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It’s finally a nice problem for Australian Rugby to have. As a devout REDS fan (and a fan of Single Malts), I may just sit down and ponder the selection over a dram or two on Saturday night. I’m thinking that AAA may have the edge for a couple of years yet though.

Any which way you can: Australia’s intriguing choice at tighthead prop

Don’t buy their paper, or if you have an electronic subscription, don’t click on his bait – an effective measure over time.

We know he is a “shock jock” and his written word has the same approach. Quite sad really. As for political comparisons in relation to our sport – please no.

Thank you for trying to address your concerns via responding directly to the publication. That is about as welcome as writing about a certain governments treatment of it’s citizens on the UNSW twitter page.

A rebuttal of Alan Jones

Thank you for the great article. Bang on point about our young players. The “hype” around nearly every young, or returning overseas player for that matter, is very boring. Almost as bad as the “we’ve had a great week at training and are very confident of winning / I just don’t understand, the boys were ready for it, but we didn’t quite get there (after a flogging)” tripe that gets rolled out by Hooper after nearly every test match.

Dear Australian rugby: Cool your jets. Love, Australian rugby

Thank you for such an honest and poignant article Geoff. Nice to get some balance via real journalism from you. Sadly, in this day of “click bait” it’s as though the majority of mainstream “journo’s” are merely work experience kids filling out Twitter/Insta/FB posts for popularity, amongst their equally gullible friends. Hence, why these days I only reluctantly click on SMH etc articles. A sad indictment on their former standard.

On a positive note, another enjoyable weekend of Rugby.

The Wrap: Truth proves elusive as Superman Suaalii saga rages on

Again, article of the round goes to Nic. Thank you. Us minions just see an improved performance from a team, now we know why. That old term “balance”, the Reds have found it. It is great seeing the young players step up and the older players also improving.

Changing of the red guard bodes well for the Wallabies

I’m looking forward to the match. Being a devout REDS fan, I want a REDS win however, there is quite a bit of me wanting to support the Force. I wish both teams all the best and can’t wait to see Force v NSW Rd2.

Reds facing Force is a fight to look forward to

Adieu Nouvelle Zealand! They enjoy playing with themselves. Good luck being financially viable on the South Pacific Pesos.

Weak teams a burden in Super Rugby: All Blacks coach Ian Foster

I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed the rule changes. I understand adjustment takes time however, it feels like I have been watching that horrid game from the COVID State. Way too much kicking. I didn’t mind the attacking scrum at 5m for a held up drive. However, I agree with you on the improved accuracy of attacking teams. I still believe the best thing for the game is the offside line being heavily regulated, which, was not the case in the Rebels Reds game. All that said, it’s great to have our Australian teams playing again.

Early observations from Super Rugby AU’s law variations

Well, that’s a duck without feathers, straight up. Having seen more than enough loss and tragedy, I truly feel for all of your families and friends (even though I’m against the Old Boys influence on our beautiful sport). Without doubt, they are both up in heaven playing our game. Stay safe mate.

Too much life to live to worry about footy: Goodbye Benny Bear

He has been touted as a 13, has incredible footwork at close range, and strong through the core in contact. I will definitely take your astute and erudite observation onboard. We need 3 options at 15 (not including DHP) to return to our Halcyon days of the Marty Roebucks and Chris Latham. Who is our third? That is meant respectfully, not in an arrogant “why not Petaia” way. We, the Roar, value your knowledge, experience and exceptional analytical skill and exceptional capacity to educate us well meaning supporters of our game. Stay well Nick and stay out of Victoria!

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp

Thank you Nic, great to read some more about a problematic position. Excellent that we are seeing some competition at 15 namely, Banks and Maddocks. A shame that Jordan Petaia is injured and can’t bring a third option at the moment.

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp

I do hope that you are correct. Often “Dad” coaches are a bit one eyed and the emotional involvement is not good for any party.

Super Rugby AU: A new hope for the Waratahs?

Also a coaches dream! I think against a team like England or France (when in form) and perhaps SA, I would still start Naisirani over Wilson (I’m a REDS fan through and through). That said, Wilson’s ball security does seem to better than Naisirani’s. It is great that we are gaining a collection of back row options across the country.

Michael Hooper's starting Wallabies spot is at risk

Great article based on sound observation. Genuine competition for Wallabies spots is a great thing for all of us supporters in Oz.

