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What happened to home and away strips?

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21st May, 2010
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Call me old fashioned, and I appreciate everyone will have mixed views on this, and some probably won’t even care too much, but what’s with the state of the rugby jumpers these days?

Why do some teams have an alternate strip when they play away from home and others do not?

I’m confused.

I have noticed this trend in league, too, where teams will wear many different jumpers in the same season, regardless if they are playing home or away.

They used to change jumpers less frequently and it was a big deal when they did.

Now it almost happens from week to week. It’s interesting seeing the fans supporting their teams in a range of different jumpers obviously bought from different eras.

Sometimes they are an almost unrecognisable supporter because their team’s jumper has changed that much over the years. Like rings on a sawn-in-half tree, you can observe when the fans started supporting their teams by the jumper they are wearing.

Please don’t tell me it’s about a clash of colours, because the Warratahs travelled to New Zealand recently and weren’t required to wear an alternate strip, when the Crusaders wore the ordinary looking grey outfits on their recent sojourn even though their traditional colours wouldn’t have clashed.

I thought the idea was for all teams to have a home and an away strip? Is this correct or has it changed?