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West of Sydney Magpies (Perth) and North of Sydney Bears (Brisbane) perhaps TB?

Six sells: Why the NRL must introduce a top six finals system

Why dont we just take it all the way to first past the post and not have a finals series? I wouldnt have a clue how a top 7 will work tbh just throiwng them out there. I dont have a problem with the current top 8 and I havent seen any reasonable arguments to even consider changing it.

Six sells: Why the NRL must introduce a top six finals system

As a Cowboys fan, we lose them for maybe just 1 game next year with only another 1 being affected by a short turnaround. Im not worried at all. Morgan played 23/24 games this regular season.

Six sells: Why the NRL must introduce a top six finals system

It also worth pointing up the coaching tree:

Wayne Bennett.
Coaches under his watch: Craig Bellamy, Stephen Kearney, Paul Green, Anthony Griffin

Craig Bellamy:
Coaches under his watch: Brad Arthur, Michael Maguire, Nathan Brown, Stephen Kearney

Others include:

– Mary and Nathan Brown at Dragons,

– BA with Toovs at Sea Eagles and Kearney at Eels

– Trent Robinson and Brian Smith at Knights

– Ivan Cleary and Ricky Stuart/Brian Smith at the Roosters I think

– Ricky Stuart and Shane Flanagan

– Ivan Cleary and Trent Barrett

– Des Hasler and Toovey

– Trent Robinson and Paul Green

A lot of coaches have worked together, developing systems with each other and passed them around, so its not a surprise that a lot of teams have a similiar style.

The NRL is going stale, so let's blood some new coaches to freshen things up

I find it funny that your 2 key examples for the need of a top 6 came in Salary cap punishment affected years. Dragons 2002 (Bulldogs) and only a 15 team comp and Titans 2016 (Eels).

I also find it funny that you think a 14-10 is pretty impressive but a 13-11 is pathetic?

To add weight to your argument you then suggest using probably the worst Top 6 finals formula you could have.

I dont see the point in reducing it to a Top 6. Perhaps if you wanted to ensure that there are no teams with a less than 50% win/loss record implement a Top 7.

Six sells: Why the NRL must introduce a top six finals system

Warriors/Panthers (comeback), Panthers/Cowboys I, Storm/Roosters I, Cowboys/Storm !, Cowboys/Roosters, Raiders/Sea Eagles x 2 were all very good games by my reckoning

Stats suggest this has been the worst NRL season in six years

Dunno Joe, winning from outside the 8 would be extremely unprecedented

And then there were three: The trio of teams that can win the NRL title

Rod Griffen is a War Horse Baz. Served Ipswich well in his time there was an absolute beast capable of playing like an impact front rower for 80 minutes (almost JT13-esque). Can’t beleive he has come so close to contracts and FG at the Cowboys, Broncos, Tigers and now Bulldogs yet, at 30, has never got the chance to line up.

"Contracted players are going to have to move on": Bulldogs skipper James Graham

Mate, Knights havent even conceded 50 points all year.

The Rabbitohs' performance on the weekend was embarrassing

Worst season on what metric?

Stats suggest this has been the worst NRL season in six years

Yep, Cameron Murray has obviously been a very thorough student at the Sam Burgess school of tackling.

Absolute keepers from the Rabbitohs 17 on Saturday are: Walker (as a 5/8), Reynolds, Cook, Crichton, Murray, Graham and Sam Burgess. Young Zane Musgrove and Jack Gosiewski looks the goods too.

The Rabbitohs' performance on the weekend was embarrassing

There were 3 players I was impressed with in the Rabbitohs lineup on Saturday.

– Damian Cook
– Bryson Goodwin
– Angus Crichton

This is for one very simple reason. 78th Minute, down 58-6, Vunivalu breaks through a weak effort from John Sutton and in the clear. The Rabbitohs have 3 chasers: Cook, Goodwin and Crichton. Cook and Goodwin are running from ingoal area and Crichton is running from the far side of the field. They dont give up, they are chasing hard, Crichton forced Vunivalu to kick ahead when he gassed and Cook nearly makes enough effort to force an error at the death from Addo-Carr. It was an immensely impressive effort from those 3 considering the context.

If I was a Rabbitohs supporter, I would have the effort of those 3 first on my team wish list.

The Rabbitohs' performance on the weekend was embarrassing

It would also screw the crowds over even more tbh. Would you want to be at a game where you can follow one game, or at home where you can follow 8. The NRL doesnt have an attendance of culture already.

The NRL's final round should have all games played at one time

They breached the Salary cap last year. This year they have a Salary Cap restriction so are operating below the salary cap. The Drama Semi has caused on and off field? Like what? Being incorrectly accused of domestic violence (reminder that he was cleared in court? And on field? Like his brutal whipping of a horse I would assume.

Why are people getting behind the Eels?

