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    Western Force Vs. Cheetahs

    2013 Super Rugby Tournament , 24 March, 2013

    nib Stadium, Perth, WA
    Cheetahs 19 defeated Western Force 10
    Western Force Cheetahs
    10 FINAL SCORE 19
    1 TRIES 1
    1/4 PENALTY GOALS 4/4
    0/0 DROP GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • Western Force - Stanley
    • W 5pts (1T)
    Important moments:
    • Cheetahs took the lead at the 73 min. mark 2nd half
    • Smit, AJ (CHEE) conversion at the 79 min. mark 2nd half
    Referee: G Williamson
    Touch judges: A Gardiner & I Smith

    Western Force will be looking to back up last weekend’s snatch-and-grab win over the Reds when they host the Cheetahs at nib Stadium tonight. We’ll have live scores from 9.45pm AEDT.

    The Force will be in a confident mood after their beating of favorites the Reds, who simply did not have enough in the tank to combat an energetic and desperate Force.

    The Western Australian didn’t have the easiest of starts to the Super Rugby season, having started their campaign against the Rebels in week one.

    They then travelled all the way to South Africa to face the Bulls and debutants the Kings, only to come back and face the Reds last week.

    I doubt anyone gave the Force any chance of upsetting the Reds.

    The Cheetahs on the other hand, had a similar start to the tournament with a home loss to the Sharks.

    They then immediately left for the antipodes and recieved an absolute thrashing at the hands of the Chiefs, and would have been excused for capitulating for the rest of their tour.

    The Highlanders were in for a shock as the Cheetahs, notorious for having a leaky defense, stood up to the South Islanders and double-teamed every potential ball carrier with a physicality the Stormers are known for.

    Counter attacks were their preferred way of scoring and Sarel Pretorius the catalyst.

    A Waratah team with new coach and new intentions this past weekend left the stadium disappointed as a tiring Cheetah team hung on for dear life to secure their second win on the tour.

    Both teams are perennial under achievers, both teams are regular bottom feeders, and yet both teams have the ability to cause major upsets.

    It shows there is potential, perhaps the biggest challenge for these two teams, are financial, a lack of superstars in each team proves that.

    However, both teams play positive rugby, the Force proved it this past weekend when they beat the Reds, and the Cheetahs is often touted by neutral supporters as their favorite “other” team.

    What can we expect this weekend?

    Sias Ebersohn seems to enjoy his stint with the Force, he had a good start against the Bulls and controlled play well and his performance against the Reds will just add to that confidence.

    Alby Mathewson is directing play well, and with Mafi the try scoring machine the Force has some danger out wide.

    I expect the breakdown to be the key feature of this game, whoever rules there will gain the necessary momentum to win.

    The Cheetahs are on their last leg of their tour but I expect them to front up defensively and again score off counter attacks. Sarel Pretorius and Johan Goosen has been in good form, but they are yet to show their worth with set-phase ball

    The back row of the Cheetahs has been their mainstay this tour, it will be interesting to see how they will fair against McCalman, Alcock et al.

    Their last encounter in Bloemfontein ended in a narrow win 17-13 to the Cheetahs, both teams have travelled considerably.

    Will fatigue be the catalyst for one of these teams, will the Force be renewed by their win over the reds, or will the Cheetahs end their tour with yet another win?

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    • 9:52am
      Rockin Rod said | 9:52am | ! Report

      Alcock was outstanding, yet again

    • 11:51pm
      Shungmao said | 11:51pm | ! Report

      Stupid force taking the penalty kick, It was obvious a try would be still on its way, players we stuffed. Poor options, drop goal crazy…shall I go on

      • 11:56pm
        sittingbison said | 11:56pm | ! Report

        For three or four minutes before the last two penalties the Cheetahs were blown and the Force backs played with verve.

        Lost their way after those two penakty minutes at 75m

    • Roar Guru

      biltongbek said | 11:35pm | ! Report

      Sure there were lots of mistakes, but both these teams have plenty of heart, they simply don’t give in and I like that about them.

      some of the bigger name teams could learn a bit from the Force and Cheetahs.

