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St Kilda claim to have 49,000 “paying” members yet after 147 years still needed $102 million from the AFL – they are a basket case.

Have the Gold Coast Suns managed to convert local juniors?

“Monumental waste of money” ????

That title belongs to St Kilda who have been on AFL life support for decades. 137 years and still need $22 million a year from the AFL.

Remind me again how the Saints are growing the game.

Have the Gold Coast Suns managed to convert local juniors?

Don’t blame Paine too much, after all he has the influence of our attack cheating dog at first slip and the classless cheating former captain at second slip.

Good form from Smith messing up Pant’s batting mark. That type of behaviour suggests his claim of being unaware of Warner’s and Bancrofts ball tampering is a lie.

Sack the 3 of them and put in players who will not disgrace our country.

Paine's days as captain numbered: Gavaskar

Nearly on the money SSL.

NSW has twice the population of us (and half the ticker). So just substitute ‘magnificent Qld’ for ‘Australia’ and ‘cockroaches’ for ‘the pom’ and you would get an A+.

NSW relapses: We don't understand Origin again

Great buy Bears.

The endless possibilities of Joe Daniher at Brisbane

Treloar’s situation is complex with a wide range of not necessarily incorrect views:

Treloar – “happy to stay at the Pies while wife and daughter in BrisVegas.”

Collingwood- “you are a much mentally stronger person when Kim is with you. Without her presence we have doubts (about you and us, coz we overpaid you).”

So I don’t have any view on should he stay or should he go. Just hope it works for him, Kim and their daughter.

Unfair treatment of Adam Treloar will cripple Collingwood

The Suns would be crazy to trade any picks for Treloar. His partner Kim has signed a 10 month contract with the Firebirds, so this time next year the Suns will likely face a demand from Treloar to move back to Melbourne (or her home town Sydney).
So Collingwood, no picks and you pay $700,000 of his $900,000 2021 salary and we’d be happy to give him some game time.

Unfair treatment of Adam Treloar will cripple Collingwood

5 teams – u can put lipstick on a pig.

Brumbies halt the Red tide to win thrilling Super Rugby AU final

Hey jb
“…maybe a 10 team A League is all that our code can afford…” exactly right and the sooner the fan base start recognising this reality, the better.
And what is wrong with a top tier made for media product ?
Players, if they are good enough , will rise to this level anyway.
Lets celebrate that the game in this country has many levels and stop being hung up on replicating Euro pro/rel structures.

AAFC releases plans for second division by 2022

Do you really think a 2nd division comp will be FULL of clubs who will each have access to $10 million to pay for an AL licence?

AAFC releases plans for second division by 2022

And if the club who wins promotion don’t have $10m sitting in their bank account do they forfeit promotion?

AAFC releases plans for second division by 2022

5.1 Will the relegated team be refunded their A-League licence fee in full?

AAFC releases plans for second division by 2022

Go ahead, waste your money England.
Your suck up to EUFA shows your “Pride”.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup

And it is the second tine.
The English FA voted against us in the 2022 Mens World Cup – they voted for the USA and out we went in Round 1.
Prince William, then and still the FA President, is a pox ridden mongrel.

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

We were cruelled for the 2022 World Cup in Round 1 when the stinking English didn’t vote for us – just like this time.
William Windsor (FA President both times) should be hung, drawn and quartered.

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

I’m thankful that this vote was the full FIFA Council rather than a Committee of 22.
At least the treachery of the England FA (and their President, William) did not lose us the vote this time around.
William, you may be our future monarch but hopefully this country comes to its senses and gets rid of your pox ridden family once and for all.

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

After his recent comments re expansion hopefully Mr V’landys will change the competition name to ECRL.

Why the NRL can't compete with the AFL in Sydney

Sounds like a job application for the NRL CEO role.
But just as pathetic as his TV interview the other day trying to not gag on his own vomit.

NSW Deputy Premier wants NRL crowds of 40,000 "this weekend"

As a Suns supporter I would let Hanley go. Actually I couldn’t believe he was signed in the first place, given:
– Brisbane let him go when they were looking to build a winning team.
– He is slow.
– People say he is experienced, sure but losing experience is not an asset.
– He is said to be a very nice guy, but in footy that is not important.
– He is now 31 and 27 when recruited and I still haven’t see any upside in him.

Four burning questions for Gold Coast ahead of the AFL restart

Hey, easy there Sprucey.
25,000 seat stadium with 2019 average HOME crowd of 11,417 for the Suns.
This is mainly a Rugba League state and the Gold Coast Titans (twice)/Seagulls/Chargers/Gladiators/Giants only averaged a HOME crowd of 11,587 in 2019 and they have been going locally since 1988 !!!
So the Suns are actually doing a freekin great job and we should have the support of all the AFL community.
In other news, I believe Max King will leave St Kilda in the near future to join his brother Ben at the Suns – after all it’s not as if he is gonna play finals footy at the Saints :))))))

AFL returning on June 11 with use of Gold Coast hub

And that’s on top of having to play matches on Sundays.
Never known a religious rule that couldn’t be broken when money is at stake!!

SA government deals major blow to AFL restart plans

Max King plays for St Kilda, not the Suns. His twin, Ben, signed a 2 year Contract extension in 2019 with the Suns.
As did Jack Lukosius.
As did Izak Rankine.

Max will hopefully be a Sun once he comes out of contract with the Saints. I mean, it’s not as if he is ever gonna play finals footy with the Saints :)))

The ten players your team can least afford to lose: Gold Coast Suns

Hey Gyros, I mentioned St Kilda coz they are the largest Melbourne drain on AFL finances.
The Roos have bludged on the AFL by playing, and getting subsidised, for seasons with games in Canberra, then GC and now Tassie. Good on em they have gamed the system to their advantage. Meanwhile St Kilda just, well, exist without much meaning.

Tassie premier wants struggling club replaced with Tasmanian team

Still shows your “..Get rid of the GC” comment is biased in favour of Melbourne basket cases, so when you make a biased comment I have every right to call it dumb.
PS: no comment on St Kilda?

Tassie premier wants struggling club replaced with Tasmanian team

Wondering why Lennox Head has been ditched for Tamworth?
Have the 5 Warriors reportedly currently in Lennox been too social?

NRL confirm season length, lock in date for grand final