I really really hate this idea and for one reason. I cant watch every if not most of the games. I dont want to switch away from the game my team is currently watching to quickly flick through the other games. I want to be glued to the action for 80mins. Also this would require 8 channels, 8 sets of camera crews, 8 sets of commentators, 8 sets of fans and 8 sets of viewers. It would murder every key value aspect of the NRL as well. Its sounds exciting, but lets face it – we arent the EPL – we dont have 19 games on the one weekend (so they HAVE to have simultaneous games).

The NRL's final round should have all games played at one time

Scott, nice write up, I do enjoy these articles every week. In regards to Jayne you write:

Henry is a coach who, in the face of not having enough talent and injuries made them competitive. Whenever Jarryd Hayne has been on the field, a wheel has fallen off for the Titans

If that is not an indictment on Henry as much as Hayne then I don’t know what is. Hayne, as controversial and influential player as he is, is still just a player. Sure Hayne is probably the most egotistical player of the lot but Henry still has to be able to get the best from them and he confirmed he had ceased communication with Hayne. Why would a coach cease talking to the most divisive player in his team? Crazy Stuff.

Re the Gallen and Keary calls, they were correct but re the Keary call it is also worth noting, not only did he hold onto the player for an age, after the penalty he kicked the ball away when the Sharks tried to get going quickly again, which is what I suspect weighed into the decision to sin bin him.

I can’t believe Dugan missed the bus!!!! For an Australian and SOO representative to be that lacklustre, it is hilarious.

Little wonder the Raiders missed out when you think about it. A poor 1, 6 and 7 even for a lot of 2016 and most certainly was masked by an excellent showing of Rapana, BJ and Hodgson. When you’re relying on a winger and a centre for almost ~40% of your tries while youre halves are running around creating less than 20% you’re going to struggle. (Percentages questionable, but roughly). Sezer and Austin weren’t great last year and this year they sucked with only Sezer pulling out of the slump in that last 4 rounds. Austins defence has directly cost the Raiders a few games this year, wait until the Storm run players at him all night and see if he holds up.

Maloney has had an annus horribilis. He has been shocking.

Cowboys certainly have an bright attacking streak and was glad we finally got out of our slump against our bogey team too. Was a good return to the winner circle and hopefully enough to see us into the finals.

Thirteen talking points from NRL Round 25

Morning KC, the good thing about missing the finals would be the absolute hunger that would drive the Boys next year. I agree too, its been a very couragous and strong year from the squad and we have blooded 7 players as well so a lot of blokes arent all green any more.

Still standing: Each side’s likely ladder finish

1 win will lock up our top 8 spot I reckon. Dragons are suffering from a pretty horrible virus to a fair bit of their squad and will go down this weekend to the Panthers who have a 3-1 W/L record without Moylan this year (only loss was R6 v Souths). Problem is Cowboys play bogey team Tigers at CTown. We have an average record there so hopefully they can roll over the Tigers who have defensive rock ET missing and I believe a shuffled backline we maybe able to take advantage of. I dont see us winning against Broncos, I see us being in the fight til the 79th minute but losing a heartbreaker.

Still standing: Each side’s likely ladder finish

Imagine being so pathetic youre complaining about being robbed v the Knights yet still expecting a Top 8 berth

Still standing: Each side’s likely ladder finish

Who said that? I had not seen it

Sacking Neil Henry was gutless

I think everyone underestimates the amount of money that clubs get subsidised when using Allianz and ANZ.

Our stadiums are empty, but does it matter?

Its not the worst decision if what I have heard is correct, and that is that Henry refused to speak to Hayne and they did have a division. If that is the case, then that is pathetic as a head coach, his job is to manage the egos of his team no matter how big or small. Ask a good coach like Wayne Bennett.

Sacking Neil Henry was gutless

TBF, Roosters 3 biggest crowds have been the ANZAC day clash (40,864), Central Coast Stadium (20,060) and Adelaide (21,492). Without those 3 games, i.e their regular home games at Allianz, its just a 11632 average

Reduce the number of Sydney NRL clubs and make our competition truly 'national'

This is all entirely correct except for the season length. 14 Rounds is a bit too short for me, needs to be like 18-20 I reckon. A knock out cup consisting of 28 teams (6 from NSW and QLD, 2 from NZ, 14 from NRL) would only require an extra 5 games for the finalists and lets assume they make the GF as well another 4 in the 6 team finals series. So the absolute MAX is 29 games (assuming 20game season), which isnt that bad considering the current 28 a team will play.

Also, correct me if I am wrong but youve got no 2nd Div team on the Gold Coast? Also isn’t CBus Super Stadium a pretty good stadium?

But yeah, I like it and its kind of what we should have done post SL war.

Reduce the number of Sydney NRL clubs and make our competition truly 'national'

Sunshine Coast is bigger than Ipswich.

Reduce the number of Sydney NRL clubs and make our competition truly 'national'