Australia still No.1 in RLIF rankings, Hungary big movers

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    The RLIF Rankings have been updated following the mid-season tests with Australia retaining their world No.1 ranking following their 30-12 ANZAC test victory over New Zealand.

    The Kiwis remain behind them in second followed by England who are coming off a 30-10 victory over Samoa. There is only one change inside the top 10 with Ireland overtaking Fiji into seventh place.

    Tonga have improved three places to 11th, moving past Serbia after Leilani Latu’s try on the siren that saw them knock off Fiji 26-24.

    Meanwhile, Malta go ahead of Spain into 19th while Lebanon did not move from their ranking of 21st despite defeating Malta 24-4.

    Following their strong showing against the PNG Kumuls, the Cook Islands have pipped Czech Republic to sit at world No.24.

    In other changes, Niue have moved into world No.31 ahead of South Africa while Hungary were big movers increasing by five places to 33rd.

    Thailand’s inclusion in the rankings sees them into 35th while El Salvador have jumped past Latvia and Solomon Islands into world No.38 and Uruguay join the rankings at 41st ahead of Morocco.

    The updated rankings come just days after the King’s Cup was confirmed to be held in Pattaya Beach, Thailand in October.

    The tournament will see Philippines, Malta and Hungary compete alongside Thailand and serve as an exciting tournament ahead of next year’s Emerging Nations World Championship to be held in Sydney.

    In Istanbul, Dorcol proved themselves defeating Kadikoy Bulls 62-0 in the Balkan Super League while Novi Belgrade were knocked off by rivals Partizan 48-10 in a second-half blitz.

    RLIF Rankings
    1. Australia
    2. New Zealand
    3. England
    4. Scotland
    5. Samoa
    6. France
    7. Ireland
    8. Fiji
    9. Wales
    10. United States
    11. Tonga
    12. Serbia
    13. Canada
    14. Italy
    15. Papua New Guinea
    16. Russia
    17. Jamaica
    18. Belgium
    19. Malta
    20. Spain
    21. Lebanon
    22. Ukraine
    23. Germany
    24. Cook Islands
    25. Czech Republic
    26. Norway
    27. Denmark
    28. Greece
    29. Sweden
    30. Netherlands
    31. Niue
    32. South Africa
    33. Hungary
    34. Philippines
    35. Thailand
    36. Chile
    37. Vanuatu
    38. El Salvador
    39. Latvia
    40. Solomon Islands
    41. Uruguay
    42. Morocco

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