Essendon vs Brisbane Lions: AFL live scores

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Essendon vs. Brisbane

Etihad Stadium
2012 AFL Premiership Season May 5, 2012
Essendon won by 67 points
Essendon Brisbane
 Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
Q18351   4125
Q212981   7446
Q31612108   8452
Q41915129   9862
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After being edged out on ANZAC Day, Essendon will look to return to the winner’s circle when they host the Brisbane Lions at Etihad Stadium this afternoon. We’ll have live scores from 1.40pm AEST.

Despite being outplayed for most of the afternoon, the fact that the Bombers were able to hang in when in the past they would have been blown out would have been encouraging for Essendon boss James Hird.

His side still sit 4-1 and get the opportunity to shore up their top-eight position with a very winnable game against the Lions today.

While they have looked good against the Suns and Demons, the Lions have struggled dismally in their three losses to Carlton, Fremantle and Geelong.

In those three losses they’ve average only six goals a game and against a quality Essendon outfit who know how to kick a score, they could be in trouble again here.

Fortunately for Michael Voss’ men, the injury crisis that has attempted to derail the Bombers’ start to the year has continued, with Michael Hurley, Courtenay Dempsey, David Hille and Jason Winderlich leading their lengthy injury list, though Mark McVeigh and Travis Colyer may both return.

Brisbane do have the luxury of a near-unchanged lineup from last weekend, although Andrew Raines will miss with the one-match suspension he received for his incident with Joel Selwood last Saturday.

The key here might very well be how well Brisbane have recovered from a taxing game in abysmal conditions at the Gabba last Saturday. Essendon have one of the more athletic midfields in the competition and with three days extra rest, they might very well run over the top of the visitors this afternoon.

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Quarter 1
1' BEHIND - David Zaharakis (Essendon)
2' BEHIND - Leroy Jetta (Essendon)
3' GOAL - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
6' GOAL - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
8' GOAL - Samuel Lonergan (Essendon)
11' GOAL - Jake Melksham (Essendon)
15' BEHIND - Jonathan Brown (Brisbane)
18' GOAL - Angus Monfries (Essendon)
20' GOAL - Jared Polac (Brisbane)
22' GOAL - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
25' GOAL - Jack Crisp (Brisbane)
27' GOAL - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
30' GOAL - Ben Hudson (Brisbane)
31' GOAL - Jonathan Brown (Brisbane)
35' BEHIND - David Zaharakis (Essendon)
35' GOAL - Ricky Dyson (Essendon)
Quarter 2
1' BEHIND - Brent Stanton (Essendon)
6' BEHIND - Tom Bellchambers (Essendon)
7' GOAL - Jonathan Brown (Brisbane)
11' BEHIND - Patrick Ryder (Essendon)
11' GOAL - Samuel Lonergan (Essendon)
13' GOAL - Nathan Lovett-Murray (Essendon)
15' GOAL - Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
16' GOAL - Jared Polac (Brisbane)
19' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
20' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
21' BEHIND - Daniel Rich (Brisbane)
22' GOAL - Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
24' BEHIND - Jack Redden (Brisbane)
26' BEHIND - Ashley McGrath (Brisbane)
27' BEHIND - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
29' GOAL - Ashley McGrath (Brisbane)
Quarter 3
2' BEHIND - Brent Stanton (Essendon)
3' GOAL - Leroy Jetta (Essendon)
9' GOAL - Courtenay Dempsey (Essendon)
13' GOAL - Jobe Watson (Essendon)
16' GOAL - Jack Crisp (Brisbane)
18' GOAL - Leroy Jetta (Essendon)
23' BEHIND - Angus Monfries (Essendon)
28' BEHIND - Travis Colyer (Essendon)
Quarter 4
6' BEHIND - Simon Black (Brisbane)
7' GOAL - Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
11' BEHIND - Patrick Karnezis (Brisbane)
15' BEHIND - Brent Stanton (Essendon)
18' BEHIND - Rushed (Brisbane)
18' GOAL - Angus Monfries (Essendon)
20' GOAL - Aaron Cornelius (Brisbane)
24' GOAL - Leroy Jetta (Essendon)
25' BEHIND - Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
26' BEHIND - Jake Melksham (Essendon)
27' BEHIND - Patrick Karnezis (Brisbane)

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