      For those that didn’t know, the Cheetahs have now collected 23 log points in the last two seasons on the road. That is five wins out of eight.

      • Roar Guru

        Jiggles said | 11:37pm | ! Report

        That’s rather handy. If they can work out their issues with the other Saffa teams they’d do ok.

        • Roar Guru

          biltongbek said | 11:48pm | ! Report

          We might see a difference in the SA conference this year, the Cheetahs are now finished with their tour, back home the other SA Franchises aren’t exactly lighting up a storm, I predict the Cheetahs will end third in the SA conference this year.

          • 11:54pm
            sittingbison said | 11:54pm | ! Report

            The Cheetahs just have to start winning at home.. ..as do the Force

          • Roar Guru

            Jiggles said | 11:55pm | ! Report

            Who’s your top two then? Bulls are done with their tour and have done ok, sharks and Stormers are yet to depart but have been good in certain games. To be honest I don’t think we have a ‘weak’ conference this year, and if I did have to nominate one I’d say NZ (cue blow up from across the Tasman).

            • Roar Guru

              biltongbek said | 11:58pm | ! Report

              Hahaha, now you are asking me who is going to fail of the big teams.

              I don’t know yet, but the cheetahs must have belief no, before the season started I would have said Sharks and Stormers will be top, I am not so sure about the two, Bulls are to easily forced back into their shell by physical teams, the Sharks are missing their talisman, Bismarck and Alberts.

              The Stormers , I just don;t know.

              I foresee a poor super XV for us.

              • Roar Guru

                Jiggles said | 12:05am | ! Report

                Very diplomatic 😉

                I rated the Bulls first few rounds but then they got bullied by the crusaders and bullied by the reds tonight. The reds aren’t the most physical pack going around so that has to be a negative, if you discount the tour factor. They’ve got a good draw from now and it’s still early days.

                I still rate the Stormers despite being pumped by their own conference so far. They’ve got a classy team and it showed against the Cheifs.

            • 12:13am
              atlas said | 12:13am | ! Report

              what’s your definition of a weak conference?
              mine would be one where the top three teams can count on 4-try bonus-point wins without giving away a bonus point in both their home/away matches against the bottom two teams

              • Roar Guru

                Jiggles said | 12:20am | ! Report

                Well considering your definition there cannot be any weak conferences as there hasn’t been return games yet…

            • 12:14am
              Marley said | 12:14am | ! Report

              NZ the weak conference hahaha mate time to pass that spliff along

    • 11:34pm
      sittingbison said | 11:34pm | ! Report

      Congrats to Cheetahs for fighting it put for a win, dont begrudhe tbem at all.

      Absolutkely frakking ridiculous that what.. .10 phases and a botched try reverts to a penalty followed by a a BS penalty. Sorry giys, its frakking ridiculous and ahainst the whole pendulum of the game.

      Have no idea what ot looks like on TV, live the Force blew 9 penalty points but were also robbed with 5 mins to go. Until that moment the Force played with zest

    • Roar Guru

      biltongbek said | 11:30pm | ! Report

      Fulltime Force 10 – Cheetahs 19

      2 Minutes left, you have to say the Cheetah’s defence has won this for them, you wouldn’t think the force can score twice in 2 minutes.

      Cheetahs defence is brutal, Force are trying their best, perhaps going a bit wider would be prudent, there is no holes in the middle.

      Last set piece of the match. Scrum Cheetahs, they will probably just kick this out.

      That’s it hooter has gone. Cheetahs kick out, game over.

      Well done cheetahs, three wins in Australasia.

      • 11:38pm
        Nathan of Perth said | 11:38pm | ! Report

        Western Farce. Opening of the new stand and all. Unbelievarballs.

    • Roar Guru

      Jiggles said | 11:30pm | ! Report

      Os is looking as big as ever

    • Roar Guru

      Wally James said | 11:29pm | ! Report

      Thanks biltong

    • Roar Guru

      Wally James said | 11:29pm | ! Report

      Too many mistakes from both sides for a purist but both showed heart and adventure. Enjoyed it.

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