Sonny Bill Williams vs Clarence Tillman III: Live updates, blog [video]

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    Sonny Bill Williams (SBW) takes on Clarence Tillman - join our live blog for scores and updates

    Sonny Bill Wiliams takes on Clarence Tillman III in Hamilton tonight, with the New Zealand heavyweight title on the line. Join us tonight for live updates, scoring and blog from 5.00pm (AEDT) with all undercard results for Williams vs Tillman.

    Williams enters the ring for the fifth time, hoping to add to his four scalps.

    The Waikato Chiefs centre has been under the guidance of Aussie boxing legend Tony Mundine and had a good preparation, which included sparring up-and-coming Kiwi fighter Joe Parker and Australian heavyweight title holder Michael Kirby.

    Williams is apparently showing no signs of a recent hamstring tear, and will face an opponent with a lot more experience than the 26-year-old. He will also box 10 rounds for the first time in his career.

    Tillman had eight fights in 2011, winning five of them, losing two and drawing one, as well as six in 2010 after turning pro in 2008. Tillman comes into the bout with recent victories over Dean Garmonsway and Joe Betham under his belt.

    The American-born fighter, who reportedly grew up on the mean streets of New Orleans, has a lot of experience in the ring with 21 fights over his career. His preparation has included sparring with cruiserweight Shane Cameron, and Tillman is a big unit who will be hard to knockdown.

    Tillman has a big weight advantage over Williams of more than 20 kilograms, but the All Black will be much more mobile and quicker around the ring.

    Staged or not staged fracas from the weigh-in aside, this should be a decent contest and a real test of Williams’ development as a boxer.


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    • 2:59pm
      Shaun said | 2:59pm | ! Report

      What was the name of Clarence Tillman’s entrance music called

    • 9:00pm
      jeff said | 9:00pm | ! Report

      SBW does not deserve to be in the spotlight so early in his career ,to be the main fight on pay per view, cost me $49 to watch and was very dissapointed , there are many boxers in australia that have trained and fought for many years , and not given the opportunity that SBW has recieved . Most boxers start at the bottom and climb the stairs to the top [figue of speech] , SBW has taken the express elavator to the top [ fame , fortune ] . Sonny might be a nice bloke [ im not saying he isnt ] , he hasnt grown to a great boxer at this stage [ he should still be an undercard to better boxers ] .

      • 7:24am
        Jones said | 7:24am | ! Report

        Come on man he’s been an athlete his whole life. I think he’s done enough and wouldnt want to see SBW in an Amatuer fight. Any undercard fighter he would destroy

        • 11:39pm
          PTS000 said | 11:39pm | ! Report

          WAKE UP!!!! Undercard fighters are all he has fought… Come on get real….Anyone of the Australian top ten fighters would kill him…. Get him to fight Lucas Browne, Mark Demori or even Ben Edwards they are all relatively new to the game….

          If he is one of the toughest men in NZ, then NZ has nothing to offer pro boxing, he is all ego and show….

          Sonny Bill harden up and fight some real fighters and don’t acquire a winning record full of nothing opponents, that is what turns people off of Boxing….

          • 9:04am
            Jones said | 9:04am | ! Report

            Get off boxing and watch UFC. Your obviously Jealous of SBW and cant admire him for his athletic ability and Guts in the ring. @ PTS000 You fight him!!

    • 5:46pm
      peter piper said | 5:46pm | ! Report

      I think its terrible that Tillman had no bra on! Was he trying to put Sonny off?

    • 6:34am
      Aisea T Tuikolovatu said | 6:34am | ! Report

      Why didn’t the referee stop the fight and give tilman a 8 count knock down? Looks like a set up to guarantee the win for Sonny Bill. Who knows what might have happened if Tilman recovered after the 8 count.

      • 7:56am
        The Grafter said | 7:56am | ! Report

        Only 1 second left in the first round Aisea. That in itself is a joke. Your right, a count should of been put on him.

        • Roar Guru

          Damien said | 12:06am | ! Report

          Fight was stopped with 6 secs to go not 1.

          Thats enough time for at least another 3 – 4 solid punches to the head.

          You can’t give a man that’s not technically down an 8 count.

          Grafter, you of all people should know this.

          Did you purposly leave out that point in your post or do you just not know the rules (insert smiley face here).

    • 11:19pm
      Jack said | 11:19pm | ! Report

      Hey guys does anyone know the name of SBWs ring entrance song… Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

    • Roar Guru

      John Davidson said | 10:43pm | ! Report

      Short changed, I reckon Grafter.

    • Roar Guru

      John Davidson said | 9:21pm | ! Report

      Thanks Athas for the footage link. That’s it for the live blog for tonight, thanks for all the comments from everyone.

    • 9:15pm
      Athas Zafiris said | 9:15pm | ! Report

      Just in – Footage of SBW stopping a tub of lard.
      Knock yourselves out 😉

      • 1:14am
        Conny said | 1:14am | ! Report

        Jeeeez, Tillman looks like a bloody windmill.

        • 2:53am
          BennO said | 2:53am | ! Report

          Looks like the ref called it a bit early to me. Although I don’t know anything about boxing. SBW looked pretty sharp tho, be great to see him carry on with it.

          • 3:36am
            Conny said | 3:36am | ! Report

            He had one arm out of the ring. Over here in Europe, its over if your not defending yourself anyway. They would have had 2 reasons to take him out. Dunno what rules this fight was by.

          • 7:54am
            The Grafter said | 7:54am | ! Report

            One second left in the first. Lance Revill, the man who tried to take Alis head off in an exibition spar in Auckland in 1979 was the ref.

            I wonder…………………

    • Roar Guru

      John Davidson said | 8:58pm | ! Report

      I think David Tua, Kali Meehan and Alex Leapai would be too good for SBW at the moment. And it’s too early for a fight with Barry Hall, let Hall have a few fights first.

      I imagine there’s going to be a lot of disgruntled people after this card, especially those who paid big dollars to see it. But you have to give some credit to SBW, it looks like his technique has improved and the affect of Tony Mundine has helped. Where to next is hard to say, but hopefully against a better, fitter opponent.

      • 9:05pm
        Jay said | 9:05pm | ! Report

        yeah your right

      • 5:48pm
        peter piper said | 5:48pm | ! Report

        Barry Hall? You got to be joking!!

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