India vs Australia Second Test day four: Cricket live scores, updates

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    Phil Hughes was the victim of a bouncer, but is there a real danger to bowlers as well? (AP Photo/Chris Crerar)

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    India v Australia


    2nd Test - IND v AUS

    Australia 1st Inn 9/237
    India 1st Inn 503 All Out
    Australia 2nd Inn 131 All Out
    Australia won the toss and elected to bat
    India won by an innings and 135 runs
    Australia Over:67.0  RR:1.96
    Batsmen Runs B 4s 6s SR
    XJ Doherty 1 26 0 0 3.85
    JL Pattinson* 0 27 0 0 0.00
    Bowlers O M R W Econ
    R Ashwin* 28.0 12 63 5 2.25
    Harbhajan Singh 10.0 7 10 0 1.00
    Recent Overs:
    .  .  1  .  .  .  | .  .  .  .  .  .  | .  .  .  .  .  .  |
    Last Wicket: Pattinson, 0 (LBW:Ashwin)
    Current Partnership: 1 runs, 53 balls, RR:1.89

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    Australia need to bat out the fourth day and then some more if they want to go into the third Test against India with a chance of still winning the series. We’ll have live coverage from 3.00pm AEDT.

    India had a chance to bat Australia out of the second Test but instead a startling middle-order collapse saw them lose nine wickets for 116 runs.

    Centurions Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara propelled India to 1/387 before Xavier Doherty and Glenn Maxwell combined well to pick up the rest.

    Still, the hosts went into the second Australian innings with a lead of 266 runs, huge in the circumstances.

    A couple of catches went down early in the Australian reply with both Dave Warner and Ed Cowan the beneficiaries of the Indian largesse.

    The pair added 56 for the opening wicket before R Ashwin shrugged off a poor start to dislodge the partnership.

    Warner fell sweeping to the off-spinner, before Phil Hughes’ miserable run in India continued as he was bowled without scoring. Hughes’ stroke wasn’t too different from the manner in which Warner got out – bowled around his stumps to an attempted sweep.

    What this could do is set about some wariness in the incoming Australian batsmen and stifle their attempts to sweep the Indian spinners.

    On a track where scoring runs hasn’t been the easiest, this could potentially take one scoring shot away from the visitors’ repertoire.

    India will do well to not consider this a done deal. Much like the Vijay-Pujara stand, it will require Australia one long enough partnership to bring them back with a knocking chance of at least saving the game.

    Australia will look at Faf du Plessis for inspiration, a South African batsman who batted 376 balls in the Adelaide Test last year to guide his side to safety.

    If one of the Australian batsmen can stick around like him and the others can bat around him, the visitors could build on the good couple of sessions they had on the third day.

    Live coverage of the game begins from 3.00pm AEDT this afternoon, feel free add your opinion in the comments section below.

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    • 10:51pm
      Nudge said | 10:51pm | ! Report

      You guys got smoked in 2 tests against South Africa and were getting smoked in the drawn test. We got smoked in 1 test and were smashing them in the 2 drawn tests. So going by that aus 3-1

    • 9:57pm
      Nudge said | 9:57pm | ! Report

      There is an australian a tour to England just before the ashes

    • 9:26pm
      Nudge said | 9:26pm | ! Report

      Is Watson definitely going home? I haven’t heard a thing about about it apart from this site. And does anyone know when Australia a v English lions tour dates are can’t find them anywhere. I’m moving onto the ashes. Shattered

      • Roar Guru

        TheGenuineTailender said | 9:50pm | ! Report

        All the Lion vs Aus A games have been played already.

      • 10:36pm
        pope paul v11 said | 10:36pm | ! Report

        Better than being dropped Nudgey , ‘sides his girl will be right annoyed if he doesn’t show up at the birth

    • 9:11pm
      hammertime said | 9:11pm | ! Report

      Steady on chaps. Now is not the time to panic . England beat India twice and we are lucky enough to have 10 tests coming up against them. We can panic then.

      • 9:14pm
        jannerboyuk said | 9:14pm | ! Report

        ha ha oh dear he he. Looking forward to the ashes 🙂

        • 9:42pm
          Richard said | 9:42pm | ! Report

          Looking forward to wiping the smug grin off your face!. We will be a very competitive in your conditions, unless you produce rolled mud like in India

          • 9:53pm
            jannerboyuk said | 9:53pm | ! Report

            wah wah excuses excuses, we managed to adjust to indian conditions well enough, never mind im sure you’ll find another good excuse soon enough. we thrashed you 3-1 in your own conditions so its hard to see this bunch of mugs doing any better away in england

            • 10:46pm
              Rob Barrow said | 10:46pm | ! Report

              As a die hard fan it’s obviously hard to take such a beating, but as Clarke readily admitted we have been completely outplayed once again. I truly can’t see the reason now for keeping Khawaja out of the side any longer- if we can drop Lyon so quickly then surely we can lose one of our underperforming batsmen just as quickly. Here’s hoping we can put up more of a fight next match, but I sincerely doubt it, and am starting to question our chances in the Ashes.

