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    Brumbies player Stephen Moore is tackled. AAP Image/Dave Hunt


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    ACT Brumbies Vs. Melbourne Rebels

    2012 Super Rugby Tournament, 14 April, 2012

    Canberra Stadium, Bruce, ACT
    ACT Brumbies 37 defeated Melbourne Rebels 6
    ACT Brumbies Melbourne Rebels
    37 FINAL SCORE 6
    5 TRIES 0
    2/2 PENALTY GOALS 2/2
    0/0 DROP GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • ACT Brumbies - Lealiifano
    • C 12pts (3C 2G)
    Important moments:
    • Brumbies took the lead at the 2 min. mark 1st half
    • Lealiifano, C (BRUM) conversion at the 68 min. mark 2nd half
    Referee: C Joubert
    Touch judges: J Leckie & D Mitchelmore

    The Brumbies get the chance to reaffirm their spot at the top of the Australian Conference when they host the Rebels in Canberra tonight. Join us from 7.30pm AEST as we keep score, provide insightful commentary and leave ample room for banter.

    Every in-conference match has importance from here on in. The Brumbies will want to keep pace with the Waratahs, who won in Perth last night, and the Rebels are trying to make their own push for a wild-card place.

    The Brumbies went down to a more-experienced Reds team last week and will be desperate to get back on track.

    The Rebels took on a disappointing Blues team to register a morale boosting win at home.

    The Rebels have improved their defence and will obviously rely on Beale,O’Connor and Cipriani for strike power.

    The Brumbies are playing with structure but need to throw the ball wide as they did in the first five matches of the competition and test the Rebels defence, and scrumhalf Nic White is a good surprise attack weapon.

    Providing he does plenty of running and not kicking, the Brumbies will have some options around the scrum and breakdown area.

    It is hoped that both teams open up and not resort to aimless kicking for ‘field position’.

    Unless both of these teams can show something different in attack then they are not going to surprise any other franchises in Super Rugby, as neither possesses the forward power or depth to outmuscle any of the teams above them on the ladder.

    The Brumbies Wallaby front row duo of Ben Alexander and Stephen Moore have been in outstanding form leading their young Brumbies from up front and lanky winger Jesse Mogg has been a revelation on the wing.

    Don’t forget to log from kick-off at 7.35pm AEST on for all the action, commentary and scores you can handle!

    Long-time Roarer Elisha Pearce joined us as a rugby union expert in 2015. He also works for Fairfax Media and has confused more Roarers with his name than anyone in the history of the site.

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    • 11:47pm
      Jagman said | 11:47pm | ! Report

      I think the brumbies just found their best starting side. Pity Kuridrani went down at the end though that looked pretty bad and might be the season for him.

    • 10:38pm
      Lippy said | 10:38pm | ! Report

      If any of you want a laugh I recommend visiting Keo the South Africans have lost the plot. The amount of abuse and tripe that goes on in that site is unbelievable. They’re pretty upset over the Stormers loss not to mention the Rebels canning at the hands of the Brambles has only heightened calls for their 6th team and The Rebs being dropped.
      I thought i’d seen some rubbish and sore loser types on this site but it has nothing on Keo.

      • 11:50pm
        AndrewCT said | 11:50pm | ! Report

        Keo has some nice articles, but yeah they seem to get the dumbest of the dumb on there. Some of them are just embarrassing. Try sport24, they are slightly better but lots of people causing, or rugby365 (normally more interesting comments and they are quite fair… mostly).

    • 10:25pm
      Johnno said | 10:25pm | ! Report

      All those Mcabe knockers eat humble pie. JOC is not an I/C in the modern game. He is not up to handling the big centres like, SBW,Kahui and Nonu, Frans stein, Jdevlliers, Jamie roberts, he is a wing , or fullback or 5/8, or even half back i think he would be good.

      But he is not big enough or physical enough to be a world class I/C. Mcabe is the best defensive I/C inw old rugby.
      Give me Mcabe or A.Faianga any day at I/C over JOC .

      Boy though that Brumbies no 13 the O/C is the find of the year him and J Tomane.
      He i was reading about him today Fijian born Tevita Kuridrani just turned 21 2 weeks ago , 6’5 104kg what a find he will be for Australia over the next year. He is raw with more training and development he will be just the powerhouse outside centre Australia needs and has been looking for , for World cup England 2015.

      He has already played for Australia in 7evens so under IRB laws is now bound to play for Australia for life. A great talent , he has been compared to SBW and he is taller too. Like a young Radike Samo. Fiji’s political problems means they are losing some of there top talent. Henry Speight also chose to stay with Australia and turned down an offer to play for Fiji at RWC 2011.