Michael Hooper's starting Wallabies spot is at risk

I agree on JOC’s kicking in the first half. I think it was the game plan, everybody gun shy of the ball in their own half due to the new “emphasis” on the breakdown. We saw how many penalties went against the attacking team at the ruck in the first couple of weeks in NZ. Best to play it safe in the other half until you figure out what the ref’s focus/interpretation is. I thought I was watching that horrid “Victoria – State of Emergency” game in the first half.

Super Rugby AU: A new hope for the Waratahs?

I agree on Swinton, the foundation is there. More desire than Dempsey. He will go well with some more experience and maturity. I’ve always liked Abel as a player, he scrummed well with the Brumbies and in NZ. HJH, dodgy scrummager, definitely not a solid foundation. That said, I reckon any front row would struggle with both Hannigan and Simmons behind them. Would be a shame if Bell can’t recover and becomes the new Baxter.

Super Rugby AU: A new hope for the Waratahs?

As a REDS supporter, I enjoyed watching Harrison and thought Ramm and Maddocks went ok as well. I enjoyed Swinton’s aggression and niggle however, his all round game was not so enjoyable. The REDS lineout imploded in the second half and “old” style refereeing of the “offside” line in the second half benefitted NSW. However, great to see a vast improvement in their standard of play compared to the start of the year. I feel for Bell, Harris and Nawaqanitawase, the media has put them in a difficult situation. I hope they can get Bell fixed after being turned inside out in the scrum. The biggest battle will be in his head. Worst part of the return of Rugby? Kearns’ commentary.

Super Rugby AU: A new hope for the Waratahs?

Great and thought provoking reading again Nick, thank you. I thought of him note as a full back initially however, with his defensive tendencies, highlighted in the article, it appears he is a 13. Perhaps a choice between him and Tevita Kuridrani at 13, with Jordan Petaia at 15? Can’t wait to see the first Wallaby squad under Rennie.

Will Dave Rennie remember Australia’s forgotten man?

A great article Brett, well done and thank you. Nice to actually read what he said, without an “opinion”, which sadly in this day and age is seen as “journalism”.
I’m looking forward to the international season, whenever it happens. Rennie is coming in at a great time.

Dave Rennie lays it all out ahead of Wallabies start date

An absolute joy to watch (especially as a REDS fan). He was always engaging and humble and it was evident he was a team player and a very hard worker. A lovely article and great to hear more from and about him. Thank you.

Super Rugby retrospectives: Chris Latham

As a devout fan of our game and, importantly a supporter of our referees, I was perplexed by the differences in the matches over the weekend. Fortunately, your analysis and article restored my sanity. I wasn’t imagining my confusion.

Protocols!! (Consistency) are paramount to a splendid competition. Grandiose, gesticulating and grandstanding, by “World” Rugby and the Head of Referees, are not beneficial to our sport.

What Super Rugby Aotearoa's law changes mean in the battle for global rugby supremacy

My uncertainty (confusion) surrounding the new laws wasn’t imagined. Thank you for another great article. The constant law changes are somewhat tiresome. It feels as though we just had a bunch surrounding the tackle. We now await the law makers retort to rule changes, “it will take time for players / referees to adjust”. In the meantime, the players and confused/frustrated supporters like myself have to deal with even more stoppages and frustration. Perhaps if they just refereed the ruck and offside line, IAW the existing rules, then there would not have been a perceived need for more change? A well and consistent officiated offside line would do wonders for speeding the game up.

What Super Rugby Aotearoa's law changes mean in the battle for global rugby supremacy

I’m really looking forward to watching the Force play. (Plus hopefully beat NSW). Holmes will be canny for 35-40 mins. Godwin, not so sure about. Curtis Rona coming back will be good for them. Hopefully Andrew Reddy can realise his potential, his star was big for a season, I enjoyed watching him play for the REDS. Nice that we have Rugby coming back.

Former Wallabies sign with Western Force

The best part, rugby is back. The worst part? We are probably stuck with Nisbo from NZ and Kearns from Aus. May we please swap them for Joel Stransky – pretty please SA.

Australian Super Rugby broadcast deal signed just in time for New Zealand comp

I agree on all mate, apart from Hooper. Not my favourite player but his work ethic and energy is unquestionable. I reckon he deserves a shot under Rennie, see how he responds. Free of the Captaincy and starting from the bench may see an even better player.

Why Dave Rennie will have to build his Wallabies from the ground up