              • 11:10pm
                jannerboyuk said | 11:10pm | ! Report

                it’ll be as tough as ever and we would be daft to underestimate your guys even after this shellacking, but hey im going to enjoy it while i can!

    • 7:11pm
      Ben said | 7:11pm | ! Report

      When is Mickey Arthur and the Selectors going to start taking responsibility? They are the people letting down Australian Cricket.

      Queensland Premiers of Australian 20/20

      Queensland Premiers of Australian ODI

      Queensland Current Premiers of Sheffield Shield.

      Other than Kawaja who is New to Queensland,and Hasn’t played a role in Queensland current success is the only Queenslander who has taken part in either Australia A or Australia. Ben Cutting had a brief stint.

      Imagine the Broncos or Queensland Reds dominating their code winning everything that comes before them, Yet Can’t get players in their National Squad that keeps getting smashed Week in and Week out. Or the AFL Premiers having 0 players named in the All Australian Squad.

      This just wouldn’t happen , i the footy codes. Only in Cricket Australia.

      • Roar Guru

        Rellum said | 7:22pm | ! Report

        None of the QLD team where tagged as “outstanding talents” as 12 year olds so they will never be picked. I am pretty sure bics is piping up in the corner of NSP meetings but everyone just ignores him, Arthur probably they can’t even work out why he is there. The fact that we are all taking the piss out of Australian cricket shows just how much of a joke the whole thing has become.

      • 7:58pm
        Simon said | 7:58pm | ! Report

        Cart before the horse mate. Perhaps Qld performed well because they were able to play all their best players?

        • 9:39pm
          Lachlan Simpson said | 9:39pm | ! Report

          It’s certainly a fair point, Simon. But I think we can assume that until quite recently, Maxwell, Doherty, Smith, and some others have all been available for their state sides. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that there’s some sort of prejudice that the selectors have against the queensland players, but perhaps (almost certainly) there is a lack of logic in the process for selections. I suppose what Ben may be trying to say is that if their current selection criteria are not working (obviously the case) why not pick players that have proven they can perform when the stakes are high?

    • 6:54pm
      Johnno said | 6:54pm | ! Report

      Other than pup, sack em all.

      the 2nd 11 is better than the 1st

      Australia A

      Chris Rogers, Brad Hodge, David Hussey, Alex Doolan, Nathan Hauritz, SOK, Mitch Johnson, Jackson Bird,Pat Cummins, Tim Paine,
      Khawaja,shane warne, Brad hogg, Andrew Mcdonald, Adam Voges.

      • 7:16pm
        chris b said | 7:16pm | ! Report

        Hmm, warne! there’s one for the future……
        Love Hoggy, but his test record was Doherty-esque. Bit tough on Pattinson too, a 22 year old quick who just too a five wicket haul in India. Would think he’s a better bet going forward than Mitch.
        And poor Cummins can’t get on the field.
        Would live it if Hodge was 30-odd, we’d instantly look a lot better.
        And as for SOK so much hero worship for a hit that’s not played a test. Decent bowler from what I’ve seen, but not the messiah

      • Roar Guru

        Rellum said | 7:17pm | ! Report

        The sad state of cricket in this country is that the 94/95 QLD team would absolutely smash this current australian team. This is easily the worst australian team I have personally seen.

    • 6:36pm
      Tony said | 6:36pm | ! Report

      Steve Smith will have to be given a go sooner or later since i can imagine he will be Australian captain some years into the future

      • 9:31pm
        Harry said | 9:31pm | ! Report

        He was utterly hopeless when picked a few years ago. A boy against men. Haven;t seen anything really in shield cricket that suggests it would be any different this time around.

    • 6:07pm
      Matt said | 6:07pm | ! Report

      Came to see how they were going, Wowza. My comment at the end of last game is relevant again!

      “Well, that was embarrassing”.

    • 6:06pm
      Christo the Daddyo said | 6:06pm | ! Report

      What a press conference with the NSP should go like:

      Q: Are there any unqualified positives to come out of that game?

      A: No

      Q: Do you have any idea of what to do now?

      A: No

      Q: Is your position untenable?

      A: Yes. I will be tendering my resignation to CA effective immediately.

      • 6:10pm
        matt h said | 6:10pm | ! Report

        But will go like:

        Q: Are there any unqualified positives to come out of that game?

        A: We know what to work on, our heads didn’t drop, great come back on day three, Maxwell showed what a talented athlete he is (I hate that! I don’t care if he get’s run down by Cosgrove! Can he play?)

        Q: Do you have any idea of what to do now?

        A: It’s all part of a master plan. We know exactly who our best eleven is. We cannot elaborate as we do not give away our secrets to the opposition. And we need to informedly manage a couple of players as we have scanned and seen hot sopts on their confidence muscles.

        Q: Is your position untenable?

        A: I do not understand the question ….

        • Roar Guru

          Rellum said | 7:14pm | ! Report

          As always, this will be far to close to the truth

      • 6:10pm
        Prateek Sharma said | 6:10pm | ! Report

        Woa, they take it rather serious there. Here, they fire the selectors when they say Dhoni must be removed.

