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One of the more infantile and abused cliches in sport is the adjective, “classy”.

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has announced he has re-signed with WWE, finally ending a ‘will-he-won’t-he’ question about a possible return to his UFC career.

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When the UFC 178 kicked off, it was the third fight on the card that had the internet all a buzz.

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Brock Lesnar is long gone, welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is sidelined thanks to a knee injury, and Alistair Overeem is on the shelf because he’s, well, because he’s “Ubereem”, to be quite honest.

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Leading into the final week of 2011, the landscape within the UFC seemed pretty clear. All this changed with one event on December 30th 2011.

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It didn’t take long for the internet hate machine to roll into gear following the now-retired Brock Lesnar’s admittedly feeble loss to Alistair Overeem in their title eliminator at UFC 141 on Saturday.

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You cannot ask for a better way to ring in the New Year: Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem at UFC 141. Join us for the final and one of the biggest fights of 2011 for the UFC.

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Brock Lesnar versus Alistair Overeem is a big end to the year for the UFC, in all senses of the word.

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There is a refreshing lack of subtlety and a sniff of the old school MMA about the main event of UFC 141.

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Alistair Overeem will make his long awaited debut in the UFC this weekend at UFC 141 where he will take on former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in the number one contender match.

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Sunday’s UFC 131 card may be missing its biggest drawcard in Brock Lesnar, but the event still packs a punch.

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Whilst UFC 131 was dealt a major blow with the withdrawal of former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar from the main event, it has done a pretty good job of re-tuning to give us something almost as exciting.

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This Sunday’s UFC 131 was meant to feature The Ultimate Fighter 13 coaches, Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos squaring off for a shot at Cain Velasquez’s heavyweight title. However, Lesnar’s diverticulitis reared its head again and he had to be replaced by once beaten powerhouse, Shane Carwin.

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The UFC has recently seen two of its most hyped cards of 2011 decimated through injury. UFC 130 was dealt a massive blow when the much anticipated rematch between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard was postponed due to injuries to each fighter.

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In less than a round, ‘Brocktober’ had crumpled in a massive heap. It was billed as the “biggest heavyweight fight in UFC history” – and while this marketing slogan is up for debate, there’s no arguing the significance of Cain Velasquez’s victory against former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Brock Lesnar.

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Most mixed martial arts fans think Brock Lesnar is unstoppable, and I will readily admit that Lesnar is one fearsome beast. For the last three years he has dominated the UFC, marching through to the top of the heavyweight division by beating Frank Mir, Randy Couture and Shane Carwin no less.

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At 33 years of age, the question begs asking: could Brock Edward Lesnar be the most over-hyped MMA fighter ever?

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