Cricket Australia keep giving the Barmy Army material

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    You got sacked Mickey, get over it. (Image: AFP / William West)

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    The Barmy Army have been busy penning the latest anthem intended for the next Ashes series, which takes place later this year.

    There certainly has been plenty of material for their taunting chants and banter towards the Aussies lately.

    Of course I am talking about the dropping of four team members for not completing an ‘assignment’ set out for them by the team leadership group.

    There has been plenty of commentary around why an assignment was set in the first place, whether this is appropriate for a senior level team.

    There has also been speculation about the supposed feud between Michael Clarke and Shane Watson.

    While all this is great material for chats around the water cooler at work, it highlights the dire straits Australian cricket is in.

    I think we have all lost focus on the fact there is a Test match series under way, and there is still a chance for Australia to salvage something from the tour.

    The Australians have lost the first two Tests, in difficult Indian conditions and pitches, but do they not still have a chance at drawing the series by winning the remaining Test matches?

    While they have been beaten convincingly in the first two Tests, I would argue that the team would feel a lot more content and confident if Australia show some fight and form in the last two Tests.

    They started ok yesterday, with Ed Cowan and Steve Smith fighting hard to bring Australia towards a comparatively respectable total.

    I don’t think we should forget that just over two months ago, Australia beat an unconvincing Sri Lanka outfit easily in a Test series and prior to that had quite an intense duel with the number one South African team.

    Sure, let’s enjoy the hilarious material Australia cricket are producing at the moment, and the hilarious tweets (particularly from ex-england captain Michael Vaughan) coming from the Barmy Army.

    However, let’s also not forget how irritating it will be if England win the Ashes – those tweets will turn from funny to infuriating.

    I say get behind the obviously confused Aussies, because a few good performances from one or two individuals can soon turn the team spirit around.