        • 6:11pm
          matt h said | 6:11pm | ! Report

          Welll here we should fire selectros when they say Maxwell should play

          • 6:14pm
            Prateek Sharma said | 6:14pm | ! Report

            haha.. all guns on Maxwell..

            • 6:38pm
              Praveen said | 6:38pm | ! Report

              Maxwell must be replaced by Johnson or Starc, khawJa must come in fit Watson who is coming back home, and Hughes/Cowan will be under serious pressure

        • Roar Guru

          Suneer Chowdhary said | 6:15pm | ! Report

          Haha, well said Prateek. It is difficult to remove a guy who is India captain, CSK captain and most importantly, the vice-president of a company owned by the BCCI and CSK chief. 8-0 notwithstanding.

          • 6:17pm
            Prateek Sharma said | 6:17pm | ! Report

            it would have taken 5 minutes, had it been Ganguly

            • Roar Guru

              Suneer Chowdhary said | 6:18pm | ! Report

              He had his time under the sun too mate, when Jagmohan Dalmiya was around.

              • 6:21pm
                Prateek Sharma said | 6:21pm | ! Report

                And what a time it was.. It really built India

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 5:57pm | ! Report

      One last word here, Australia, whoever they play in the 11, need to bat way better than they did in these four innings. Spinning tracks, wickets will fall but what they do need to do is to not allow them to go down in heaps – something that’s happened time and again.

      It’s something similar to T20 cricket where a good start is often foiled by two or three wickets in the same over. Here, a wicket is leading to 3 or 4 more in the same session – something they need to avoid.

      By the way, live pictures from the ground showing Mitchell Johnson and the bowlers in the nets against Usman Khawaja and Steven Smith.

      • 6:02pm
        matt h said | 6:02pm | ! Report

        Great news Suneer! If they are looking good in the nets, then we are sure to win!!

    • 5:51pm
      James said | 5:51pm | ! Report

      Australian Ratings (out of 10)
      Warner – 2. Total of 32 runs in the match. Played a stupid shot in the second innings to get out
      Cowan – 4. Total of 48 runs in the match. At least looked like he cared about his wicket in the second innings. Faced 150 balls in the second innings compared to the rest of the top 7 who faced 163 balls
      Hughes – 1. Total of 19 runs in the match. Plays spin like every ball is a hand grenade
      Watson – 2. Total of 32 runs in the match
      Clarke – 7. Total of 107 runs in the match. Out to a great ball in the second innings. Stupid declaration
      Wade – 6. Total of 72 runs in the match. Wasn’t appalling behind the stumps
      Henriques – 1. Total of 5 runs and 0 wickets – at least he bowled economically
      Maxwell – 3 Total of 21 runs and 4 wickets – Runs were his standard slog everything approach. Wickets count a lot less when the other team is already over 380
      Siddle – 2. Total of 4 runs and 1 wicket. Took an early wicket of the struggling Sehwag
      Pattinson – 2. Total of 1 run and 2 wickets. Wickets count a lot less when your first one is when the other team is already over 380
      Doherty – 3 Total of 1 run and 3 wickets. Left stranded in both innings.

      Possibly the worst overall performance I have seen by an Australian team. No silver lining

      • 5:53pm
        Red Kev said | 5:53pm | ! Report

        As much as I hate to say it, if you give Cowan 4, you have to give Maxwell 4 as well. I agree with your comments about wickets being worth less but they are still important and they were batsmen, not tailenders. 4.

      • 6:01pm
        matt h said | 6:01pm | ! Report

        Henriques gets a two or Hughes gets zero. At least Henriques contributed.
        5 for Cowan for his lone hand in the second innings
        Maxwell gets a 4 as much as I hate to admit it. He did get batsmen out.
        Siddle, 1. As much as I hate to say it, he has looked nothing at all this series to date

        How often can you say that not one player enhanced their reputation in a match. Scarey.

        • 6:53pm
          James said | 6:53pm | ! Report

          True. Maxwell is probably at a 4. His wickets were better than Doherty although I still think Doherty was a cut short of what were going to be match winning century in both innings. Sigh

          Actually, I reckon Maxwell enhanced his reputation from my perspective given I thought he was complete and total crap.
          Wade and Clarke come out of it ok.

          Henriques – how do you get run out by so far in a test match. I can see him be a 2.

          Oh, and Clarke is apparently moving up the order to 3 or 4.

        • 8:49pm
          Simon said | 8:49pm | ! Report

          Yes Siddle is very over rated. Bowls a neat line and length but generally doesn’t trouble good batsmen. Certainly not a strike bowler. And not for these conditions. Maybe England?

      • 6:25pm
        chris b said | 6:25pm | ! Report

        Largely agree, except for Henriques who deserves a bit of slack after his debut efforts. Hard to start your career in this shambles, pattinson, off his first test efforts, but only learning, is a gun, and Hughes who should get 0. It’s a terrible indictment of aus cricket that a guy with such poor technique got this far.
        When I was a kid (70s),we used to laugh at English bats for sweeping, playing spin from the crease all the time.

      • 6:39pm
        Praveen said | 6:39pm | ! Report

        Yes Cowan/maxwell/Hughes very dissapointing

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