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Comment Moderation

There are several important reasons why we need to moderate comments. If you’ve been notified that a comment you’ve left on The Roar is ‘awaiting moderation’ you should be able to find the answers below.

You can also find more information about commenting on The Roar by reading our Comments Policy.

Why your comment has been moderated

  1. You have just made your first comment from a newly created profile, or
  2. You are commenting as a guest (with a new username and email combination) for the first time, or
  3. Your comment has violated our Comments Policy, or
  4. You have previously violated our Comments Policy and your profile has been placed under moderation

Why first comments go through a moderation process

If you have just signed up for a profile, or it is your first time commenting as a guest on The Roar, we will hold your first comment for moderation.

Our aim is to ensure a high standard of debate on The Roar, and reviewing the comments of new users is a crucial part of this process.

The good news is, you only need to go through this process once! After your initial comment is reviewed, you’ll be free to comment across The Roar and engage in conversation with other Roarers without any delay.


During this initial comment review, you can continue to submit comments and they will all appear on The Roar once your first comment has passed through the moderation process.

How long will it take for my comment to be published?

Our team is always working to get comments through moderation as fast as possible. After all, we’re here to help you join in the discussion not to stifle it!

If you feel that your comment is being held in moderation for too long, please get in contact.

I’ve been commenting on The Roar with no trouble, now a comment has been placed in moderation

There is a good chance that the content of your individual comment has violated (or come close to violating) our Comments Policy. In this case, one of our team will review your comment and decide whether it is able to be published.

Having an individual comment flagged for moderation does not mean that your profile has been added to a moderation list and you will be free to comment (within the bounds of our Comments Policy) elsewhere on the site while your individual comment is reviewed.


How do I know if I’ve been placed on moderation?

Any user who violates our Comments Policy risks having their profile placed on temporary or permanent moderation. If a user continuously violates our Comments Policy, they risk being banned from The Roar.

Can I be a moderator on The Roar?

Maintaining a high standard of commentary on The Roar requires mature and experienced community members to perform moderation roles. Generally, these are invite-only positions. However, if you are interested in joining our moderation team, please get in contact.