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Why Cousins did it

Roar Guru
31st May, 2009
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The media have gotten themself into a sanctimonious lather over the latest Ben Cousins incident. Cousins ‘pulled the bird’ at the camera before the Fremantle v Richmond game on Saturday night. He is clearly shown directing his attention at the camera in the changerooms at Subiaco.

However many followers of football feel that Cousins frustration may be as a result of the continued media attention, which at times may be considered distateful.

What some media outlets are failing to report is the fact that the footage was taken over an hour before the game, at a time when players might expect some privace.

Furthermore, the camera clearly is following Cousins around the room.

While Cousins may have brought much of the attention on himself, there is a limit, and perhaps the media might with to contribute to the rehabilitation of Ben, rather than add to pressure he must be experiencing.