight - the key factors that will make or break finals hopes

I’d be surprised if the Roosters lost to Cronulla based on recent form. They looked average against Canberra and only kicked free when playing against 12.

Round 27 Talking Points: And then there were eight - the key factors that will make or break finals hopes

Story correction: The Bears are still a feeder team he Roosters this year, as is the new Roosters NSWRL team. Next year they won’t be.

Bring back the Bears nostalgia only goes so far: Norths no certainty to be a success if brought out of hibernation

That’s incorrect. They pulled their offer and showed him the door.

Latrell, Cody ink long-term deals with Bunnies 'all in' on knocking Panthers off premiership pedestal

Totally agree. Not exactly a selfless decision from Matterson, who has always been about the money. I reckon clubs shouldn’t pay players for the weeks they are suspended.

NRL News: Matterson lashes out at 'absurd' judiciary while sledging Luai, Warrior in strife

Bulldogs beat Sydney (with help of umpires) in 2016 not GWS. Good wrap!

A grand final that's on for young (Sydney) and old (Geelong)

This is what Mitchell does. Athletic freak but emotionally unstable and more into himself than the team. He’s disrespected the Roosters and fans on a number of occasions and his arrogant “what who me?” attitude after smashing former team mate, Manu, a guy he’d played with since teenagers, in the head last year means he is getting everything he deserves from chooks supporters. There is no comparison to Goodes, and for him to raise that shows he has no idea.

NRL News: Latrell likens booing to Goodes treatment, Manly CEO wants change, Chad expects hostile reception

And then there’s the fact they had an easy draw.

'Make it all about us': Inside the Raiders meeting that turned their season around

The grand final doesn’t generate “literally” billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. The pokers machines at NRL clubs probably do though.

Political grandstanding abounds as stadium stoush gets ugly - but it's correct call to cancel suburban upgrades

Yes!! Among the dumbest comments ever by a coach. And that’s saying something. I thought Fogarty was doing a good job and surprised when he was released without an experienced replacement.

'We need an experienced half': Holbrook calls for reinforcements after Foxx trots over for hat-trick

You are correct. I love The Roar btw and read it most days.

NZ View: Wallabies' 'first half was a joke', 'own worst enemies', while Foster decision 'puzzling'

Fair enough Tony. I apologise. I’m a daily news journo who should have kept those thoughts to myself.

NZ View: Wallabies' 'first half was a joke', 'own worst enemies', while Foster decision 'puzzling'

Hi Tony, I like your enthusiasm and some of your yarns but maybe it’s time you and Joe Frost actually interviewed a few people and sourced your own quotes rather than repurposing content created by others and sticking an opinion on it. Perhaps you could even break a story rather than following all the time.

NZ View: Wallabies' 'first half was a joke', 'own worst enemies', while Foster decision 'puzzling'

Where do they get the money from?

AFL austerity is hurting junior pathways

I would also look at adopting a version of the new league rule where an injured player is interchanged if the trainer calls for play to be stopped, thereby allowing everyone to stand around five minutes to drink water and catch their breath. International rugby seems to have a drinks break every 10 minutes.

An open letter to World Rugby: Part 2

I don’t understand the negativity peppering these comments for so many Australian players, Hodge, Paisami and Tupou in particular. Paisami for mine had a very good game and is a long term prospect at 12. Sure, we should have won the match and game management let us down in the last 20, but I feel Australia is a team on the rise with so many young players freshly blooded and a coach who knows what he’s doing.

Wallabies record second draw of the year as Argentina clash ends all square

Banks was a defensive no show for that try scored off the AB line out early in the second half (he was defending at left wing) and and his missed kick for touch in the first half led to an AB try but thought he played well, especially when running the ball. I’d like to see the wings and fullback take more runs against the grain close to the ruck, with the forwards passing more and creating second phase play. Koroibete barely touched the ball.

Drop-goals, debutants and an impending All Black bounceback: Five talking points from Bledisloe 1

What are the allegations? No ones saying.

NRL to investigate shocking Sam Burgess allegations

Thanks for the story.

Signs still strong for Arsenal despite Liverpool drubbing