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Very, very disappointing. My sincere condolences to all the Sunwolves fans. I found myself barracking for them a lot, even against my beloved REDS sometimes. Thank you to the team and staff for bri Hong such pace and panache to the competition.

Sunwolves won't be a part of Super Rugby AU

I’d be happy with a boulangerie and lait cru fromagerie in my town.

Aussie abroad: Jesse Mogg

Barry, I completely agree! Well said mate. Nick’s articles are game day spectacles and James’ are like the Monday Highlights of the Australian victories over the weekend.

Aussie abroad: Jesse Mogg

Thank you for a great article. Mogg was/is a player after and before his time. Always enjoyed watching him play. Obviously gifted and more importantly, coachable. Not the best tackler (like Larkham early on) however, his hunger and attitude was evident. Sadly, he is another player left in the wake of what is becoming even more evident (I’m guilty of supporting it for a wee while), the Cheika nepotism. Izzy, would have benefited from playing wing with JM.

Aussie abroad: Jesse Mogg

Hopefully Super 12 will be back, the 5 Ozzie teams, with hopefully the Sunwolves, the 5 NZ teams and perhaps the Fijian Drua?

Western Force back in the fold after accepting place in domestic Super Rugby

A fantastic analysis of some wonderful play (which is what makes our game great) tied into the relevance of the current situation. Another MOTM performance Nick, thank you. Wednesday, the new Saturday of the Rugby week.

Why the trans-Tasman bubble must include rugby

Great article. I remember him playing for the REDS and looking the goods. Wondered he didn’t play again. Now I know. Great career and obviously a hard worker.

Sheer bloody-mindedness: Tom Court's rugby rise

Here we go. 6 months of ASADA investigation and phone seized today, the net will be closing and this druggy is more than likely the first of many that will be caught out. Probably quite a few lawyering up to get a deal so that they can dob in the other junk takers. The list will be long I reckon.

Bronson Xerri stood down following positive doping test

Excellent mate. On point and well written. Carn the Wallabies!

An open letter to the young men who can save Australian rugby

It appears this article has been written during the “Anger” phase of grief. Never a good phase to express one’s feelings publicly. Perhaps, a little bit of calm, wait for the facts to emerge, then consider what you would do, then….accept and move on? It’s a shame, I’m disappointed that they are leaving, I’m disappointed that the squad dynamic will have been impacted. However, it’s just sport and also a workplace. Focus your anger in a positive manner and write an article about the successful systems that have developed our Qld youth over recent times.

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

Disappointed that my beloved REDS are losing 2 excellent locks. Hopefully they stay in Australia. Isaac Lucas is a loss also, just wish he had a bigger boot and had of had the chance to run a full season this year.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

Jack Debreczini is our greatest loss in the last decade. So much potential, a hard worker and courageous in defence. Without doubt he lacked confidence and his skill set was never nurtured enough. I truly hope he comes back, Rennie will be able to get the best out of Jack’s humility. Hodge?…I don’t know, I’d love him to succeed at 15 however, he needs a full season there. Lucas, great on his feet and with hand. Courageous and talented. However, his boot is nearly as poor as a certain B. Foley. Covering such a skill deficit is not on. It appears, sadly that Isaac is lot to my beloved REDS and about to head offshore. Thank you for the options. I really have no idea who our current 15 options of international standard are, hence why I’m asking the question. We seem to finally be finding a decent 8, after Toutai Kefu finished, our options at 10 are very good, the only gap appears to be 15. Sad given the brilliance of Marty Roebuck in the day of, Roff, Latham, Walker, and Burke.

Why the Wallabies need their big winger back

I’ve always liked DHP as a fullback, a solid player however, a bit short on pace to be B. Smith, C. Cullen, Roff or Latham. Not sure he will hang around for much longer, unfortunately. I just wonder who our other options will be? Hamish Stewart or Jock Campbell (a bit short on pace like DHP, otherwise a bankable option), Petaia or Nawaqanitawase in a few years?

