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I must admit – while I wish Ange the best – the first thing I thought of was the mega-strop and how will he cope with the Old Firm pressure.

We went to a Celtic v Rangers game years ago and it is hard to describe the atmosphere and the pressure the coach is under. It ain’t the J or A-league.

If Australians don’t respect football, how can we expect the world to respect Ange?

Good luck Aussie Ange!

Ange Postecoglou confirmed as Celtic manager

You were lucky.

Cats coach slams 'silly' Adelaide Oval

I cannot stand Chris Scott, who whinges about everything all the time, especially interstate crowds.

But, in fairness, he has a point. Strong win though! Maybe talk about that?

Cats coach slams 'silly' Adelaide Oval

There is so much money involved nowadays that discourages this approach, but I’d love to see a club like Palace appoint a coach like Ismael or Cooper and really go for it in terms of developing a young cohesive team.

Great supportive atmosphere at Selhurst. I reckon it’s a better bet than the traditional Allardyce/Pulis (which failed before) anti-relegation, experienced player struggle.

The Crystal Palace problem

Good – and some great (Castro) – players in their time, but a reset is inevitable at this stage.

Glory never seem to have any mid-age players – all too old or too young!

Western United and Mark Rudan part ways following horror end to season

I think you’re right Leighton.

Starts with poor governance and leads to a culture unsuited to modern football and uncompetitive player development.

Carlton are this century's saddest football club and it's not even close

Well articulated Les.

I hadn’t thought of the parallels with Post-Elliott’s Carlton, but they are there, without the corruption.

An open letter to Eddie McGuire

Good shout on Brighton as they need to turn their xG into Gs.

Might be once bitten, twice shy on Brentford though after Maupay?

The intrigue surrounding Ivan Toney and Brentford

Spot on Buddy. Business is like that.
John Henry deserves credit solely for being able to deliver a Ronald Reagan cameo – nothing else. He and the Glazers are American sugar peddlers, making money while poisoning the masses.
I am a Lifelong Spurs fan. Saw the business value. Hated the concept because it betrayed the sport’s heritage. Me and millions of others.
We remembered the late, great Jock Stein. Without the fans, football is nothing.

The great football heist

Spurs fan here.

I am opposed to this idea.

Hope it is an ambit claim to get reform in the football authorities because I cannot see any good coming from this proposal.

If Real Madrid can afford to pay Gareth Bale £600,000 per week, the top clubs do NOT need any more money.

Fans furious, UEFA threatens legal action over breakaway Super League

Thanks for writing.
Spurs fan here.

Jose Mourinho: The magician has lost his magic


Depending on the Covid/hub/home ground advantage situation and the perennial issue of injuries, I’d expect the Eagles to make Finals this year.

Our Ins are better than our Outs, Kelly should oil the midfield machine better and the big three who missed in 2018 are approaching last chance saloon. If Willie can get his mojo back for Finals, could be a Dreamtime scenario.

But of course we play other teams and I have no idea how much better they will prove to be, so in summary I have no idea.

Who's in danger of falling out of the top eight in 2021?

VAR was introduced to get the decisions right more often.

But what is right in a subjective game?

I don’t like it because it says you have a right/wrong binary decision on issues like offside or handball rather than an intuitive, shades of grey, spirit of the game, intent.

Compounding the controversy is the modern interpretation of the handball rule itself, which often achieves the opposite of the intent of the rule.

Damaging the spirit of the game further is the delay, which can ruin fan enjoyment and interrupt players’s momentum.

Friday night saw that irritating pest Mauk cheat his way into two penalties. The referee was hopeless. The VAR review was hopeless.

Other than that, everything is fine. Except Spurs under Mourinho.

VAR technology is the worst thing to ever happen to football

Cheers Adam – one of the fairest and best comments from a Docker on social media I can recall!

On the football side, we need Tim Kelly and Elliot Yeo fit in the midfield, fed by Nic. I would be a lot more confident if Willie Rioli was fit and able to play.

And we need a Covid-free season to get enough wins at home to finish top 2, home finals, MCG GF.

The premiership dark horse going under the radar

Good history there Bigdave.

All true, but no excuse for the subsequent half century of Collingwood culture.

It is a broader issue in football and society.

I distinctly recall standing up to some Carlton fans abusing Chris Lewis as a “dole bludger” in the early Nineties.

Eddie? Everyone else has already said everything that needs to be said.

Eddie McGuire's trainwreck of a spin job only reinforces damning Collingwood report

A feel good day – and do they need that in the UK atm.
Plus Cartilege Free Captain, a US-based Spurs fan site raised about £13k to sponsor Marine’s shorts.

Spurs vs Marines: The FA Cup's most fascinating fixture

Great article.

Minor correction: 5 principal figures at Collingwood.

No principle figures at Collingwood…..

The bluster of the Pies

I saw Logan McDonald play seniors for Perth against West Perth in the WAFL season and he was very impressive.

Mind you, so was Graham Polak at the same stage and there is a lot that goes into success at AFL level.

AFL phantom draft 2020: A very early top 25

Do what Harry Kane does.

Make a decision as to broadly where you will kick it (and not the same one every time).

Run up consistently so the goalkeeper is forced into making a decision.

Concentrate on striking the ball properly.

… and the outcome takes care of itself.

The psyche of the penalty kick and how Ademola Lookman got it all wrong

Thanks for the article about NPL WA – we don’t get many!

Gwelup Croatia was on TV in the FFA Cup a couple of years ago and was promoted last year. I’ve seen them beat Sorrento 3-0 and 5-0 so far this year so despite limited history, they are pretty damn good.

It is a competitive league. Perth SC were champions last year but just didn’t fire this year for some reason. Bayswater haven’t been that good in recent seasons.

Floreat Athena came top of the league season, but Cockburn lead the top six play-offs atm.

I can’t see how we could financially support a second team in a national league even post-pandemic/shutdown. Tony Sage can barely support one.

Allegedly there is money for a Fremantle team.

There are several teams in City of Joondalup, which has a strong British & Asian immigrant population. But I don’t know how many of them are active Glory fans and whether it would be sufficient to support a second WA team.

The excitement of the NPL WA

Good article.
Transfers freed up and salary cap abolished.

It's time to restart the football economy

No, there have been softer.

As we were 9 points up with 6 seconds to go and next to our attacking goal posts, at least it didn’t affect the result.

Perhaps a headline like “was this the best result by an undermanned team against a Finals contender this year” is a bit long.

But it is more relevant and accurate.

Magnificent effort by the Eagles to come back and win against the Saints.

Is this the softest free kick of the year?

Fascinating history Rodger, thanks very much for sharing.

Last weekend I went to see Floreat Athena beat Sorrento 3-1 to win the premiership (albeit finals coming). Even Greek lager in the fridge … I stuck with the local Gage Roads however.

Hard to disagree – and I don’t know the answer either!

PS Come on you Spurs 🙂

Who should replace the Mariners?

I hope the Mariners survive and thrive.
For the game to thrive, we need real football clubs with history and real supporter bases rather than expansions and franchises.
But then I am old-fashioned

Who should replace the Mariners?