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A new Independent Commission proposal

Roar Guru
23rd November, 2010

QRL officials, accused of stalling the introduction of the Independent Commission, could table a new proposal for the Independent Commission on 3 December as a king hit on the 16 NRL clubs looking to profit from the current Independent Commission proposal.

Under a revised proposal, the 16 current NRL clubs could receive absolutely no vote to select or remove any Independent Commissioner.

This new model would give all votes only to elected league officials representing the major state and regional bodies throughout Australia.

While the counter-proposal will not be popular among the owners of the current NRL clubs who will effectively lose millions of dollars and long-term control of NRL funds, it will keep the ARL focused on its true objectives – the development and growth of rugby league in Australia.

Importantly, these ARL objectives won’t be subjected to the self-serving goals of the current 16 NRL clubs and businesses which would only stifle independence and growth of the sport.

Although the signatories to this deal, the QRL and NSWRL chairmen, have announced they will not seek re-election in 2011, their legacy could be the success of a truly independent body taking rugby league to new levels.