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While I greatly appreciate the physically demanding routines and the athletes that perform them, cheerleaders as they are currently known no longer have a place in the NRL.

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I have noticed a disdain bordering on hatred for the Melbourne Storm.

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What a match of tangled emotions! On a number of levels I felt myself riding along with the fascinating and frustrating conflict on the screen.

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South Sydney didn’t do much to soothe the nerves of their fans with last night’s win over Canterbury. The Bulldogs did more to lose the game than the Rabbitohs did to win it.

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The rugby league world was this week in raptures following the announcement by NRL Head of Football, Todd Greenberg, that video referees are to start making their decisions from a specially designed command centre ‘bunker’.

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The end of a glorious era is nigh at Manly. A day after long-standing prop Jason King announced his retirement, the club revealed South Sydney-bound back-rower Glenn Stewart had played his last NRL game in the maroon and white due to season-ending ankle surgery.

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Constant talk of mergers, relocation or dissolving teams from Sydney has plagued the NRL since before the Super League war. But does the NRL really have too many teams in Sydney?

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Thursday night footy is the platform for Gus Gould to climb up on his soap box and lament one of rugby leagues many flaws – on Thursday night it was ‘the wrestle’.

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The NRL isn’t going to revive the Bears – the Sydney rugby league market is just too packed and the Central Coast is not far enough away.

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MATCH RESULT: The South Sydney Rabbitohs have moved into top position on the premiership ladder with a 21 to 14 victory over the Bulldogs on Thursday night.

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Before aircraft, tanks and machine guns changed the way wars were fought, the battlefields that armies met on could be totally chaotic scenes of frenzied hand to hand fighting and slaughter.

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Two announcements in the past few days prompt me to declare this Good News Week for rugby league.

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What a difference a year makes in the life of an NRL club. This time last year the Parramatta Eels were staring down the barrel of a second wooden spoon in as many years.

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The widespread hatred of Thursday night Football in the NRL started me thinking.

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With just two weeks of the regular season to go, some sides are playing for their immediate future, while others only have pride on the line.

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The NRL is set to trial a video referee bunker next season amid the ongoing discontent surrounding refereeing decisions.

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Hooker Jake Friend says the Sydney Roosters are beginning to play their best football at exactly the right time of the NRL season.

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I switched on last Thursday night’s NRL contest between the Bulldogs and the Tigers almost as an afterthought. The swathes of vacant sky-blue seating at the Olympic Stadium confirmed I wasn’t alone in my ambivalence.

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Ever since Jason Clare and Kate Lundy told the nation “This is the blackest day in Australian sport,” the outlook has only grown darker.

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While you may have missed the quiet return of David Morrow to the ABC rugby league coverage, it would be a very unwise broadcaster who ignores the lessons from his tribulation.

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