Why the Wallabies need their big winger back

Thank you Nick. Mark Nawaqanitawase is a gem! A great skill set, an obvious work ethic who appears to be very coachable with a humble attitude (a vital element). My favourite new back in Jordan Petaia, I feel is our 13 who hopefully gets a chance to develop a partnership with Hunter Paisarami at 12/13.

Marika Koroibete is too good to leave off the field (even with his non existent boot).

The big question is…Fullback? Banks had stepped up his game this year, Cheika leaving must have given him hope. Apart from Banks, who else?

Why the Wallabies need their big winger back

Nice to get some background. It was obvious that there was more to the Reds players situation than released in the news. Be a shame to see Rodda and Hockings go, Lucas is a fantastic player to watch however, I fear he will suffer the bench/utility tag if he stays here in Oz. A smart idea for him to play in a Japan, will suit his speed and dynamics very well.

SANZAAR fighting a losing Super Rugby battle on two fronts

A footy player I always enjoyed watching. Thank you for the article.

Super Rugby retrospectives: Scott Fava

That is fantastic news. Hopefully the “11, sorry, 10” and their mates won’t feel so threatened by a successful Penrith and hopefully Parramatta, such that they undermine the West.

The Penrith Emus are building a future in western Sydney

Relatively a very minor side issue of the seriousness of the deaths occurring however, such a shame that a halt occurred in this years competition. The Sharks were adding an immense amount to this years comp, Brumbies had already had a good run against those across the moat, Reds were playing exciting and effective Rugby, even the Rebels were contributing. I think we would have seen an improved result for the Oz teams this season, less domination by Jacinta’s lads and the Stormers and Sharks pushing hard for a home Final. That would certainly improved viewer interest. But then this COVID-19, the STUPID-11/10 getting rid of Raelene and the wheels fell off.

South Africa brings a lot to Super Rugby – just not enough

NFJ, destroying our game and himself. Goodness me, the petulant children didn’t get their way completely, so onwards with another belligerent letter and petty tantrum. They know no bounds.

Force must accept Super conditions to re-enter comp

What an amazing change to our game. Groan! Really, this is the priority. I’d be far more impressed if they bought in technology/more refs to police the offside line. That would actually be good for our sport.

World Rugby approves change to try-scoring law

Completely agree Nick, your analysis a few weeks ago about back row balance and roles was very informative. He is not the finished product however, some time in the Squad and on the field for the Wallabies will see him develop. He is certainly a Captain that is willing to own mistakes and maintain humility in success. Something the Wallabies desperately need.

Why Nic White should be the next Wallabies captain

I think his commitment to the Jersey was fine however, with – groan, Phipps being the Coach’s favourite behind Genia (who also went overseas and came back) Nick White was never going to be a number 1 pick under MC. Why not go and grow your game, horizons and earn more money, knowing that MC was going to be off soon. Plus MC had an appreciation for players who had played in Europe. I think his commitment to the jersey is very solid. He is coming back and probably on less money.

Why Nic White should be the next Wallabies captain

I had not thought of him as Captain material, until now. As a player, he is certainly ahead of our other Halfback options in McDermott and Powell, they will learn well from him. As an option for Captain, his maturity and experience will be beneficial for the team, but also other Captain options in Wright and possibly Rodda, who will benefit from some time under White.

Why Nic White should be the next Wallabies captain

Bravo!! However, your logical and guaranteed success of such an approach, will never be approved by self appointed 11, sorry, 10 Guardians of their game. Great article mate. If I could vote for your approach and plan – I absolutely would. Schools – namely, state/government schools is where our sport needs to be. It is absolutely absurd, disappointing and disgusting that it hasn’t been developed in our Government schools. The old boys don’t like too many “unwashed” players in “their” teams, especially NSW.

To save Aussie rugby we must scrap the states

Can’t believe that our best number 6 wasn’t on the list. Viliami Ofahengaue. (Willy ‘On).
6. Ofahengaue 7. Smith 8. Kefu. You couldn’t get a better back row than that.

Pick the greatest Wallabies team of the Super Rugby era: Back row