      • 11:51pm
        bluerose said | 11:51pm | ! Report

        u right, i was very impressed with McCabe/Kuridrani combo, hopefully they can continue to find their form, Tomane is a handful on the wing, Kuridrani could end our long misery at O/C

    • 10:15pm
      King of the Gorgonites said | 10:15pm | ! Report

      And also great crowd. Well done Canberra.

    • 10:01pm
      Crashy said | 10:01pm | ! Report

      Kog- crowd was 14000 tonight. I think we,ll see well over 20k for the Tahs game in a couple of weeks. Brumbies looking very good. Injuries have been kind so far and if they come back from Africa with one win they have a big chance to win the conference. If they make the finals anything can happen. Rebels were ordinary.

    • 9:34pm
      Chris of Vic said | 9:34pm | ! Report

      Thank God that is over,if I wasn’t a Rebels fan I’d have been leaping for joy for the Brumbies. Deserved conference leaders, I hope they can take that form to South Africa.

      KOG’s if you’re out there, I was scathing of the Brum’s after the first game, but they have really improved in skill and execution

      • 9:37pm
        Justin said | 9:37pm | ! Report

        I have been McCabes biggest critic but he has improved a fair amount this year. Running at holes rather than men, looking to pass (not natural but he is moving the ball) and even put in a clearing kick tonight. So hats off for clearly training hard to improve his skill set.

        God that hurt to write 😉

        • 9:47pm
          Chris of Vic said | 9:47pm | ! Report

          O’Connor had such an off night (as did most of the Reb’s) that McCabe completely out played him. Gerrad, Phipps, Kingi, he’ll the whole back line was average to crook. Saffy has a way to go to be a 7, he looks more comfy at 6, but I won’t write him off yet after 1 game.

          What I really noticed was how much lower the Brumby’s body height was at the breakdown. So many times they were in and under the Rebs.

          • 10:00pm
            Justin said | 10:00pm | ! Report

            One thing I noticed in the 2nd half was how often Kingi had to pass around, through or over a Brumby. They slowed the attack very well. Phipps is al ong way from last year and Kingi IMO deserves a start.

            Hill made a mistake of breaking up the locking pair and putting Jones at 6. Didnt work, Jones isnt quick enough for 6 on what I have seen. He is going to be a great tight lock like a Brad Thorn type, though maybe not quite as solid.

        • 11:48pm
          bmwwilliams said | 11:48pm | ! Report

          Justin, I haven’t been a great fan of Mccabe at wallabies level either.

          But the sight of him repeatedly running over the top of JOC tonight should certainly make people rethink the idea that he is the long term 12 for the Wals.

          The Brums put out a frankly frightening team in size and aggression tonight, and completely took the Rebs’ flashy stars out of the game.
          It’s the same lesson the ABs have been teaching the Wallabies in recent years – If only Robbie Deans would pay attention!

      • 10:13pm
        King of the Gorgonites said | 10:13pm | ! Report

        Ha. I’m here! There is a lot to like about that lot. Its not all doom and gloom for oz rugby as some predict. I saw plenty of talent out there, at least in the brumbies strip.

    • 9:26pm
      Lippy said | 9:26pm | ! Report

      This game just highlights how dire the Blues were last week.
      Who would have thought this rabble actually beat the Blues.

      • 9:35pm
        Justin said | 9:35pm | ! Report

        Yep, like they had never played with each other before. Just a woeful effort. Very disappointed with that across the board. Only guys to hold their head up were Jones and… wow not much else really. Delve, Gerrard tried hard. The front row is pathetic, no news there. Its the biggest problem they have. Their backline play is all behind the man league plays and easy to defend.

        That match threw up more questions than answers for me.

    • Columnist

      Elisha Pearce said | 9:23pm | ! Report

      Siren goes but the scrum will still be packed…

      The Brumbies win the scrum and kick it out. Thats game.

      Brumbies 37 have soundly beaten the Rebels 6.

    • Columnist

      Elisha Pearce said | 9:21pm | ! Report

      Rebels have the ball and Beale at first 5 puts a few runners into some space. They work right up to 6m out and then DROP IT AGAIN!
      Oh no.

      Brumbies 37 – Rebels 6

    • Columnist

      Elisha Pearce said | 9:18pm | ! Report

      Rebels win the lineout and go forward a few times.
      Then Holmes puts Gerrard away down the line and get tries to shape for a kick but drops it cold over the line.

      Brumbies 30 – Rebels 6

    • Columnist

      Elisha Pearce said | 9:17pm | ! Report

      Great move ends with Tomane getting right inside the Rebels 22. Eventually it is turned over again and the Rebels get a penalty in the ruck.
      Huxley has been running it whenever he gets a touch.

      Brumbies 30 – Rebels 6

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