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Nice article mate but further research is required. Firstly Cooper was not the first to knock down Ali (clay) Sonny banks was with a left hook in Ali’s tenth pro fight. Also the fight with Williams wasn’t that great as Williams was recovering from being shot three times by a police officer in Texas and was a complete shell of himself. May I suggest all the historians use it.

Also Ali never got enough credit for the Spinks rematch.

Keep up the great work

What is the most underrated fight of Muhammad Ali's career?


What is the most underrated fight of Muhammad Ali's career?

Mate in depth article, but you need to do you research, firstly Henry Cooper wasn’t the first person to knock Ali down as a pro Sonny Banks was in Ali’s tenth pro fight. Banks leveled Ali with a perfect left hook to the jaw and knocked Ali in his arse. The Williams fight was only good as Williams was coming back after being shot three times by some cop in the middle of nowhere Texas and was a shell of himself.

I also think that his rematch with Spinks doesn’t get enough credit.

May I suggest for research into fights all the historians use it.

Keep up the good work

What is the most underrated fight of Muhammad Ali's career?

I wonder if the has anybody coming to the fight today??? Guess I’ll find out when I’m in the press box.

UPDATE: Kambosos finally makes weight after major drama, rival's 'you ain't s--t' jibe

Disappointing that the 2020 grand final rematch ain’t in Melbourne, yet another sporting event that Melbourne loses to Brisbane. The Victorian government needs to pull the heads in

MICHAEL HAGAN: Magic Round goes from ridiculous crackdown to sublime Storm v Panthers blockbuster

So no live commentary anymore??? Wow ???? you blokes have really dropped the ball

How to watch Paul Gallen vs Kris Terzievski and what time is it on

i think it’s a little bit of a joke editors that I cant comment on other articles, what are you lot so afraid of??

Top ten sporting events to look out for in 2018

Well time for another update. While Jeff Horn put up a glanant effort he was completely outclassed by Terence Crawford. France ?? won the soccer World Cup, thier first cup since 1998. The best thing was nobody died in Russia. The heavyweight clash between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, will have to wait until next year. That’s it for now

As always


Top ten sporting events to look out for in 2018

There your problem, listing to some drunken homeless deadbeat yell incoherent garbage into a microphone. The smartest thing Kurt Cobain did was blow his brains out

Penrith Panthers: top ten players


Eight NRL records that will never be broken


Canterbury Bulldogs top ten players


Top ten moments in State of Origin history


The top 10 Aussie athletes of 2017


Top ten sporting events of 2017


Top ten sporting events to look out for in 2018

That’s right big daddy, shame shame shame!!!

The five best moments in State of Origin history

Good lord was this an article or a novel? I did like it through great ?? work

Roger Federer and the weak era myth

The bunnies are looking really good this year, similar to thier 2014 season. With the Storm and the cowboys no longer any real threat to take out the competition, it’s wide open for any team hovering around the top six to take the title. The Warriors are also looking strong despite a couple of hiccups along the way, so with them and the Dragons and Penrith we are looking at the contenders for the 2018 premiership.

The Eagles fluff their lines as the Bunnies take centre stage

This is going to sound a little ridiculous but it’s a comparison. Micheal Jordan rookie card is still worth more the Lebrons, I’m pretty sure so is Magic Johnson’s. Jordan is like the Wally Lewis of the NBA and LeBron is the Cameron Smith only a ? hair seperates the pair

It's not about Jordan anymore

Without doubt the 1995 series was probably the best series ever. The game one 2-0 score game two Queenslander call along with the best all in brawl ever. The emotion of that series I think was probably unmatched until 2006 when qld finally won a series after losing three in a row. History will repeat itself again this year, Qld in a whitewash

Remember 1995 before you predict who's going to win Origin 1

I really think that the cheap shot by Sam K to Jt in the Storm v Cowboys game is certainly a talking point. He only got a week’s suspension for that dog act (no surprises there considering his former club). Also considering that this is not the first time he had done this, remembering when he face kicked Cory Parker a couple of years ago, the Nrl really need to come down hard on these type of acts as Thurston clearly was rocked by the shot. One week was a joke that he should of got six weeks. It would be a little difference to the Storm, Sam does bugger all for the Storm anyway

Eleven talking points from NRL Round 12

What he didn’t have any before hand?

North Queensland Cowboys vs Melbourne Storm: NRL live scores, blog

You might else well Barry cause no one else agrees with anything your saying at the moment

Today's players are unprepared for the temptations they face

Ha ha

Who is next for Anthony Mundine?

Tsyzu, fenech, rose, Darcy and Harding. Sounds like you have an idea what you’re on about, give it a go I’ll look forward to seeing it

Who is next for Anthony Mundine?