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The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC produces pay-per-view (PPV) events that feature fights across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

UFC is the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter and hosts top-ranked fighters, producing global events in front of packed arenas. The UFC has eight weight-divisions for men, one weight-division for women, and enforces the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

The Roar regularly publishes UFC opinion, interviews and reports, looking chiefly at Australian and New Zealand based fighters, as well as the huge match-ups and grudges.

UFC Articles

UFC comes to New Zealand

by , 10 Apr 2014

That’s right folks – the Octagon is coming to the Kiwis. On June 28 this year, the UFC will host UFC Fight Night Auckland: Te Huna versus Marquardt at the Vector Arena. The five-round main event will feature a middleweight clash between New Zealand’s James Te Huna versus former Strikeforce champion Nate Marquardt. The fight […]

Urijah Faber – I would love to fight Dominick Cruz again

by , 31 Mar 2014

An anti-bullying campaign, a music video for a chart-topping song and an ever-growing fan-base. These are just some of the things that have been on Urijah Faber’s plate recently. It’s no wonder he is so upbeat. ‘The California Kid’ was in Sydney recently for the BRAVE project, a campaign geared towards anti-bullying. Faber spoke with […]

BJ Penn: “Edgar the only reason I’m coming back”

by , 29 Mar 2014

There are no doubts about it now – ‘The Prodigy’ is back. It was announced late last year that B.J. Penn would be coaching an upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter alongside long-time rival Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar. With Season 19 set to premiere in April, the two coaches will square off in a featherweight […]

Victorian ban of UFC is all a bit too cagey

Victorian ban of UFC is all a bit too cagey

by , 5 Jan 2014

It seems that everywhere I look, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in the news. The high-impact and polarising sport, which began in 1993 as a competition between elite martial arts athletes of different disciplines in Denver, Colorado, has come up against a brick-wall barrier in my home state of Victoria, Australia. The competition has […]

MMA’s saddest moments

MMA’s saddest moments

by , 1 Jan 2014

Whether we like to admit it or not, we develop an emotional attachment to our sporting heroes. We’re over the moon when they’re victorious. During their defeats? Frankly, we’re pretty down in the dumps. The worst cases of sporting sadness often occur when we watch our heroes fall from grace. Sometimes it’s a slow descent. […]

UFC 2013: The end of a golden era

UFC 2013: The end of a golden era

by , 31 Dec 2013

Another year down, and as the UFC marks time for 2013 it closes the book on a golden era of MMA with the reigns of George ‘Rush’ St-Pierre and Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva coming to an end. The combination of Silva’s agonising injury departure from the main event of UFC 168 and GSP’s decision earlier […]

Could Anderson Silva’s career be over?

Could Anderson Silva’s career be over?

by , 30 Dec 2013

The curtain may have closed on the career of Anderson Silva, the man most universally acknowledged as the greatest fighter in MMA’s history, after he suffered a horrific broken leg at UFC 168 last night. The injury took place during the main event championship fight, as Chris Weidman, the current UFC middleweight champ, checked (blocked) […]

The greatest MMA fighters of all time

by , 16 Dec 2013

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively young sport in terms of its present form. Although the sport has been around in one form or another since the dawn of man, it has only been around for a very short while with the rules the way they are today. The UFC, MMA’s most prestigious […]

UFC announces women’s straw-weight division

by , 13 Dec 2013

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has announced they will be launching a women’s strawweight (115lbs) division. Invicta Fighting Championship, an American organisation which focuses on female fighters, has assigned 11 competitors over to the UFC. The list of fighters includes two Aussies – Brisbane’s Bec ‘Rowdy’ Hyatt and Sydney-based Alex ‘Astro Girl’ Chambers. The other fighters […]

An open letter to Phil Rothfield

An open letter to Phil Rothfield

by , 11 Dec 2013

Phil, I write this to you in response to your article ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship a bloody disgrace‘. I know it’s easy to write off the fans like me by saying we’re bloodthirsty, or that we marvel in the “cruelty” of mixed martial arts, however, I’m not ignorant and I abhor misplaced and mindless violence. As […]

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